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1881: new post   YouTube Tests Live Streaming Platform
"Starting at 8:00 a.m. PT, we will begin a limited trial of a new live streaming platform in conjunction with four of our partners: Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationSept 13, 2010
1882: new post   YouTube Increases Upload Limit To 15 Minutes
"if you're uploading a video that was previously rejected for being too long, you'll have to go into 'My Videos' and delete it before attempting to upload it again."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJuly 29, 2010
1883: new post   4K Video Comes to YouTube
It takes a lot of bandwidth on the user end to watch in 4K resolution - but the results can be astounding.
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJuly 10, 2010
1884: new post   YouTube Continues To Dominate Online Video Use
"The number U.S. Internet users watching online video inched up in May... ...Overall, 183 million Web surfers watched nearly 34 billion videos, with YouTube accounting for 43.1%..."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJune 25, 2010
1885: new post   YouTube Cloud Video Editor
"The editor is ideal for merging single, short clips into a longer video."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJune 17, 2010
1886: new post   YouTube Experiments With HTML5 Supported Videos
"Our support for HTML5 is an early experiment, and there are some limitations."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJan 21, 2010
1887: new post   comScore: July, U.S. Online Video Reaches Over 21Billion Views
"In July, Google Sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property with a record 8.9 billion videos viewed, making up 42 percent of all videos viewed online."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationAug 28, 2009
1888: new post   Disney, Newscorp and NBC each now own 27% of Video Service Hulu
"Hulu is becoming the preferred distribution channel for the big media companies."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationMay 5, 2009
1889: new post   Online Video: The Investors Keep Coming
"While the deals are small, they nevertheless signal a continued flow of cash into the sector."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationOct 22, 2008
1890: new post   YouTube to Offer TV Shows With Ads Strewn Through
"Most important for YouTube's owner, Google, the longer videos will include advertising before, during and after each episode."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationOct 11, 2008
1891: new post   YouTube adds Audio Preview
"Now you can hear your comments read aloud to you and decide if they are worthy..."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationOct 10, 2008
1892: new post   YouTube Insight , New Feature: Hot Spots
"The Hot Spots tab in Insight plays your video alongside a graph that shows the ups-and-downs of viewership at different moments within the video."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationOct 1, 2008
1893: new post   Why You Should Not Do "Video Responses"
"Don't flick on the camera and start filming your rebuttal. Stop, take a few breaths, and heed this advice."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationSept 20, 2008
1894: new post   Majors Firms Team Up On Digital Media Portability
"Five out of the six majors have banded together on a tech consortium to help standardize digital media for maximum portability."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationSept 15, 2008
1895: new post   Blinx "Red Label" API Enables Video Search
"Through a program called Red Label, the company is opening its application programming interface (API) so other sites can pipe video search queries to Blinkx, retrieve the results, and publish them,..."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJuly 16, 2008
1896: new post   We're Spending More Time With Online Videos: ComScore
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJune 23, 2008
1897: new post   David Caruso (CSI: Miami) Launches Lexicon Digital
"CSI: Miami actor David Caruso has joined forces with two streaming industry veterans, Nils Lahr - one of the original architects of Windows Media - and Frank Nein, to launch a new online video initiative, Lexicon Digital."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJune 18, 2008
1898: new post   YouTube Adds Video Annotations (Beta)
"...add interactive commentary to your videos with Video Annotations."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationJune 4, 2008
1899: new post   Adobe Media Player 1.0 For Mac or PC
"Adobe Systems on Wednesday plans to release Adobe Media Player (AMP), a free download for playing Flash-based Web videos on Macs or PCs."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationApr 9, 2008
1900: new post   Web Video Production Techniques
"An introduction to the basics of video production."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationApr 7, 2008
1901: new post   Nokia's Standard for Mobile TV Gets EU Backing
"The Commission said setting the Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVB-H) as the preferred European Union standard would give the industry a boost."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationMar 18, 2008
1902: new post   Web Video: What Are The Options to Convert .wmv?
"What are my options for breaking away from Windows Media Player and using something a bit more compatible with most devices/browsers/platforms?"
