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41: new post   Google Rolls Out AdWords Call Metrics To U.S. And Canada
Call Metrics, a simple way to get more phone calls and detailed call reports with AdWords, is now available to all advertisers in the US and Canada. Availability was limited since the introduction in November 2010, so thanks for holding.
July 21, 2011
42: new post   Is Google Soliciting YOUR Clients to Yellowbook?
"I joined this forum just so I can vent my frustrations about this atrocity with hopes I'm not alone with my sentiment... [br][br]I just learned that Google is sending direct emails to the Client accounts under our MCC. They are blatantly offering $100 vouchers to give clients incentive to move to Yellowbook for PPC management."[br][br]Noted PPC Guru Brad (ewhisper) Geddes says: [br]"This is actually from Google. I've received several of these. In fact, in Australia this is also going on with another company."
July 20, 2011
43: new post   Google's Soliciting Of AdWords Clients Angers Webmasters
"As a small business that only manages a few clients, I am blown away by the fact that Google is trying to steal our hard earned business by soliciting our customers..."[br][br]"Yes, some of our Client Adwords accounts are temporary dormant, but that doesn't mean we're not still working with them or actively trying to get them back on Google."
July 20, 2011
44: new post   Making Remarketing Ads Work
We have been remarketing for a few weeks now and I am curious if anyone has had success with converting sales or even been able to increase lead gen with it?[br][br]My initial thought is that its kind of creepy, but effective at catching my eye.
June 22, 2011
45: new post   Google To Begin Charging For Clicks On AdWords Directions
Over the next few weeks, you'll see performance metrics for directions alongside those for clicks and phone calls. We'll also begin to charge for clicks on directions in the same manner as clicks on your ad's headline or phone number.
May 31, 2011
46: new post   Beginers Guide to Employing a PPC Management Company
As a business owner, I've been approached by a PPC management company. They would like to handle lead generation for me.[br][br]They have a pitch, but I'm interested in the topic I guess. What should I watch out for here?
May 20, 2011
47: new post   Google AdWords Personal Information Policy Update
AdWords should be a safe, fair, and trusted marketplace for both you and the users who click on your ads. That's why many AdWords policies focus on transparency, user safety, and security.[br][br]On May 17th, we'll be adding three requirements to our existing AdWords policies that cover disclosure and usage of personal information. These requirements will apply everywhere AdWords is available.[br][br]If your site requests payment, financial, or personal information from visitors, please review the new requirements and make any needed changes to avoid having your ads suspended.
May 4, 2011
48: new post   How To Prevent Being Labeled As an Affiliate
Google claims that the following conditions must be true to be considered an affiliate. [br][br]A) You are in a business relationship with a merchant to promote the merchant's product or service. [br][br]B) The affiliate earns a small commission from the merchant for each referral that results in a sale. [br][br]C) The merchant handles payment and fulfillment.
Apr 27, 2011
49: new post   Google Acquires TalkBin, A Feedback Platform For Businesses
"TalkBin offers a platform that lets customers give immediate feedback to local businesses (users submit their opinions and critiques via mobile applications, and it looks like the businesses can read and respond to them from a web app). TalkBinís homepage shows screenshots of both Android and iOS applications, but I canít find them on either marketplace (Iím not sure if the apps were pulled or if they simply havenít been released yet)."
Apr 26, 2011
50: new post   Google Launches Instant Previews for Ads
"...introducing Instant Previews for Ads as well. Thanks to this new feature, you can now get a preview of the site that hides behind text ads on Google Search without having to click on the link and without leaving the search results page. [br][br]For advertisers, who generally pay Google per click on a text link, this should be a welcome new feature, as it will allow potential customers to see a preview of the site's landing page without having to click on an ad (and hence costing the advertiser money). Advertisers won't have to pay for clicks on the Instant Preview button. [br][br]Judging from today's announcement, these previews will currently remain limited to ads on Google's own search results pages and will not appear on third-party sites that use Google AdSense."
Apr 26, 2011
51: new post   Google Starts Phone Support For AdWords Advertisers In U.S. and Canada
Currently we offer email and online support, and today we're introducing free phone support for all of our U.S.- and Canada-based AdWords customers.[br][br]To speak to one of our specialists, give us a call at 1-866-2Google between Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Eastern Time. This number is for current AdWords advertisers only, so please make sure you have your customer ID ready.
Apr 5, 2011
52: new post   European Lawsuit May Have Ramifications For Trademark Keywords
Nevertheless, if the court goes along with the advocate general's opinion, something it generally does, the decision could have financial ramifications for Google if advertisers have less latitude to buy rivals' brand names as keywords for so-called sponsored links, analysts said.
Mar 25, 2011
53: new post   New, Improved Location Targeting On Google AdWords
...you can choose to target or exclude your ads based on the user's physical location or the location of interest (for example, the location-specific terms in their search queries). By physical location, we mean the place where the user is actually located, such as 'New York City,' instead of the location that's included in the search query, such as 'restaurants in New York'. In addition, we've modified the default setting for locations that you don't want to reach and made it more in line with your requests.
