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241: new post   Users Rating Adwords Ads
"...a little line of text below the url of the ad I clicked said "Was this link useful? Yes or No".
July 14, 2006
242: new post   A Member's Open Letter to Google Regarding Changes to The AdWords Program
It is rare that we run entries like this. However the recent changes to the Google AdWords program is loud and pervasive. This one post sums up what many of the upset are feeling.
July 13, 2006
243: new post   Google Adwords Account Maintenance from Public Computers
"I need to monitor my Adwords account during this time, using public computers. But that's obviously not secure at all. I do have some scripts to download reports via the API."
July 12, 2006
244: new post   Google AdWords Quality Score Updates - Damage and Speculation
...There is much gnashing of teeth.
July 12, 2006
245: new post   Google AdWords: Landing Page Quality Update!
"...over the coming days a small number of advertisers who are providing a low quality user experience on their landing pages will see increases in their minimum bids."
July 10, 2006
246: new post   AdWords: Buggy Content Network Conversions Data
"Anybody having trouble with content network conversion data since the layout change?"
July 7, 2006
247: new post   AdWords: What's the Total Number of Keywords?
"Does any one know the total number of keywords that I can have in an account?"
June 30, 2006
248: new post   Google AdWords Look Has Changed
"I noticed that AdWords has quietly released some new changes to the way that AdWords looks."
June 30, 2006
249: new post   Google Analytics Releases Two AdWords Reports
"The AdWords Analysis report ties your AdWords account to Google Statistics. I can see this being incredibly useful for some deep drill down analysis."
June 28, 2006
250: new post   AdWords: Sometimes it's the little things.
"It's easy to notice the big changes in AdWords, such as Local Business ads, Ad Scheduling, and the AdWords Editor. However, the small changes are often overlooked. It's pretty common to try and do something, realize the functionality isn't there, and then not realize it's been quietly added as it's not something you were looking for. Other times, you just didn't know Google snuck in a new feature when you weren't looking."
June 23, 2006
251: new post   Google AdWords Editor (beta) released
"AdWords Editor is Google's free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns."
June 7, 2006
252: new post   Google AdWords to Receive New Feature: Ad Scheduling
Day Parting come to Google.
June 3, 2006
253: new post   New Spider 'Adsbot-Google' to Check Landing Page Quality
Yet another Google spider is going to be showing up -- AdsBot-Google will be used to monitor AdWords landing page quality.
May 27, 2006
254: new post   Google AdWords Rolls out Video Ads
"...adding click-to-play video ads to the line-up of text, Flash and image ad formats currently supported by the Google content network."
May 23, 2006
255: new post   New AdWords Delivery Method Options
"You can choose either: Standard: Show ads evenly over time or Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as possible."
May 17, 2006
256: new post   Position Preference & Find and Edit Max CPCs Tool Interference
"If you are using the Find and Edit Max CPCs Tool on a campaign where Position Preference is enabled, the tool will not update your bids."
Apr 26, 2006
257: new post   Changes to AdWords API Program:Quota Fees Start July 1
"Starting July 1, users will no longer have limited quotas. Instead, they will have unlimited use of the API, but pay a fee of .25/1000 quota units. "
Apr 15, 2006
258: new post   Sudden increase of CPC recently?
Apr 12, 2006
259: new post   Google: New Feature: Position Preference
"Google is rolling out a new feature: 'Position Preference'."
Apr 7, 2006
260: new post   New Ad Type for Google Local
"Last night, AdWords launched a new ad type for Google Local - Local Business Ad."
Mar 31, 2006
261: new post   Adwords KW Tool Now Offers 12-month Trend Data
This is really cool -- the Google Adwords Keyword Tool now offer a research feature that they call "global trends". It's a 12 month snapshot of keyword searches on Google. And it's available externally; you don't need an Adwords account.