Web Video Creation and OptimizationNov 26, 2007
1903: new post   Rough Guide to Web Video 2007
"WebmasterWorld members discuss getting started with web video."
Web Video Creation and OptimizationSept 19, 2007
1904: new post   HomeSite R.I.P.
"After careful consideration, Adobe discontinued development of Macromedia HomeSite software..."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsJune 30, 2009
1905: new post   How To Edit Many Static HTML Files At Once
"Instead of hand editing 100 files, what I'd like to do is make the same edits to all of them, all at once."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsMar 21, 2009
1906: new post   Expression Web Tips and Tricks
"I've been using EW for a while now its a big jump forward from FP but its not always obvious how to do things. So I thought it might be a good idea to share information, tips, etc."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsApr 26, 2008
1907: new post   Expression Web and CSS Styles Issues Solved
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsFeb 22, 2008
1908: new post   Productivity Tips for Expression Web and FrontPage
"Why would I need a CMS if I have tools like FrontPage or Expression Web available to me?"
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsMay 13, 2007
1909: new post   Dreamweaver 8 for Windows May Lose FTP Login Settings: Patch Available
"Some Windows users are reporting that their FTP usernames and passwords in their Dreamweaver site definitions are deleted when they close and re-open Dreamweaver 8 or when they reboot their machine."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsNov 30, 2006
1910: new post   FrontPage To Be Discontinued In Late 2006
Microsoft announced on Sept 26 that FrontPage will be discontinued in late 2006. It will be replaced by two new applications: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Expression Web. Start making your migration plans!
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsOct 6, 2006
1911: new post   Microsoft's Expression Web Designer toolset
"Developers on Monday will get their first chance to play with a Web layout and design tool Microsoft hopes will lure developers from Adobe Dreamweaver."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsMay 15, 2006
1912: new post   Microsoft Expressions Design and Graphics Software
"...The tools, formally named this week, are aimed at interactive Web site designers and graphics designers developing WinFX-based applications on Windows XP and Windows Vista, Microsoft said. (...) The third member of the Expression family, Expression Web Designer, is aimed at Web designers and is still in beta testing."
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsFeb 15, 2006
1913: new post   FrontPage Tips
Tips for working in WYSIWYG mode
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsJan 19, 2006
1914: new post   Best WYSIWYG Editor?
What's the best non-fp editor?
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsNov 15, 2002
1915: new post   Avoiding the FrontPage Traps and Pitfalls
Long disdained by prodesigners, here are some tips for those that do use MS Frontpage.
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsAug 21, 2002
1916: new post   Google Quietly Adds Car Insurance Comparison to Financial Services
"Following credit cards and bank accounts, Google has quietly launched a price comparison service for car insurance in the UK, one which appears prominently on its search engine result pages when querying the relevant keywords [in UK]"
UK & Ireland Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and MarketersSept 13, 2012
1917: new post   UK:ICO Sends Cookie-Compliance Warning Letters To 75 Major Businesses
The list includes Amazon, Apple, the BBC, Department for Transport, eBay, Google, HSBC, John Lewis, Lloyds TSB, the Met Office, Microsoft, the National Lottery, Network Rail, the NHS, Sainsburys, Scottish Government, Tesco, the Cabinet Office, Virgin Media and Yahoo.
UK & Ireland Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and MarketersMay 31, 2012
1918: new post   UK/EU Cookie Law: Sites Must Now Seek Consent
From Sunday, sites must obtain "informed consent" from visitors before saving cookies on a machine.
UK & Ireland Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and MarketersMay 26, 2012
1919: new post   UK and EU Cookie Permissions Compliance
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the UK and EU Cookie Law and how to make your site compliant.
UK & Ireland Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and MarketersApr 5, 2012
1920: new post   UK: Telco/Net Provider, BT, Ordered To Block Access to Pirate Site
In his ruling, Justice Arnold stated: "In my judgment it follows that BT has actual knowledge of other persons using its service to infringe copyright: it knows that the users and operators of Newzbin 2 infringe copyright on a large scale, and in particular infringe the copyrights of the studios in large numbers of their films and television programmes."
UK & Ireland Search, Marketing, Internet News and Information For Webmasters and MarketersJuly 28, 2011
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