Mar 24, 2011
54: new post   Google AdWords "Billing Content Change" Email Is Legitimate, and Not Phishing
I checked the headers, and it *looks* like it might have come from Google. But the email itself looks kind of skeevy, and I'm not replying to it.[br][br]If it *is* legit, suggest Google find a better way to communicate this - like through our account interfaces.
Mar 17, 2011
55: new post   Google Launches "Engage" In US and UK For Smaller Agencies
Are you a US or UK-based Webmaster? Web designer? SEO? Marketing consultant? Freelancer? or offer web related services to small and medium businesses?[br][br]We recognize that many SMBs rely on freelancers and small agencies to create and manage their online presence as well as help them with their online marketing.[br][br]To make the jobs of these agencies easier, we've launched a new training and incentives program called Google Engage for Agencies.
Jan 13, 2011
56: new post   Google AdWords Changing Agency Support
"It appears that Google sees this as a 'realignment' of agency support."
Dec 30, 2010
57: new post   Google Launches Global Market Finder, and Ads for Global Advertisers
"Global Market Finder helps you answer the question: who are my potential customers overseas?"
Dec 7, 2010
58: new post   AdWords Quality Score Bug Fix Due Within 24 Hours
"This issue was limited to the reporting of Quality Score, and the fix should be live for all within the next 24 hours."
Oct 28, 2010
59: new post   Assessing Google Instant Search Impact On AdWords Impressions and Clicks
"WebmasterWorld Members debate how the new Google Instant search is affecting AdWords impressions and clicks."
Sept 12, 2010
60: new post   What Big Brands Are Spending On Google
"... one of Google's top advertisers that month, ATT Mobile, spent more than $8 million on AdWords in June...huge brands such as GM, Walt Disney, Eastman Kodak and BMW, which appear to have spent less than $500,000 in June. Tech rival Apple spent just under $1 million on search during the month, as did chip maker Intel."
Sept 6, 2010
61: new post   Google Rolls Out Multiple Account Sign-In
"Now, you can visit google.com/accounts and click the link next to 'Multiple sign-in.'"
Aug 5, 2010
62: new post   AdWords: Quality Score vs Quality of Traffic
"...has anyone seen a correlation between QS of your campaigns and the quality of traffic it brings in?"
July 31, 2010
63: new post   BP Subverts Google's URL Policy - Sends Clicks to YouTube
"A simple search for "oil spill" brings up BP's paid search ads from their crisis management campaign. The display URL shows the BP.com domain, but the ad sends you to to YouTube. Is this allowed now?"
July 1, 2010
64: new post   Google is Stupid - AdWords Continues to Lose Quality Customers
A long list of quality Google AdWords advertisers continue to get "ummm Bye-Bye" notices from Google: "I've had my Google account since 2003 and have ran ads for brick and mortar..."
June 29, 2010
65: new post   Google Testing new AdWords Layout?
Display URL above description
May 28, 2010
66: new post   New AdWords Ad Extensions Tab
"From the Ad Extensions tab, you can see statistics for any of your campaign ad extensions."
May 26, 2010
67: new post   New AdWords Feature: Modified Broad Match
"For now it's available only for advertisers in Canada and the UK."
May 12, 2010
68: new post   Google Advertising Professional Program Replaced
"today we're announcing changes designed to offer them better training and more rigorous certification in AdWords proficiency, and to lower costs for those who help advertisers get the most out of AdWords. We're also making it easier for advertisers to find certified agency partners to work with them on digital advertising."
Apr 26, 2010
69: new post   AdWords Remarketing For Content Network
"Remarketing is a great way for businesses to reach users who are likely to be highly receptive to their ads and special offers."
Mar 25, 2010
70: new post   AdWords Search Funnels (beta)
"we're excited to release a new set of reports for your AdWords account: AdWords Search Funnels (beta)."
Mar 24, 2010
71: new post   Europe Court Rules Google Not Guilty In LVMH Trademarks In AdWords
"Google has not infringed trademark law by allowing advertisers to purchase keywords corresponding to their competitors' trademarks," the ruling found."
Mar 23, 2010
72: new post   Google AdWords in Local Organic SERP's
"... stores pay $25/month to appear directly in the organic search results (not an ad on the side)."
Feb 15, 2010
73: new post   Google AdWords vs Affiliate Model - The Cold War is Looking Pretty Hot These Days
"...I addressed the issues but someone on the Google Adwords forum has said I that I am "obviously" an affiliate."
Jan 20, 2010
74: new post   Google AdWords Display URL Policy Adjustment
"You have to include the subdomain now."
Jan 17, 2010
75: new post   AdWords Exams Expand Into Four Related Areas
Jan 16, 2010
76: new post   How Far Does a Google AdWords Ban Extend?
Can a family member open an account?
Dec 28, 2009
77: new post   Google AdWords Users Paralyzed - Afraid to Do Anything
"We are not adding ads. We are not taking advantage of the new stuff google is offering. We just delete ads as they drop in QS.
Dec 23, 2009
78: new post   Improving ROI on Campaigns Selling Low Priced Products
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss the PPC opportunities to maximize return on investment for low priced products."
Dec 15, 2009
79: new post   Webmasters Beware of 'Google' MCC Phishing Emails
Dec 12, 2009
80: new post   Google AdWords Product Extensions
"AdWords product extensions are available to all U.S. advertisers."
Dec 5, 2009
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