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201: new post   Yandex Experiments With Voice-Powered Search App, "Wonder," In U.S.
Yandex has confirmed it is launching the social search app Wonder, combining its own proprietary search algorithms with data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, along with voice recognition from Nuance, in an iOS app.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 25, 2013
202: new post   YahooSeeker/1.0
What is it?
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationAug 23, 2003
203: new post   Yahoo: "Will Continue To Be In Search"
"That is the stake we have put in the ground. We will continue to show innovation and drive lots of great features and products into the marketplace and wow our users,"
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 11, 2010
204: new post   Yahoo.com Using Inktomi
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryNov 5, 2003
205: new post   Yahoo, Slowly Changes Home Page: Lessons For All
"You could call it stealth innovation."
Yahoo CorporateOct 20, 2008
206: new post   Yahoo, MSN, Drop to PageRank 9
Yahoo's main page is now showing a PR of 9. Is it just my imagination... been a solid PR 10 for ages
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 16, 2005
207: new post   Yahoo, Looking for a few Good Beta Testers
Yahoo is offering the chance to view and review their new homepage before it launches.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryOct 8, 2004
208: new post   Yahoo, Google, AskJeeves, and Overture.
And then there were 4.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 25, 2003
209: new post   Yahoo, Comcast Sign Online-Ads Agreement
"Yahoo Inc. plans to sell online-video and display ads for the Web portal of Comcast Corp., the country's largest pay-television provider, under a multiyear partnership announced Monday."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingMay 2, 2007
210: new post   Yahoo's latest results disappoint
"Shares in Yahoo fell 12% in after-hours trading on Tuesday, after its results failed to meet market expectations... ...Computer sector analysts said the results were disappointing and would more than likely have a negative knock-on effect on the wider internet sector."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 17, 2006
211: new post   Yahoo's Zimbra Goes For 'Cloud Computing'
"Yahoo's Zimbra, the provider of a communications and collaboration suite that rivals Microsoft's Office and Outlook/Exchange, will make its cloud computing debut on Tuesday."
Yahoo CorporateOct 28, 2008
212: new post   Yahoo's Top Searches of 2006
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryDec 5, 2006
213: new post   Yahoo's Sue Decker Attempts Myth-Busting on The Yahoo-Google Ad Deal
"Since the critics clearly don't understand the deal and what it means for Yahoo!, Google, advertisers, and users, it's time for some myth-busting."
Yahoo CorporateSept 27, 2008
214: new post   Yahoo's Slurp Bot Is Still Crawling
"So the question becomes, are they updating Yahoo Site Explorer and can we trust the back links found therein."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 5, 2010
215: new post   Yahoo's Q4 Profit Increases 3 Fold
"Revenues were $1,078 million for the fourth quarter of 2004, a 62 percent increase compared to $664 million for the same period of 2003."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 19, 2005
216: new post   Yahoo's Q2 Revenue Falls
"Revenues for the three-month period dropped to $1.57bn from $1.79bn in the same period a year earlier."
Yahoo CorporateJuly 22, 2009
217: new post   Yahoo's Podcasting Service (Beta)
"Yahoo unveils plans for podcasting with a test release of a service that will let users download and review online radio programs."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryOct 10, 2005
218: new post   Yahoo's Panama: The Switch Is Flipped on The New Ad System
"Starting around 3 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, a group of Yahoo executives will begin shuttling among three 'war rooms' at the company's search marketing unit here. They will be scrutinizing an array of moving charts and graphs projected on walls and checking with a team of 30 to 40 engineers for any signs of trouble as Yahoo flips the switch on a new search advertising system."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 5, 2007
219: new post   Yahoo's Panama Gaining Traction
"click-through rate on Yahoo's search ads increased 5 percent in the week ending Feb. 11 and 9 percent in the week ending Feb. 18"
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 26, 2007
220: new post   Yahoo's Organic Search In Europe Now Switched to Bing
On August 3rd, the transition of Yahoo! Search back-end technology over to the Bing platform begins for France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK.
