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681: new post   Yahoo Adds Shopping Choices
"The personalization engine then searches retailers' inventories across a wide variety of categories and makes product recommendations."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryApr 22, 2005
682: new post   Yahoo Adds RSS Feeds for Finance Stories
Yahoo beta tests RSS feeds. update 9-27-2002: The test appears to be over already.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 25, 2002
683: new post   Yahoo Address Book API For Developers
"This new API provides access to one of the largest collections of address books on the Internet: the contact system behind Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Go."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 5, 2008
684: new post   Yahoo Acquisition of Inktomi a Done Deal
Yahoo has announced that its acquisition of Inktomi is completed.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMar 20, 2003
685: new post   Yahoo Acquires Xoopit
"In short, Xoopit will bring phenomenal photo organization, improved photo sharing, and the serendipity of discovering forgotten photos to Yahoo! Mail."
Yahoo CorporateJuly 23, 2009
686: new post   Yahoo Acquires Summly News App
Today, we're excited to share that we're acquiring Summly, a mobile product company founded with a vision to simplify the way we get information, making it faster, easier and more concise.
Yahoo CorporateMar 25, 2013
687: new post   Yahoo Acquires Rivals.com
"Yahoo Inc. said on Wednesday it would acquire Rivals.com, a site for fans of college and high school teams, bolstering the Internet media company's place as the top U.S. sports site in audience terms."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 21, 2007
688: new post   Yahoo Acquires News Aggregator BuzzTracker
"Yahoo has announced a small acquisition in the news space: it has bought news aggregator and blog tracking site BuzzTracker."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 17, 2007
689: new post   Yahoo Acquires MusicMatch
"Internet portal Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday that it agreed to buy Web-based digital music and software provider Musicmatch Inc. for $160 million in cash..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 14, 2004
690: new post   Yahoo Acquires Jump Cut Video Editing
"Six-month-old Jumpcut of San Francisco provides Web users a free set of online video editing tools that give people the ability to manipulate moving video images without the need to own or install software on their own computers."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 28, 2006
691: new post   Yahoo Acquires IndexTools Analytics Business
"The acquisition includes IndexTools' Web analytics business and technology as well as its Tensa R&D Kft. subsidiary."
Yahoo CorporateApr 9, 2008
692: new post   Yahoo Acquires Email Contact Discovery Company, Xobni
"At this moment, we're unpacking our boxes from San Francisco and settling in to the new Sunnyvale space at Yahoo! HQ."
Yahoo CorporateJuly 4, 2013
693: new post   Yahoo Acquires Behavioral Ad Company BlueLithium
"Yahoo! Inc. today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire BlueLithium..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 5, 2007
694: new post   Yahoo Acquires Arab Online Community, Maktoob
"Yahoo has signed an agreement to buy Maktoob.com, the leading online community in the Arab world with more than 16.5 million users."
Yahoo CorporateAug 25, 2009
695: new post   Yahoo Acquires Ad Targeting Software Firm, Interclick, For $270 Million
According to Yahoo, Interclick will give it data targeting, optimization technology and more premium inventory to sell. Yahoo has been exploring an ad partnership with Microsoft and AOL to compete better with Google. That partnership would pool inventory into premium packages.
Yahoo CorporateNov 1, 2011
696: new post   Yahoo API OAuth Potential Security Issue
"We're continuing to evaluate the best way to move forward and are actively working with the OAuth community to resolve the issue.
Yahoo CorporateApr 23, 2009
697: new post   Yahoo : The Switch Is Official
Well, webmasterworld regulars have been able to see the new Yahoo index going back as much as six months. According to reports and internal tech sources, Yahoo is now acknowledging the switch from Google powered results to internally powered results.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 18, 2004
698: new post   Yahoo / Overture View Bids Tool Errors
The most famous search engine keyword suggestion utility appears to be suffering errors at the moment. Some have suggested that this could be the end for the proud tool that build the Goto - Overture - Yahoo PPC empire.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 27, 2006
699: new post   Yahoo / Overture View Bids Tool Errors
The famous view bid utility from Yahoo / Overture appears to be suffering errors at the moment. Some have suggested that this could be the end for the proud system that helped build the Goto - Overture - Yahoo PPC empire.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 27, 2006
700: new post   Yahoo - Microsoft Talks Off
"Sources familiar with the matter said Yahoo is close to a search deal with Google Inc instead."
