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281: new post   AdWords Changes: Minimum bids, No more 'on hold', etc.
One of the major changes to the AdWords system. The previous statues of 'on hold', 'in trial', and 'disabled' have been replaced by a simple 'active' or 'inactive system'. Minimum bid prices by keyword are now active.
July 21, 2005
282: new post   Google to Change AdWords Keyword Status Algo
"In the coming weeks, your keywords will no longer be evaluated as normal, in trial, on hold, or disabled. Instead, your keywords will either be active or inactive, depending on their quality and maximum CPC."
July 15, 2005
283: new post   Open Request to Google AdWords Technical Planning
"In the last 2 weeks not one day has gone by where we have not had to call Google reps re a new technical problem on either a new or existing client account.
I understand some changes have been made recently by the technical team but seriously, could they actually think through the implications of what they're doing first and maybe post "updated news or system improvements" somewhere so as their clients actually know what's going on?"
July 12, 2005
284: new post   Google AdWords Site Target enters Beta
"Many Google AdWords advertisers received emails last night/ this morning with explanations how to turn on site target and enable it for their accounts."
June 14, 2005
285: new post   Google AdWords System To Go Down For Maintenance
"... this Friday, 5/20, the AdWords system will be unavailable from roughly 9 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. PDT (US), for system maintenance."
May 18, 2005
286: new post   Campaign Negative Sites
"I see a new feature under the Tools section- "Campaign Negative Sites". It looks like you can add sites in which you do not want your ads to show. Right it seems to be only for Content Networks though."
May 6, 2005
287: new post   Adwords & Adsense Stats Delayed
May 5, 2005
288: new post   Changes in Google AdWords Ad Rankings Formula
"The difference is that now, the CTR of the ad copy itself is factored in, instead of it being solely the CTR of the keyword."
Apr 28, 2005
289: new post   Site Targeting: New Google Ad Service
"... advertisers to place ads on Adsense spaces."
Apr 27, 2005
290: new post   Google Adwords Programs Terms Updated
Apr 22, 2005
291: new post   Lower AdWords CPC, in China only $0.02/Click
"In Chinese Google AdWords, I noticed that my average CPC has been lower than before, now it is only $0.02(0.10RMB) or $0.03(0.20RMB) per click.
Mar 28, 2005
292: new post   Google Adwords Billing Feedback
"...an ideal opportunity to ask for everyone's feedback on the topic of AdWords billing. I'll include a special section in next Thursday's [Google] Advertiser Feedback Report on that subject."
Feb 21, 2005
293: new post   Split Testing Ad Copy & Landing Pages
Primer for understanding and implementing split testing on ad copy and landing pages.
Feb 2, 2005
294: new post   AdWords API Goes Beta
The AdWords API Beta has been released in open-beta form to any and all Adwords advertisers.
Jan 28, 2005
295: new post   Google Working on AdWords API?
The API is currently in beta release, and is being tested by a handful of companies.
Jan 22, 2005
296: new post   Jake’s 7 Steps To Identifying Click Fraud
"..had 6000 clicks before 12:30 eastern on a term that received 61 clicks yesterday. I wanted to run down with everyone the steps we took to identify it, in case some people are curious as to how you catch it."
Jan 14, 2005
297: new post   The New Affiliate Policy Hits The Streets
Long talked about - the fateful new AdWords Affiliate policy is implimented. Final effects to be determined.
Jan 13, 2005
298: new post   Adwords coupon with exp. date 1/31/05 says it expired when we try to use
Shelf life comes to AdWords Coupons. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Jan 11, 2005
299: new post   It is Official : New AdWords Policy Takes On Affiliate Ads
In what is clearly a can-o-worms du jour, Google forges bold new policy on affiliate program advertising.
Jan 7, 2005
300: new post   Googles New AdWords Affiliate TOS
A WebmasterWorld exclusive.
Jan 6, 2005
301: new post   AdWords and Affiliate Site Changes to Be Announced Tomorrow
Jan 5, 2005
302: new post   Google AdWords and Affiliate Summary
Round up of the current situation with AdWords and affiliate programs.
Jan 4, 2005
303: new post   Using Google as a Pure PPC Engine
" ...under the adwords ads, there is a link that leads to the next set of AdWords ONLY (no natural serps).
Dec 27, 2004
304: new post   Pump up the AdWords! 35 Ad Spots
Crank up the number of results per page and Google cranks up the number of AdWords per page.
Dec 22, 2004
305: new post   Google Wins Geico Adwords Trademark Suit
Google won a major legal victory Wednesday when a federal judge said the search engine could continue to sell ads triggered by searches using trademarked company names.
Dec 15, 2004
306: new post   Hiding Disabled AdWords Keywords
"Since disabled keywords are not showing your ads, there is really no reason that I can think of to keep them in your account. In fact, since they are still being budgeted for, they are actually working against you. "
Dec 3, 2004
307: new post   When AdWords Keywords Go On Hold
AdWords Advisor clarifies some of the issues surrounding onhold keywords.
Dec 3, 2004
308: new post   Google AdWords Editorial Process
"...how to tell when Google has completed their editorial review of submitted ads? I typically receive an e-mail if an ad has been rejected, but nothing when the ad has been accepted."
Nov 26, 2004
309: new post   Google - Affiliates - Update
" ... are going to be making serious serious changes to the whole affiliate merchant via ppc...early reports indicate an " auction " based system where advertisers fight it out on who can bid, and only 1 advertiser per site as such. "
Nov 25, 2004
310: new post   PPC - Such as Adwords vs. Natural Results
"After Florida last year I found myself having to advertise very heavily for my kw's. "
Nov 24, 2004
311: new post   Google Launches "Google Advertising Professionals"
Google will hold a special lunch time session at WebmasterWorlds Conference next week in Las Vegas to discuss the new program.
Nov 10, 2004
312: new post   New Adwords Features - Tools and Reporting
New updates to features and functionality of Adwords interfaces.
Oct 29, 2004
313: new post   New AdWords Features - help for broad match tracking
Google AdWords now lets you dynamically insert the search terms into a query string at the end of your URL - that's a real advantage when you're tracking broad match keywords.
Sept 14, 2004
314: new post   AdWords Conversion Rates Going Up
There have been rumbles from the AdWords players the last month that raw traffic was off. Many are finding that some minor algo tweaks a month or so ago, are starting to pay off in higher conversion rates.
Aug 10, 2004
315: new post   Possible AdWords Beta Features Found
Google revealed some interesting feature additions to AdWords during a webinar last week.
Aug 10, 2004
316: new post   AdWords FAQ : When Will Ad Appear?
"... in most cases you'll see your ads start appearing in a time frame that can run between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on factors such as volume, server delays, and so forth." - AdWords Support.
July 12, 2004
317: new post   AdWords Announce Improved Ad Relevancy
"When broad matching it appears as if the overall minimum CTR will no longer be relevant. Instead, if you bid on widgets and only sell red widgets, you will probably find blue widgets getting automatically disabled but your ad still showing for red widgets."
June 30, 2004
318: new post   PageRank For Sale Ads Proliferate
A few ads pop up on Google from sites specifically selling PageRank based links.
June 25, 2004
319: new post   AdWords: Are Misspells, Plurals, Treated as Separate Keywords?
"This may be a simple question to many but I could not find the answer on Google Adwords support section but are misspells, plurals, capitalizations, apostrophes, etc... considered unique keywords in Adwords?"
June 24, 2004
320: new post   Google Adds PrePayment Option for Adwords
"Prepay allows you to pay in advance of receiving any clicks. As you receive clicks, we deduct the charges from your prepaid balance."
June 14, 2004
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