Bing Search Engine NewsAug 5, 2011
221: new post   Yahoo's New PPC Targeting Options, Performance Questioned
"Currently we are using 'North American YSM' and should only be getting North American traffic, but if I look through our logs I can see that 29% of the traffic is coming from foreign countries."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 14, 2009
222: new post   Yahoo's New Click Filter Report
"Click Filter Report to find out how many clicks we're throwing out."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 24, 2008
223: new post   Yahoo's New Ad Ranking Model Scoring
"How does this work?"
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 10, 2007
224: new post   Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Introduces New Yahoo
Over the next few days, our U.S. users will begin to see the new Yahoo! experience and we're excited to see the response.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 20, 2013
225: new post   Yahoo's GeoCities Shuts From 26th October
Yahoo CorporateOct 26, 2009
226: new post   Yahoo's Extensive Research in to Non Traditional Areas
"Yahoo is also working on a new generation of task-centric search that will not be keyword based..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryDec 28, 2006
227: new post   Yahoo's Dilemma: Deal Or No Deal?
"FORTUNE has learned from multiple sources that Yahoo recently approached Time Warner (parent of FORTUNE's publisher) about buying America Online."
FooOct 30, 2006
228: new post   Yahoo's Carol Bartz: "We have never been a search company"
Yahoo CorporateAug 7, 2009
229: new post   Yahoo's CEO, Scott Thompson, Plans To Close About 50 Non-Core Products
He said he had asked: "How would we build Yahoo from the ground up if we were building it from scratch today?"[br][br]As a result he said it would be "shutting down or transitioning roughly 50 properties that don't contribute meaningfully to engagement of revenue".
Yahoo CorporateApr 18, 2012
230: new post   Yahoo's CEO, Bartz, Keen on Social Networks
"...Bartz suggested Yahoo might seek to partner with social networking companies rather than build its own products in this area."
Yahoo CorporateMar 4, 2009
231: new post   Yahoo's 404 Handling from Yahoo Slurp
"So what the heck is going on here? Is this some kind of spoofing in order to crawl my site to get past current bad bot blocking and / or exploit trawling?"
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 23, 2010
232: new post   Yahoo's "Open Strategy" Officially Opens
"Key components of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) are now open to you. Build applications on Yahoo! using the Yahoo! Application Platform."
Yahoo CorporateOct 31, 2008
233: new post   Yahoo!: Click Charges to be Based on Quality of Traffic
"WebmasterWorld members react to Yahoo's Quality-Based Pricing."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJune 5, 2007
234: new post   Yahoo!'s key personnel in exclusive session at Las Vegas conference
"WebmasterWorld's Search Engine & Internet Marketing Conference, PubCon, being held in Las Vegas, November 15-17, 2005, will feature Yahoo!'s key personnel in an exclusive session for web site publishers wanting to learn more about the new Yahoo! Publisher Network."
WebmasterWorld Community CenterOct 17, 2005
235: new post   Yahoo! to offer subscription site searches
"It's a Beta launch - but enables you to find content on sites that are only available to subscribers.
Will be interesting to see if they wrap this into their existing search results - as it could have a significant impact on driving traffic to "pay only" services."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 17, 2005
236: new post   Yahoo! to Announce Brickhouse Division to Incubate Innovation
"Pipes is the first product to come out of Brickhouse, a new division of Yahoo that is scheduled to launch officially around the beginning of March."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 9, 2007
237: new post   Yahoo! to Acquire Overture
Yahoo! Inc and Overture Services today announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Overture.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 14, 2003
238: new post   Yahoo! and eBay Form Strategic Partnership
"The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search and graphical advertising, online payments, a co-branded toolbar, and the opportunity to explore 'click-to-call' functionality."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMay 25, 2006
239: new post   Yahoo! and Microsoft Finalize Search Agreement
Almost 6 months after the initial announcement the deal is finally complete.
Yahoo CorporateDec 5, 2009
240: new post   Yahoo! YPN Offers PayPal as a Payment Option for Publishers
"Today at Yahoo! Publisher Network we're pleased, and I mean pleased, to announce that publishers in our network now have the option to be paid via PayPal, rather than by check or by electronic funds transfer."
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising NetworkMay 30, 2007
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