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161: new post   Switching AdWords Accounts Is Causing Pain
"WebmasterWorld members feel there has to be a better way when having to move AdWords accounts with history to ones with no history."
Nov 28, 2007
162: new post   Google AdWords CPC Site Targeting Now Live
Nov 9, 2007
163: new post   Google Denies Commercial Link Between Dollar Value In Organic Results & Ranking
"WebmasterWorld members discuss the reports of the appearance of Dollar values in organic SERPs."
Nov 1, 2007
164: new post   New AdWords Keyword Analysis Feature: Diagnose KW Quality Score
"The new Keyword Analysis page gives you a detailed breakdown of your keyword's Quality Score and how it might impact your ad's visibility. Specifically, you'll learn how keyword quality and landing page quality are performing and receive recommendations for improvement."
Oct 25, 2007
165: new post   How To Use Google AdWords With Dynamic Keyword Insertion
"Using Google's AdWords with dynamic keywords has often been a challenge for the new advertiser. With this explanation, using dynamic keywords should now be easy."
Oct 8, 2007
166: new post   Google AdWords Broad Match: Does it Work For You?
Sept 25, 2007
167: new post   Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer (Beta)
"By automating the bidding process, this feature helps you minimize your conversion costs while saving you time."
Sept 25, 2007
168: new post   Google AdWords: Websites That May Merit A Low Quality Score
"...types of sites likely to get hit with low landing page quality scores."
Sept 20, 2007
169: new post   Google Introduces Gadget Ads For Interactivity & Flexibility
"Google said on Tuesday it is testing a new interactive service that lets advertisers measure users' responses in advanced ways using video or images on Google's vast base of affiliated Web sites."
Sept 19, 2007
170: new post   Google Yet Again Says Click Fraud Is Overestimated
"But click-fraud auditors argue that there's a discrepancy: They say you throw away no more than 10% of clicks, while they estimate click fraud rates at as much as 25%."
Sept 17, 2007
171: new post   Google AdWords Improved Top Ad Placement Formula Now In Effect
Aug 23, 2007
172: new post   Google AdWords Top Ad Placement Formula Now In Effect
"Google confirmed its new ad placement formula is now operating."
Aug 23, 2007
173: new post   Google Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center To Combat Click Fraud
"To help keep track of their various presentations, blog posts, articles, and more, they've created a new website to serve as the single source for all click fraud and ad traffic quality related information."
Aug 19, 2007
174: new post   AdWords Editor Problems: Fix On The Way
"I'd guess that most folks who were seeing this will now be good to go - while those who are still having an issue will find things resolved soon."
Aug 15, 2007
175: new post   Google AdWords Top Ad Placement Formula Changes
"...we are improving the way we factor price into the formula. We are also adjusting the way your actual cost-per-click (CPC) is determined for ads in top spots. As always, only ads that meet our stringent quality requirements will be eligible to appear in top spots."
Aug 9, 2007
176: new post   Google Adwords Editor 4.0 Released
"Version 4.0 includes support for mobile ads, the ability to post changes to selected campaigns, custom date ranges for performance statistics, and the ability to update negative keywords along with your regular keywords."
Aug 6, 2007
177: new post   Google AdWords MCC Bug
"WebmasterWorld members discuss issues relating to the MCC (My Client Center) bug."
June 26, 2007
178: new post   Google AdWords: Broad Match Woes
"Google's AdWords Broad Match is causing some issues of concern: 'we noticed a lot of clicks for one single broad term. The problem was that we weren't bidding on it.'"
June 19, 2007
179: new post   Google AdWords IP Exclusion
"In addition to controlling your ad placement through methods such as location and language targeting, site exclusion, and network distribution preferences, you can refine your targeting with Internet Protocol (IP) address exclusion. This feature enables you to specify IP addresses where you don't want your ads to appear. "
June 16, 2007
180: new post   Ebay Pulls Ads from Google AdWords Network in USA
"EBay has pulled all of its paid search ads from Google AdWords network in the U.S in an eyebrow-raising move ..."
June 13, 2007
181: new post   Google AdWords Quality Score Update Kicks Out Large Number of Sites
June 9, 2007
182: new post   Google to Remove Adverts for Essays
"Google is to ban adverts for essay writing services - following claims that plagiarism is threatening the integrity of university degrees."
May 23, 2007
183: new post   Hacked AdWords Account?
"I just had my AdWords account hacked and it seems campaigns were setup with redirects..."
Apr 25, 2007
184: new post   Google AdWords Trademark Suit Continues
"A US judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Google that charges the web search leader's AdWords program abuses trademarks."
Apr 23, 2007
185: new post   Google AdWords New Preferred Cost Bidding
"Today, we are introducing a new bidding option called preferred cost bidding, a feature designed to help you save time while achieving your advertising cost goals more consistently. Instead of setting a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) bid, you can set a preferred CPC or CPM bid that represents the average price you want to pay."
Apr 17, 2007
186: new post   Impact of AdWords Going Yellow & Click Changes
"WebmasterWorld members discuss the impact of the color and click change on the top ads. Is the performance up, the same, or down?"
Apr 17, 2007
187: new post   Google AdWords: The Challenge of Increasing Conversions
"WebmasterWorld members discuss increasing AdWords conversions in a competitive sector."
Apr 9, 2007
188: new post   Google Website Optimizer (beta)
"If you're unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, it is a free multivariate testing application built into AdWords that helps online marketers increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by enabling them to continually test different combinations of site content."
Apr 5, 2007
189: new post   Google AdWords: Does "Set It And Forget It" Work?
"WebmasterWorld members discuss whether it's possible to set up a Google AdWords campaign and leave it to run, without the need to constantly monitor its performance."
Mar 27, 2007
190: new post   Google AdWords Introduces Affiliate Model Pay Per Action Beta
"...new pricing model that allows you to pay only for completed actions that you define, such as a lead, a sale, or a pageview..."
Mar 20, 2007
191: new post   Google AdWords: CPM to CPC Site Targetting Now Available
"..just got my invitation and turned a campaign to cpc from cpm. Really easy to change over, i think this is going to be really handy."
Mar 15, 2007
192: new post   How To Download Google AdWords Campaigns
Mar 13, 2007
193: new post   Google AdWords Keyword Quality Score Observations
Some real world observations.
Mar 4, 2007
194: new post   Google Advertising Click Fraud - 10% Of All Clicks Are Invalid
Google refunds 10% as invalid clicks, but less than .02% of it is identified by advertisers.
Mar 1, 2007
195: new post   We Paused Google AdWords Adgroup but ads still running
ReConfirmed and addressed by Google.
Feb 28, 2007
196: new post   Google AdWords Editor 3.0 Available
"AdWords Editor 3.0 is now available for Windows."
Feb 26, 2007
197: new post   AdWords to Show List of Content Site Inventory Used for Ads
"In the next few months, Google's advertiser reports will begin listing the sites where each ad runs, Ms. Malone said. She added that advertisers on the Google networks would soon be able to bid on contextual ads on particular Web sites rather than simply buying keywords that appeared across Google's entire network."
Feb 26, 2007
198: new post   Google AdWords Quality Score Algorithm Update Now Live
Feb 22, 2007
199: new post   Google AdWords: New Keyword Pause Feature
Feb 19, 2007
200: new post   Google AdWords Quality Score Update
" quality score update that will take effect over the next week or so."
Feb 15, 2007
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