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961: new post   Affiliate Programs, AdSense, PPC and Website Content
"Interesting Data collected over 8 months."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
962: new post   How Does One Retire From This Business?
A sure sign that mom-n-pop are rocking are all the threads about serious long term business models: "How do you plan on retiring (besides to a tropical island filled with good looking people of your prefered sex)?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
963: new post   Goals for 2006? A look ahead.
"I really enjoyed the 2005 lessons learned thread. Nobody can deny those types of threads are very educational. However one thing surprised me. Dozens talked about their last year, but nobody took the exercise to its conclusion: focusing on how these lessons will effect their plans for the NEXT YEAR. So, with 349 days to go: What are your goals for the 2006? How will you achieve them?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
964: new post   101 Signals of Quality - The WebPage Title
"The title is a users gateway to your page.... The user physically must click on your title to get to your site. The title is the on-ramp to your site."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 7, 2006
965: new post   What did you learn this year as a Webmaster?
"2) For Google, 20 inbound links carefully done is worth 1000 traded links."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 29, 2005
966: new post   101 Signals of Quality : Celebrating 10 years of SEO
"This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Yahoo and consequently, the 10 year anniversary of Search Engine Optimization. 2005 was a milestone year for SEO."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 20, 2005
967: new post   How do we Increase Alexa Toolbar usage?
"Alexa bar usage here is 50% below that of other sites. most webmasters only use the Google toolbar and do not use a secon toolbar such as the Alexa bar. How can we increase that usage rate?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 19, 2005
968: new post   Wikipedia Continues climb, Breaks Alexa Top 30
"This week Wiki entered the top 30 continuing it's rapid rise. At the current rate it's scheduled to be the world's leading information source in 16 months."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 19, 2005
969: new post   Laptop Stolen - What do I need to do?
"... while I was in a meeting in our conference room, someone walked into the office and stole a few laptops from employees' desks--including mine."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 16, 2005
970: new post   Search Engine Friendly URL's no longer necessary?
"...does search engine friendly url no longer play any role in the ranking algo?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 12, 2005
971: new post   63 Questions to Ask Prior to Building a Content Site
"I am working on a new content site concept, something I have never done before (first time with some help as well) and I started making a list of things which should be nailed down before anyone started putting code to server."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 11, 2005
972: new post   Thread of the Year Nominations
"Please post up to 3 nominations for thread of the year."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 6, 2005
973: new post   How to make $100,000 or more a year by focusing on Local Search
"...Okay, that's how you do it and how I did it, to the tune of $$$,$$$."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 30, 2005
974: new post   Key Topics of The Moment
The top dozen running topics in the forums.
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 29, 2005
975: new post   'Experts' Claiming to Have Beaten the 'Google Sandbox'
"Every now and then I come across a post from a person who claims that all their websites rank in the top 10 within the first month of going online, the sanbox doesnt exist, etc, etc... Has anyone ever created a site that did not experience the Sandbox effect at all? If so, what did you do different?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 23, 2005
976: new post   Reciprocal Links Action Plan
"It sounds like we're all in agreement now that recip links were a major target in the recent Jagger update."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 19, 2005
977: new post   Multi Monitors: Increase Productivity
"I've been looking at ways to improve my productivity/efficicency etc., and I read an interesting article... It was about interruption science - how we can best deal with the barrage of different tasks, and one of the ideas was to use a second or third monitor, or one enormous screen (there were some tests on 42 inch)."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 11, 2005
978: new post   Upcoming Challenges for Corporate Homepages in the Next 2 Years
"Here's my list - maybe you have to add things or want to comment on some: Corporate Web Strategies 2006 and beyond"
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 9, 2005
979: new post   Post mortem on the old server: What's your disaster plan?
"I woke up wide awake about 3am. This is a very strange occurrence for me since my normal sleep cycle is most often described in terms that are usually reserved for someone in a comatose state. Being that I was up, I happened to pick up my cell phone and notice an SMS message was saying that WebmasterWorld was not operational...."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 9, 2005
980: new post   Increasing Clickthroughs in Google Results
"Not sure how many of you folks use this ... but we just turned on some quirky meta descriptions, on keywords that are pretty competitive."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 7, 2005
981: new post   Signature marketing - the latest hype?
