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Forum: Professional Webmaster Business Issues
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41: new post   Independent Real Estate Agents: Greenspan... Endorsement of Subprime?
"So, for those of you who are in the Real Estate SEO sectors (Independents), what are your plans for the future? If I'm not mistaken, this is the biggest news to hit the Real Estate industry in quite some time."
Aug 13, 2007
42: new post   Indian Central Bank Tells PayPal to Halt Some Services
"The regulators recently let PayPal know about revised licensing rules that we are now actively engaged in securing. Personal payments to and from India will be suspended for at least a few months until we fully resolve the questions from the Indian regulators."
Feb 11, 2010
43: new post   Internet Archive Named in Suit
"Last week Healthcare Advocates sued both the Harding Earley firm and the Internet Archive, saying the access to its old Web pages, stored in the Internet Archive's database, was unauthorized and illegal"
July 13, 2005
44: new post   Internet Archive Suit Settled
"The high profile suit involving two health care companies and the Internet Archive have been settled out of court. Terms were not disclosed."
Aug 30, 2006
45: new post   Internet Brands Acquired In $640 Million Deal
"Under the terms of the agreement, stockholders of NASDAQ-listed Internet Brands will receive $13.35 in cash for each outstanding share of common stock they own, a premium of approximately 46.5% over the closing price last Friday."
Sept 20, 2010
46: new post   Is Flipping Websites A Good Investment?
"I have sold around 100K worth and I just sold another today. While it was not much, it still beat any interest I've gained in my Roth IRA and money market accounts. Plus, it's FUN..and the hunt to develop the next great idea is what keeps me motivated!"
Sept 1, 2009
47: new post   Landmark Court Decision Holds Webhost Liable for Acts of Hosted Site
"...claims that the defendants knowingly allowed several Web sites they hosted to sell products that infringed Louis Vuitton's copyrights and trademarks."
Sept 2, 2009
48: new post   Mobile Is Not Destroying Desktop Traffic
Mobile has grown considerably, but not to the detriment of desktop.
May 26, 2015
49: new post   New California tax requirement
"The State of California feels that many businesses purchase supplies and equipment from out of state (computers, mostly) and they are missing out on the sales tax that would have been charged if the merchandise was purchased from a retail store in California."
Sept 4, 2009
50: new post   Nielsen: 2013 Stats Show Evidence Of Significant Growth In Mobile and Declines With Desktop
More evidence of the shift from desktop to mobile and smartphone data and content consumption.
Dec 18, 2013
51: new post   Offline : Creating a CD Based Site
"I have a client that wants basic HTML pages presented on CD business cards. Did you build your site like normal and just transfer the pages onto CD..."
May 15, 2002
52: new post   On the importance of contracts
Everyone who does work should have a legal contract with the company they are working for. It's a step you don't want to neglect.
Jan 4, 2011
53: new post   Optimizers Becoming Webmasters
We have quietly watched the trend take place for over two years - Search Engine Promotion and Optimizers are dumping clients and setting up shop for themselves. This has mostly been a response to the decreased importance of SEO and the increased importance of checkbook promotion via PPCs and paid inclusion programs.
Jan 13, 2003
54: new post   Proposed US Patent Reform Favors Microsoft, Says Robert Cringely
Robert Cringely of PBS tackles recently proposed patent reform in the US. His take is that the bill tilts toward Microsoft and other giant corporations, and puts the screws to the little guy.
Aug 19, 2005
55: new post   Pushing Along the Bogged Down Project
The consultant is always at the mercy of someone elses time table. When a project is bogged down, how can we push water up hill and speed up the process to bring it in on time?
Dec 24, 2002
56: new post   Report: GoDaddy for Sale?
"The Wall Street Journal reports GoDaddy.com is slated to be auctioned off and could bring in over $1 billion.
Sept 11, 2010
57: new post   SEO Salaries
It is either a great deal less than you would expect, or a great deal more than you would expect. Either way - nobody is talking.
June 12, 2002
58: new post   SEO and Web Design Sales
"A good sales pitch is a foundation of a successful business. No matter how good your marketing is, if you can't seal the deal, you are in trouble. As with Ecom...conversion is king!"