Yahoo CorporateJune 12, 2008
701: new post   Yahoo (Overture) Selector Keyword Tool, As We Knew It, Is Gone
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 3, 2008
702: new post   Yahoo '07 2nd Quarter Revenues Rise 8%
"Yahoo said today that its net income for the second quarter was $161 million... almost unchanged from the same period a year ago, as revenues rose 8 percent to $1.7 billion."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 18, 2007
703: new post   Yahoo & Viacom in Ad Deal
"Media conglomerate Viacom said Tuesday that it chose Yahoo to provide search advertising for 33 of its Internet sites in a high-profile boost to Yahoo's new Web ad system."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 10, 2007
704: new post   Yahoo & Partners Plan Open Source Digital Library
"Internet powerhouse Yahoo Inc. is setting out to build a vast online library of copyrighted books that pleases publishers - something rival Google Inc. hasn't been able to achieve."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryOct 3, 2005
705: new post   YSM's Overture Keyword Selector Tool (KST): Still Working, But Will Be Replaced
"I wanted to confirm that YSM's public keyword research tool (formerly known as the Overture's Keyword Selector Tool- KST) continues to exist today and will continue to exist until we replace it with an improved product. Unfortunately, the responsiveness of this free tool is diminished due to the volume of hits it receives each day, therefore browsers may time out and error pages may appear but it doesn't mean that this tool has been removed."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 31, 2007
706: new post   YPN Enhances Ads For Improved Performance
"We've been doing some tinkering under the bonnet recently, so some of you may notice a few changes in your ads."
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising NetworkSept 20, 2006
707: new post   Xerox's PARC Licenses Natural Language Technology to Search Engine Startup
"The start-up, Powerset, is licensing PARC's "natural language" technology -- the art of making computers understand and process languages like English or French. Powerset hopes the technology will be the basis of a new search engine that allows users to type queries in plain English, rather than using keywords."
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 9, 2007
708: new post   Xerox Files Patent Suit Against Google, Yahoo
"The company claims that its automatic query and information integration patents are being violated."
FooFeb 23, 2010
709: new post   XPATH Injection - have you been burned?
In the application security world, XPATH injection is the unpopular little sibling of SQL injection.
XML DevelopmentApr 19, 2009
710: new post   XP Service Pack 2 Hits the Streets
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETAug 27, 2004
711: new post   XP Machines Left Unpatched If System Rootkit Is Compromised
"Some of the latest security updates for Windows XP will not be installed on machines infected with a rootkit virus."
(deprecated) Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista)Apr 16, 2010
712: new post   XP Has No Legs - 80% of Corporations Reject Microsoft XP
"...a study in December found that 80 percent of companies still have some machines running Windows 95 or Windows 98...39 percent of desktops were running either Windows 95 or Windows 98."
Webmaster GeneralApr 13, 2004
713: new post   XML and SEO..
"...how the eventual takeover of HTML by XML will affect SEO processes?"
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 9, 2002
714: new post   XML Font Styles + Client Side XSLT
It's hard to remember the syntax for all that client-side XML->XSLT->HTML->CSS stuff. Here's a post showing examples for you to cut-and-paste.
XML DevelopmentSept 11, 2007
715: new post   X10 Files for Bankruptcy
FooOct 24, 2003
716: new post   X-Robots-Tag - Controlling Googlebot via HTTP headers
"Controlling Googlebot behavior with unavailable_after meta element and via HTTP headers rather than on-page meta elements: the X-Robots-Tag header."
Google SEO News and DiscussionJuly 30, 2007
717: new post   Writing in Voices: I Have Many!
I tend to linger in places where the air is one of authenticity - the marriage of voice, context and content. How can we apply this to our sites?
Content, Writing and CopyrightJune 2, 2007
718: new post   Writing an Efficient SQL Query
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingJune 2, 2003
719: new post   Writing Titles That Get Clicks and Still Help Site Rank
"So, how do you write titles that are eye-catching yet won't mess up your google rankings?"[br][br]WebmasterWorld Members come up with some great ideas.
Google SEO News and DiscussionAug 2, 2011
720: new post   Writing Persuasive Copy
You know you want to read it. Go on, live a little.
Content, Writing and CopyrightAug 29, 2002
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