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1961: new post   The Single Best SEO Strategy
If you were to choose only one SEO strategy as the most recommended, what would be it?[br][br]It is common knowledge that multiple factors play in multiple possible manners to affect SERP, but you are to recommend only one.
Google SEO News and DiscussionFeb 9, 2011
1962: new post   The Security Risk In Web 2.0
"Web 2.0 is causing a splash as it stretches the boundaries of what Web sites can do. But in the rush to add features, security has become an afterthought, experts say."
Webmaster GeneralJuly 28, 2006
1963: new post   The Second Browser War
"By wrenching control of the standards for building [web-based] applications away from Microsoft today, rivals hope they can prevent another near decade of Windows domination. Microsoft, for its part, is not going to go down without a fight."
HTMLJuly 24, 2004
1964: new post   The Scoop on Multiple Google AdSense Ad Units
"When the AdSense terms got changed, it set off some pretty intensive discussion over what this multiple ad unit thing meant, if publishers could start using it right away, and how publisher's could control whether the multiple ad units shared any of the same ads."
Google AdSenseMar 23, 2004
1965: new post   The Saga of Dealing with Duplicate Ads
"I am amazed to find 10 out of top 14 ads for my keywords to be occupied by one and the same company using practically the same and url over and over and over."
Google AdWordsFeb 11, 2006
1966: new post   The Saboteurs Of Search
Forbes.com: Google's Webmaster Central site says merely, "There's almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index." But many search marketers take that "almost" as a concession from Google that negative SEO does occur.
Google SEO News and DiscussionJuly 8, 2007
1967: new post   The SEO Impact of Foreign (Non-Native) Sites Linking In
Link DevelopmentMar 25, 2009
1968: new post   The SEO Benefits of Google's Similar Site Feature
If you've never heard of this function it's a link beside the urls in some search results.
Google SEO News and DiscussionJuly 30, 2013
1969: new post   The Relevance and Value of DMOZ in 2009
Link DevelopmentJuly 3, 2009
1970: new post   The Recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling May Point to Protection of Your Privacy in the Cloud
The ruling may indicate how the court sees privacy of data in the cloud.
FooJune 27, 2014
1971: new post   The Ranking Effects of New Links: Has It Changed After Google's Panda?
I remember a couple of months ago some google engineer saying "we will be changing the way we handle links soon" - well - its happened I am certain.
Google SEO News and DiscussionJuly 18, 2011
1972: new post   The Raging "SE vs Affiliate" Cold War
In the escalating struggle between Engine and Optimizer it is all about tactics, not methods.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 13, 2005
1973: new post   The Question of Relevant Links
"..whether the relevancy of a link matters at all."
Link DevelopmentOct 2, 2003
1974: new post   The Question Every Webmaster Dreads: "What do you do for a living?
Some dread the question, others have learned the art of the dodge, and still others flat out lie and say, "we are in advertising".
Google AdSenseJan 10, 2006
1975: new post   The Public Shun Mobile Web
"Nearly three-quarters of people are avoiding the mobile internet because of high costs and poor experiences of the technology, according to research published today."
Accessibility and UsabilityAug 7, 2006
1976: new post   The Pros and Cons of Price Guarantees on Ecommerce Sites
"...if you find the same item cheaper within 7 days we will refund the difference..."
EcommerceJune 15, 2009
1977: new post   The Pros and Cons of Linking to Competitive Sites
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss the upsides and downsides of link development with competitors."
Link DevelopmentNov 3, 2009
1978: new post   The Problem of Domain Typo Squatting
Let's take a really popular social media domain such as twitter.com and look at how type squatting works.[br][br]Take a look at your keyboard - take the letter 't' at the start of twitter.com there are 5 adjacent letters 'r', 'f', 'g', 'h' and 'y'[br][br]All of the domains where the first t in twitter is replaced with one of these letters is parked (or has been parked and the services discontinued) [br]
Domain NamesJune 8, 2011
1979: new post   The Pro´s and Con´s of PDF Content Delivery
On another thread some side comments were made about not liking PDF files. On the other hand, there are some definite advantages. At tax time those IRS forms in PDF sure are handy compared to schlepping to the nearest physical supply.