Mar 22, 2006
262: new post   Google AdWords Offers Starter Accounts
"In an effort to bring down the complexity of AdWords (and thus, the high barrier to entry/understanding for many), AdWords has released a starter account edition. It took me under 1 minute to create an account."
Mar 17, 2006
263: new post   AdWords site demographics
"Google adds demographic targeting for advertisers"
Mar 9, 2006
264: new post   Google Adwords Rules of Thumb
Mar 3, 2006
265: new post   The New Google AdWords Review Everything Policy
"...but I can't make any instant chages like I did in the past. Now any changes I make take nearly a week to be put into play."
Feb 15, 2006
266: new post   The Saga of Dealing with Duplicate Ads
"I am amazed to find 10 out of top 14 ads for my keywords to be occupied by one and the same company using practically the same and url over and over and over."
Feb 11, 2006
267: new post   Google Print Ads Tests Ebay Like Auction Format
"In this test, the control is in your hands: you choose the ad size, set your price, and decide how you'd like to use the space. There's no risk to you - you pay only if you win the auction."
Feb 8, 2006
268: new post   Big News for AdWords Junkies a Google Adwords Editor
"AdWords Editor is Google's free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns."
Jan 25, 2006
269: new post   Profit by Impression / Profit by Click
"The current success measurements for PPC Split Testing often do not take into account every factor that needs to be determined. Each metric only gives a portion of the story, they do not actually tell you the entire story."
Jan 9, 2006
270: new post   Google AdWords API-Quotas Bug
Several large SEM firms and Google reps confirm a bug.
Jan 4, 2006
271: new post   PPC Metrics
Analyzing user intent, and PPC metrics throughout the search to conversion process.
Dec 15, 2005
272: new post   Adwords Quality Score now includes rating of Landing Page
Adwords Quality Score now includes rating of Landing Page
Dec 9, 2005
273: new post   Google Click-To-Call
"We're testing a new product that gives you a free and fast way to speak directly to the advertiser you found on a Google search results page, over the phone."
Nov 24, 2005
274: new post   AdWords Adds Useful Features for Long/Lat Targeting
"The longitude and latitude targeting options were incredibly difficult to use before as one didn't know what Google thought an area was, and didn't have the capacity to add targeting options without going to a 3rd party. That has all changed with the slickest integration of long/lat targeting that exists."
Nov 22, 2005
275: new post   Adwords Experiment - Cringely follows up
Fascinating comments on some experimental Adwords analysis from Robert X. Cringely of PBS and Google's Jeff Huber.
Oct 14, 2005
276: new post   Google, Print Ads, and Arbitrage
"Google recently began buying ad pages in technology magazines, including PC Magazine and Maximum PC, and reselling those pages--cut into quarters or fifths--to small advertisers that already belong to its online ad network, dubbed AdWords."
Aug 31, 2005
277: new post   Strategies for taking advantage of new AdWords system
"With every new AdWords change, there are always new strategies that evolve to take advantage of the system changes. This thread is specifically for strategies for the new min cpc system, for other posts please see the bottom of this post for links."
Aug 18, 2005
278: new post   Google AdWords Pricing Change Goes Into Effect
"Your keywords will now either be active (triggering ads) or inactive (not triggering ads). Quality remains the most important factor in your keywords' performance. Each keyword will now have a minimum bid that is based on the quality of your keyword and ad text. If your maximum CPC doesn't meet this minimum bid, your keyword will be listed as inactive."
Aug 16, 2005
279: new post   Google ruled against in AdWords trade mark case
"A US district court has ruled against Google in a trade mark action over the sale of the terms “Geico” and “Geico Direct” in AdWords, its keyword advertising service. The judge found that there was infringement where the terms were used in the text of sponsored ads."
Aug 15, 2005
280: new post   AdWords Changes Approach: Minimum bids, No more 'on hold'
"Google will make another announcement before the changes actually happen. They're really giving us time to make changes and get ready for this."
July 22, 2005
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