"Now the latest trend seems to be "signature marketing". From a centralized application, the signatures of all your staff members can be remote controlled, and used to place small text and graphic messages into the outgoing regular email."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 3, 2005
982: new post   How do I Start an Affiliate Program for my Product
"I wanted to start an affiliate program... ...I was wondering what the best way to do that is."
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 31, 2005
983: new post   Pinch Me. Is this DotCom 2.0?
"What do all think? Are we coming back to the old days?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 17, 2005
984: new post   Web 2.0: Hype, or are they on to something?
"So I've been reading a lot about this Web 2.0 stuff recently. How the Internet has evolved from a commerce focus, to a participation focus and companies that want to succeed in the new environment need to harness "the power of the many." Tagging over taxonomy, participation over publishing, The Long Tail, social networking - all of this stuff is captured in what O'Reilly and Battelle are calling the Web 2.0."
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 13, 2005
985: new post   Are Anchor Text Based Algos Bogus?
"Anchors, imo, are unnatural and they don't happen naturally online anymore. People generally don't naturally link that way today except when doing it for seo purposes, or in blogs (the last place today it seems where you find people linking out in the traditional way using descriptive anchors)."
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 6, 2005
986: new post   When Will The Next Search Engine Arrive?
"If things follow the same historic pattern then a new search engine will arrive. Have no advertising, produce good search results for free etc as we saw with Google and those before."
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 5, 2005
987: new post   Canonical URLs and Google
"...are we really sure this is the problem with Google for a lot of sites."
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 3, 2005
988: new post   Life and Survival Without Search Engine Listings
"... strong customer loyalty driving a lot of word of mouth sales, a newsletter, an affiliate program, and a fairly comprehensive ppc program."
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 26, 2005
989: new post   Going Back to the Position Tech Pure Search
"I went back and started using the Position Tech Pure Search this week as my default search engine. So far - so good. I think it just might be the best search engine on the web today."
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 24, 2005
990: new post   My server is in Houston & Hurricane Rita's Coming, Should I Move it ASAP?
"I have my main site on a dedicated server with a great hosting company in Houston. This hosting company's support forum is saying "remain calm - all is well" which reminds me of the ROTC guy in the closing scenes of the movie Animal House."
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 22, 2005
991: new post   Request for tips, thoughts, processes for building a website taxonomy
"I'm working on a systematic approach to building a filename structure for a new website. Here's where I'm at in the process:..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 22, 2005
992: new post   They Will Come For The Food, and Stay For The Conversation
A successful websites closest model would be a successful restaurant.
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 8, 2005
993: new post   Guidelines and Advice for Hiring Programmers
"The project proposals that I've seen listed on sites where people bid for work seem so scant. How can anyone bid for work where the details are so limited? Is there a "best way" to find a coder?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 6, 2005
994: new post   Cloaking Awareness - Cloaking The Norm Among Top 500 Sites
"... it's OK for the big guys apparently"
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 6, 2005
995: new post   Radio Advertisement: (Just Google "keywords")
Just Google us for: "Keyword Keyword"
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 26, 2005
996: new post   From "scratch to launch," how would you spend $100k on your website?
"...how would you allocate the budget? What and where would you invest that $100k?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 25, 2005
997: new post   Attracting "Silver Surfers"
"I was wonder what other factors will appeal to the older generating including navigation, presentation, even searching habits. Does anyone have any experience in this? They certainly form part of the demographic I am interested in."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 17, 2005
998: new post   Yahoo, MSN, Drop to PageRank 9
Yahoo's main page is now showing a PR of 9. Is it just my imagination... been a solid PR 10 for ages
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 16, 2005
999: new post   Yahoo Passes Google in number of sites indexed
"Personally I still do not find the Yahoo! serps to be as relevant even if they are more comprehensive."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 9, 2005
1000: new post   Has Googlebot become lethargic?
"To me Googlebot seems really lethargic at the moment..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 3, 2005
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