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1961: new post   The Net is Neutral? Google Thinks so...
"We believe consumers are already paying to support broadband access to the Internet through subscription fees and, as a result, consumers should have the freedom to use this connection without limitations," Schnitt says.
Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJan 23, 2006
1962: new post   The Need For Speed - Google shares help and research
Google Code is sharing a lot of information and resources with all web publishers about the importance of website speed and how to improve it.
HTMLJune 25, 2009
1963: new post   The Most Valuable Global Brands: Google Tops Again
"Its brand value grew 30 percent since last year's report to surpass $86 billion."
FooApr 21, 2008
1964: new post   The Most Important Aspect of Marketing a Website
"I am going to be teaching a workshop at a university later this month and I want to get some opinions of what you all think is the most important facet of marketing a website on the internet. "
Webmaster GeneralMay 8, 2002
1965: new post   The Million Dollar Page - Web's Most Public Link Farm?
"It just occurred to me that all the "million dollar sites" that are popping up are nothing but link farms. Most have a very good page rank due to all the cross linking, I've seen them as high as 7 - the primary one will probably go higher in time. That is, unless Google follows its guidelines about link farms and the selling of links!"
Google SEO News and DiscussionDec 1, 2005
1966: new post   The Mighty and Neglected Change Order
" A Change Order - (CO) is a written document signed by authorised persons, directing a contractor to make a change under the Changes clause of a valid contract."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 20, 2005
1967: new post   The Mighty Runaway WiFi Train
"Seemingly overnight, as many as 1 million Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access points have sprung up across the U.S., many centered at business establishments that rely on walk-in traffic. Though not heavily supported by advertising, these Wi-Fi networks have become a new high-tech tool in companies' marketing kits."
Website Technology IssuesJan 28, 2003
1968: new post   The Microsoft CSS hasLayout Property
"What came out of that discussion led us to Microsoft's site and their proprietary hasLayout property and it seemed pretty conclusive at the end of that thread that, yes, whatever this property actually is, it is indeed the cause of 99% of the more common IE rendering bugs/errors (disappearing, shifting elements)."
CSSJuly 19, 2005
1969: new post   The Mega Page Phenom
Most of us have run into those monster pages that throw everything but the kitchen sink on to the page. What's it all about?
HTMLJan 8, 2003
1970: new post   The Market Age claims copyright on "Gmail"
Google in trademark fight for Gmail.
Google Gmail AdvertisingApr 8, 2004
1971: new post   The Lonely Life of a Working-From-Home-Webmaster
WebmasterWorld members discuss the issue around working from home, and how to meet non-work friends. (- subscription required)
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 26, 2008
1972: new post   The Link Challenge
"Quality websites either ignore link requests, or demand cash - the end resource is no longer a factor in people giving out links."
Link DevelopmentOct 17, 2010
1973: new post   The Life, Successes and Expectations Of A Long Term Google AdSense Participant
In this enlightening thread, WebmasterWorld members discuss how it Google AdSense works for them. This excellent advice and information may help you with your Google AdSense program.
Google AdSenseAug 17, 2013
1974: new post   The Length of Commission on Advertising Sales
"Years ago a client made me an offer to sell his adspace for a commission. I did so, and during this time I also provided other web-related services to him. Now I'd like to move on to pursue my own projects, but the client and I disagree over further compensation to me for the ad sales. " - (subscription required)
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 29, 2010
1975: new post   The Legal Battle Over Use Of The Word 'pod'
Apple has embarked on a legal battle over the right to use the word 'pod'."
Content, Writing and CopyrightSept 27, 2010
1976: new post   The Latest Techniques for Free One Way Links
Link DevelopmentOct 21, 2008
1977: new post   The Invisibility of the 1% of Successful Affiliate Programs
"The most popular forum question that doesn't get answered is "What are the best affiliate programs for quickly and easily making money?""
AffiliatesApr 24, 2007
1978: new post   The Internet Aquisition Arms Race
"Google Inc.'s $1.65 billion acquisition of Internet video site YouTube Inc. has turned up the pressure on rivals to keep pace in a rapidly changing online environment. "
FooOct 29, 2006
1979: new post   The Influence of Social In SEO Compared To Linking
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the influence of social signals relative to the traditional signals from linking.
Google SEO News and DiscussionDec 5, 2012
1980: new post   The Importance of Sitemaps
Webmasterworld Members discuss the value of sitemaps.