HTMLFeb 16, 2002
1980: new post   The Power of Text Navigation - a case study
"Most people in this game know that anchor text is more powerful than image links, even image links with a good alt attribute. But just how much more powerful is it? I recently had a chance to test this in a relatively controlled situation."
Google SEO News and DiscussionSept 19, 2006
1981: new post   The Power of Search Suggestions
Or how 5 k uniques a day can vanish with no apparent reason
Google SEO News and DiscussionSept 2, 2010
1982: new post   The Planet (EV1) Data Center Catches Fire - 9000 Servers Offline
"...a transformer in The Planet H1 datacenter caught fire. The fire department required them to take down all generators. This significant outage is impacting around 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers."
Webmaster GeneralJune 1, 2008
1983: new post   The Pitfalls of Putting Ads on a Successful Blog
"What are the potential problems that will take place, that will make me wish I never had?" (-subscription required)
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 14, 2008
1984: new post   The Pandia Awards 2002
WebmasterWorld wins best forum honors again.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 8, 2003
1985: new post   The One Line Template Engine!
PHP Server Side ScriptingSept 13, 2007
1986: new post   The Once Lauded Afternic Shuts Doors
Register.com paid $48 million USD for Afternic (a domain name reseller) but with a depressed domain reseller market, it has shut the doors.
Domain NamesOct 8, 2002
1987: new post   The Official Las Vegas PubCon Thread 2005
"Post all of your comments, updates, tidbits and info in this thread!"
WebmasterWorld Community CenterNov 16, 2005
1988: new post   The New iMac
The Macintosh WebmasterAug 31, 2004
1989: new post   The New iMac Now on Display
Out with the Cheese grater - in with the pizza box.
The Macintosh WebmasterSept 1, 2004
1990: new post   The New Yahoo Look
Yahoo has redesigned their homepage.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 11, 2002
1991: new post   The New US Post Office Electronic Postmark and Liability
Can you go to jail for filtering email? What about misplaced, lost, or corrupted data communications? Clearly, the USPO is opening up a new chapter in the already murky waters of internet law and liability.
AffiliatesMar 17, 2003
1992: new post   The New TLD Proposals are In
" ICANN has received 10 applications for 9 new top-level domains."
Domain NamesMar 23, 2004
1993: new post   The New Lycos Pay for Spidering Program
Lycos has turned on a pay-for-spidering program serviced by AllTheWeb
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 25, 2002
1994: new post   The New Google AdWords Review Everything Policy
"...but I can't make any instant chages like I did in the past. Now any changes I make take nearly a week to be put into play."
Google AdWordsFeb 15, 2006
1995: new post   The New Face Of Link Building
"In years past I'd put up great content and then go actively seeking links. And I'd get them. Not all the time, but I'd get reasonable response. Hard work paid off. That's not been my experience in the last few months."
Link DevelopmentMay 17, 2010
1996: new post   The New Copyright Infringers: Article Submission Sites
"Article banks have become a popular form of link development, however there is a dark side that has been overlooked and is becoming too big to avoid: Copyright infringement."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 23, 2006
1997: new post   The New Affiliate Policy Hits The Streets
Long talked about - the fateful new AdWords Affiliate policy is implimented. Final effects to be determined.
Google AdWordsJan 13, 2005
1998: new post   The Net is Neutral? Google Thinks so...
"We believe consumers are already paying to support broadband access to the Internet through subscription fees and, as a result, consumers should have the freedom to use this connection without limitations," Schnitt says.
Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJan 23, 2006
1999: new post   The Need For Speed - Google shares help and research
Google Code is sharing a lot of information and resources with all web publishers about the importance of website speed and how to improve it.
HTMLJune 25, 2009
2000: new post   The Most Valuable Global Brands: Google Tops Again
"Its brand value grew 30 percent since last year's report to surpass $86 billion."
FooApr 21, 2008
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