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161: new post   Spam Drops Worldwide after California Host Firm Loses Access
Spamcop reports 75% drop in spam after a California-based web hosting firm, McColo Corp., loses its Internet access.
Nov 13, 2008
162: new post   FCC Clears Plan For White Space Use
"In the coming days, the FCC will issue a report outlining the rules and requirements for this spectrum."
Nov 5, 2008
163: new post   FCC to vote on "White Space" for free wireless broadband
"On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on a measure that would make white space available for wireless broadband."
Nov 4, 2008
164: new post   ComScore: Yahoo Gains US Search Share, September 2008
"Yahoo had about 20.2 percent of queries in September, up from 19.6 percent in August,..."
Oct 29, 2008
165: new post   Microsoft, Yahoo In Alliance To Combat Lottery Scams
"Microsoft and Yahoo have formed a group with two other partners to give law enforcement a hand in stopping bogus lottery scams and educating Internet surfers."
Oct 28, 2008
166: new post   Kentucky Seeks to Block Online Gambling, For Good
"The state of Kentucky's attempt to block resident's access to 141 online gambling sites has proceeded to the next level,..."
Oct 17, 2008
167: new post   Online Predator Bill Becomes Law
"KIDS Act of 2008"
Oct 15, 2008
168: new post   Spam Botnet Ring Shut Down By F.T.C
"This is pretty major. At one point these guys delivered up to one-third of all spam,"
Oct 15, 2008
169: new post   Microsoft, Washington State Sue Scareware Purveyors
"Microsoft Corp. and the state of Washington this week filed lawsuits against a slew of "scareware" purveyors, scam artists who use fake security alerts to frighten consumers into paying for worthless computer security software."
Sept 30, 2008
170: new post   Comcast Corp Explains to Regulators How it Will Manage Web Traffic
"It said it will use software on its network to determine if particular subscribers have been the source of high volume of traffic and will temporarily give traffic from those subscribers a lower priority status."
Sept 22, 2008
171: new post   Google Now in The World's Top Ten Brands
Sept 19, 2008
172: new post   Celeb Name Searches May Carry Unwanted Payload
"Looking for information about Brad Pitt or Beyonce on the Web?"
Sept 17, 2008
173: new post   UK Government Replies to E.U. over Phorm Ad System
"In response to EU questions about its legality, it said that it was happy Phorm conformed to EU data laws."
Sept 16, 2008
174: new post   World Association of Newspapers Opposes Yahoo-Google Ad Deal
"In our view, the proposed advertising deal between Google and Yahoo would seriously weaken that competition, resulting in less revenues and higher prices for our members."
Sept 15, 2008
175: new post   CAPTCHA Solving as an Industry
CAPTCHA solving is a cottage industry, and it seems that consolidation is occurring to produce bigger players.
Sept 8, 2008
176: new post   Comcast Bandwidth Cap Goes Live Oct. 1
Comcast has talked about this before but it appears now it's official that all customers will have a bandwidth cap of 250GB per month.
Aug 29, 2008
177: new post   Dell's Bid To Trademark "Cloud Computing" Fails
"Dell cannot register "cloud computing" as a trademark because the term is a generic one describing services offered by many companies, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has said in an initial ruling."
Aug 18, 2008
178: new post   EU Wants Response From UK Over Phorm Ad System
"EU commissioner Viviane Reding has asked the UK government to clarify whether the Phorm system is in breach of European data laws."
Aug 6, 2008
179: new post   NLPC Exposes Alleged Home of Top Google Executive
"In a move to highlight security concerns over Google Street View and Google Earth, the NLPC (National Legal and Policy Center) wanted to show just how much information is available."
Aug 4, 2008
180: new post   FCC Upholds Complaint Against Comcast
"U.S. communications regulators voted on Friday to order Comcast Corp to end some of the tactics it uses to manage its broadband network after concluding that they unreasonably restrict Internet users who share movies and other material."
Aug 1, 2008
181: new post   Ribbit Bought For $105 Million By UK's BT
"Ribbit provides what it terms 'an open platform', not to be confused with an open-source platform, to developers, who can create internet-telephony applications and services around this."
July 29, 2008
182: new post   E-mail "Spam King" Gets 47 Months Jail
"...the man known as the spam king for the massive volume of spam he sent out, pleaded guilty to fraud, spamming and tax evasion..."
July 23, 2008
183: new post   30 Months Jail And $180,000 Fine For NY Spammer
July 16, 2008
184: new post   Comcast Won't Be Fined Over Net Neutrality
"But it would be forced to change its practices and give the commission more details on what it did in the past."
July 12, 2008
185: new post   Yahoo and News Corp Deal "Unlikely"
"News Corp's Rupert Murdoch said it was "very unlikely" his company would be involved in any Yahoo Inc. transaction and said Yahoo and Microsoft would not end up with any deal."
July 11, 2008
186: new post   U.S.FCC Aims to Punish Comcast Over Net Neutrality
July 11, 2008
187: new post   eBay Gets Hit With $60Million Fine For Allowing Sale Of 'Fakes'
July 1, 2008
188: new post   Nokia Acquires Symbian To Make Phone Software Royalty Free
"Symbian's software is used in two-thirds of smartphones..."
June 24, 2008
189: new post   Google's Sergey Brin to Book Space Flight
June 11, 2008
190: new post   Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable To Block Access To Illegal Sites
"The agreements will affect customers not just in New York but throughout the country."
June 10, 2008
191: new post   British Telecom Ad Replacement Trial Brings Calls For Prosecution
"...clearly shows that back in 2006 BT (British Telecom) illegally intercepted their customers web traffic, and illegally processed their personal data..."
June 6, 2008
192: new post   Verizon To Acquire Alltel for $28.1billion
"Verizon Wireless said on Thursday it will buy rural mobile service provider Alltel for $28.1 billion..."
June 5, 2008
193: new post   Time Warner Cable Experiments With Metering Internet Use
"On Thursday, new Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers in Beaumont, Texas, will have monthly allowances for the amount of data they upload and download."
June 3, 2008
194: new post   Google Street View Not Welcome in North Oaks, Minnesota
"North Oaks' unique situation, in which the roads are privately owned by the residents and the city enforces a trespassing ordinance, may have made it the first city in the country to request that the online search engine remove images from Google Maps."
June 2, 2008
195: new post   F.C.C. Responds To Tech Industry Concerns Over Open Platform
"At the urging of technology companies, such as Google Inc, the FCC required the winner of one block of spectrum to make it an "open platform" accessible to customers using any device or software application."
May 30, 2008
196: new post   comScore Reports Google U.S. April Ad Views Up
"Google Inc showed strong growth in its ability to convert Web searches into ads viewed, according to a closely watched industry report quoted by analysts on Thursday, and its shares rose 2.5 percent."
May 29, 2008
197: new post   Comcast Servers Hacked
"Hackers took over and defaced Comcast Corp.'s Web portal for several hours overnight, leaving a cryptic message on the site that the company's 14.1 million subscribers use to access e-mail, news and technical support."
May 29, 2008
198: new post   ComScore April 2008 U.S. Search Ranking; Google 61.6 pct
May 23, 2008
199: new post   Mobile Ads "will be slow" On Take Up, Says Ad Group
"But it was still at the experimental stage, and many brands and mobile operators were wary of alienating customers."
May 22, 2008
200: new post   Is the Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Search War Settled?
"I'm happy to be crowned winner," Mr Schmidt said, before quickly adding: "But as we've learned in the election cycle, it goes back and forth."
May 15, 2008
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