Google SEOFeb 16, 2012
1981: new post   The Importance of Page Titles
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the value and best use of page titles."
New To Web DevelopmentApr 2, 2010
1982: new post   The Importance of Humility in SEO
It's easy, in a frustrating situation, to lose track of the fact that Google doesn't focus on me - that they're focus is on THEIR user base, just as my focus should be on mine. Emotion will not resolve an SEO problem - that's a fact!
Google SEO News and DiscussionAug 15, 2012
1983: new post   The Importance Of Speed Checking CSS
CSSDec 15, 2009
1984: new post   The Importance Of Autosuggest For Search And Ecommerce
"WebmasterWorld Members evaluate the importance and techniques involved in making autosuggest of value to search and to ecommerce web sites." (-subscription required)
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 5, 2009
1985: new post   The Impact on SEO of Changing IP Address from US to UK
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the impact on positioning by changing the server IP from US to UK.
Google SEO News and DiscussionSept 24, 2011
1986: new post   The Impact of Twitter Feeds on Google SERPs
"WebmasterWorld Members experiment with Twitter feeds and discuss the impact of the data on Google's SERPs, with some interesting results." (-subscription required)
Google SEONov 23, 2010
1987: new post   The Ideal Print Stylesheet
"...a seperate stylesheet for printer friendly pages."
CSSAug 10, 2003
1988: new post   The IRS Bots - Xenon Spiders Web for the Tax Man
"A five-nation tax enforcement cartel has been quietly cracking down on suspected internet tax cheats, using a sophisticated web crawling program to monitor transactions on auction sites, and track operators of online shops, poker and porn sites."
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationJan 25, 2007
1989: new post   The Holidays Approach! Google.com SERP Changes - November 2008
Webmasters are buzzing with the dramatic changes that are now showing in Google Search results. Is this exactly what Google intends, or are there some significant bugs in the current recipe?
Google SEO News and DiscussionNov 1, 2008
1990: new post   The Hidden "Ads by Google" - Back in Black
For the past several weeks, publishers were able to hide the "Ads by Google" link by using a light colored border. This would make the ads appear like a part of the site itself, rather than ads provided by Google, particularly when the border and background matched the website's page color. Many reported a much higher CTR when doing this.
Google AdSenseNov 4, 2003
1991: new post   The Happy New Year Thread for 2009
FooJan 1, 2009
1992: new post   The Great Link Debate: Link Out with nofollow, or dofollow To Avoid Google Penalties
WebmasterWorld Members discuss whether linking ought to be nofollow, or dofollow. Has Google created a fear of potential wrongdoing amongst those that want to comply with Google's policies?
Google SEO News and DiscussionAug 14, 2013
1993: new post   The Great Google Vanishing Index Page Mystery
Since the last update - some sites index pages have disappeared and reappeared sporadically
Google News ArchiveAug 7, 2003
1994: new post   The Great Ad Blocking Debate: The Impact Ad Blocking Has On A Site
"It can result in people losing their jobs, it can result in less content on any given site, and it definitely can affect the quality of content."
AffiliatesMar 13, 2010
1995: new post   The Great 1 Cent Grandfathered Overture Giveaway is Over
After increasing its min bid price to 5 cents a few years ago, Overture graciously grandfathered those first advertisers in at 1 cent. That party is over today. As far as we know, Overture carried the advertisers longer than any other similar system in web history.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 1, 2003
1996: new post   The Google site: operator seems broken - is this intentional?
Webmasters who depend on the site: operator to understand how deeply Google is indexing their site are concerned that they now have some kind of penalty, or at least a technical problem with their website or server.
Google SEO News and DiscussionApr 25, 2010
1997: new post   The Google Update Is History - Or, The Dance is Dead
Turn out the lights, the party is over. The Dance is dead.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterAug 20, 2003
1998: new post   The Google Update Gone Mainstream?
Is the rest of the web waking up to how important the monthly Google updates are to webmasters?
Google News ArchiveJan 28, 2003
1999: new post   The Google Sandbox : It's Dead Jim?
"An understanding of what these main filters are for, how Google applies them and the observed behaviour of Google in releasing them would be a good way for owners to better manage and refine their organic search techniques."
Google SEO News and DiscussionOct 6, 2006
2000: new post   The Google Organic "Minus Thirty" Saga - Part 6
"I was at a minus 30 for about 5 months and in the last couple of days my site has returned to position #6"
Google SEO News and DiscussionSept 5, 2007
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