June 29, 2004
59: new post   Sales Tax Pact Between Several States and Ecom Firms
"Some of the nation's largest retailers this week started voluntarily collecting taxes on all of their online sales."
Feb 7, 2003
60: new post   Saying Something "Sucks" In An Online Review: Slanderous?
"My question is, do they really have me on something here, or is it my legal right to say their product sucks in this manner?"
July 7, 2010
61: new post   Selling on the Web
"Selling on the Web has brought challenges and more competition in ways not possible with the old-style, pre-Internet times. So, how do Manufacturers get their product to the consumer in an online world?"
July 19, 2010
62: new post   Sept. 27 Deadline For Voicing Objections To Software "Method" Patents
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is considering rewriting the rules for the granting of "systems and methods" patents. You have until Monday September 27, 2010 to email the USPTO and express your views.
Sept 26, 2010
63: new post   Site Link Partners Being Harassed To Remove Links
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss how to handle the vexing issue of link partners being harassed to remove links.
Sept 20, 2013
64: new post   Sun Sounds Java Extinction Warning
"..the impact of being excluded from Windows is so great that Java is facing extinction unless it gets immediate relief..."
Feb 4, 2003
65: new post   Survey: "Webmaster" is hottest IT Job
According to Business 2.0, webmasters are experiencing the fastest salary growth among IT positions.
Apr 30, 2007
66: new post   Text, PDF or Doc Files
Which do you prefer to send for Quotes and other business related documents?
Oct 22, 2002
67: new post   The "Bold, Yet Ethereal" Client
Clients from Hell - What makes a bad client? Can they be reformed?
Feb 15, 2003
68: new post   The 21st Century Revolution Affecting Everyone and Every Business
No matter what your business, or your interests, the revolution that started a while back is now really starting to have impact for all of us.[br]There are new business opportunities going on, and our fixed views shaped by the past are being reshaped. [br]
Oct 25, 2013
69: new post   The Ad Blocking Arms Race May Now Be Over
This one may be a game changer.
Apr 17, 2017
70: new post   The Beginning of the End for User Generated Content?
"At some level, you can control the public discourse from Wikipedia," Byrne says. "No matter what journalists say about the reliability of Wikipedia, they still use it as a resource."
Oct 6, 2008
71: new post   The Decreasing Real Estate of Content
"But lately I'm finding that actual content is so crowded out it's a fraction of a site's real estate. Just today I was on a site, in frames, surrounded by affiliate ads, adSense, buy now's, and all sorts of other gizmos, with the actual content reduced to a meager 4" X 6" space scrolling in a frameset."
Nov 15, 2007
72: new post   The Euro, 8 Months After Introduction
A recap and open call to discuss how the Euro is working out for you.
Aug 28, 2002
73: new post   The Mighty and Neglected Change Order
" A Change Order - (CO) is a written document signed by authorised persons, directing a contractor to make a change under the Changes clause of a valid contract."
Jan 20, 2005
74: new post   The search for a safe and functional email client
My kingdom for a safe, full featured, usable email client.
May 8, 2002
75: new post   Three Inseparable Friends Want to Start a Business
Old schoolers know that money and friendship go together like oil and water. So how do you write it up when three good friends want to go into business?
Jan 14, 2003
76: new post   Twitter Considers Charging For Commercial Accounts
"We can identify ways to make this experience even more valuable and charge for commercial accounts."
Feb 10, 2009
77: new post   U.S. FTC Wants Regulations For Blogs and Social Networking
"Under the new regulations being proposed, such bloggers would be legally liable if they make untrue statements about the products or services."
Apr 6, 2009
78: new post   U.S. Supreme Court Does Not Kill Business Method Patents
"The decision, however, closed off no options to patent seekers, though the justices unanimously declared that the process at issue in the case could not be patented."
July 2, 2010
79: new post   US Bill Proposes Wide Emergency Measures for Control of Internet
"Even though your company/site isn't in the US, you will likely still be affected by this bill. There is a fair bit of core infrastructure that is located in the US (and would be subject to this law), and likely some of your major sources of traffic."
Sept 1, 2009
80: new post   US Government to Classify Search Marketers
The US Department of Labor (US DOL) asked SEMPO to help them find industry experts and professionals who can assist in the creation of a new O*NET classification for Search Marketers.
June 14, 2010
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