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Google AdWords Features I'd Like to See, #10
Continued. Share ideas for making your life easier

 11:14 am on Aug 3, 2007 (gmt 0)

Contimued from: [webmasterworld.com ]

In reports:
"Filter Your Results
Show only keywords that match all of the following criteria:"

I miss conversion related choices.



 1:22 am on Oct 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

Also, I'd like to know what those mystery 'unique' keywords are in the Keyword Report available in Adwords. If someone is costing me money because "keywordA cabbage patch" is suddenly popular, I'd like to know so I can neg. "cabbage patch". (Assuming my keywords have nothing to do with cabbages or patches).

Again, this assumes that there isn't a magic button I've missed that allows me to see the uniques.


 3:36 pm on Oct 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

*Please* fix the AdWords Editor so that it handles separate Search and Content campaigns better. When I go into Search Only campaign in order to copy and paste an AdGroup, even after I edit out the duplicates, I keep getting error messages that prevent me from uploading the changes: "Error: You may not edit the maximum CPC content bid of this ad group, because this campaign does not have separate content bids enabled. Please restore the content bid to its original value, revert the edit, or enable separate content bids for this campaign."

I don't WANT to enable content bids; it's only saying it's changed because it's a new adgroup, and the Editor should just ignore the Content Bid field entirely when they're disabled, and vice versa.


 5:15 pm on Oct 7, 2007 (gmt 0)

It would be great if the Placement Report provided a field for whether the domain had been blocked at the campaign level. This would save us time in identifying which domains should be blocked.


 2:56 pm on Oct 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

Please add pagination / navigation / display aids to the "Ad Variations" tab, like you have already for the "Keywords" tab.

For the "Keywords" tab, there's two things at the bottom of the view, in the online interface, "Show" and "Page"... like...

Show 30/50/100/500 rows per page (bottom left)

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 of 19 Next» (bottom right)

On the "Ad Variations" tab, there's no such choices or nav aids. Once you go over 20 ads, it gets harder to navigate and "see" things.

Please consider adding them. As you've offered so many choices, like text ads, banners, video ads, they can pile up and could use better navigation and display.


 9:08 pm on Oct 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

Thanks for the latest suggestions, all of which are now in this week's Advertiser Feedback Report. You know what I'm going to say next, I'm sure:

Still time for more - about 8 hours or so until 'publication'.


[edited by: AdWordsAdvisor at 9:11 pm (utc) on Oct. 11, 2007]


 10:43 am on Oct 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

We just got a login for a new account with spaces in it.
It works putting it online but adwords editor won't accept a login with spaces.
This is on the agency level so it's not the exact email...
Adword Reps shouldn't be able to give logins like this if Adwords Editor can't accept it.


 1:39 pm on Oct 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

Why is there a campaign limit of 25?

If there's going to be such a small limit, can we at least have the option of assigning budgets PER set of keywords within the campaign? (if that makes sense).

Is it possible to request an extension? I'm in Europe, so each country / language could require a separate campaign.

Again, the languages thing doesn't seem to be catered for - or I'm missing something.

Should I just open up another adwords account? That could potentially make for a logistical nightmare :p (Being the unorganised person that I am)


 1:53 pm on Oct 12, 2007 (gmt 0)

If you email support and present your case, they will raise your campaign limit. I've got at least two client accounts now that I've gotten raised to 100 campaigns. You have to tell them why you want it, and they will no doubt take a look at your current account to make sure it's organized well and that you seem to know what you're doing.


 3:24 pm on Oct 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

Within the Adwords Editor, the ability to download updated data for all accounts within an MCC within one action.


 6:39 pm on Oct 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

In the past few days for Canadian currency accounts you have appended "Can$" to the values and it is REALLY, REALLY annoying and makes it very difficult to compare at a glance. The account is in Canadian dollars, our clients pay in Canadian Dollars and the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US Dollar (Probably why you made the change).

Please let us remove the "Can" from before the "$".


 5:48 pm on Oct 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

I'd like to be able to set up accounts for my clients (and link them into my MCC) without having to create the ads and the keywords first.


 10:05 pm on Oct 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

Make AdWords able of catching wrong display URL the way it should be. So many people submit their ads that are valid when display URL and landing page URL are compared. Few days after they change the destination URL on a keyword level which does not seem to be something AdWords system is capable to catch.

The result:

Bad experience for users as they get more than one ad pointing to the same site
The policy “breakers” not just that they do not get punished, but they also pay less as their QS goes up since they land directly to the most relevant page - an awful paradox.

This would mostly apply to affiliates, obviously.



 10:26 pm on Oct 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

It's been a while so I'll bring it up again... a Linux version of AdWords editor. PLEASE?


 1:41 pm on Oct 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

Many merchants have their own affiliates bidding on their domain name and trademarks, sometimes, it's permitted and sometimes it's not. When it's not, it's a major pain to police. This isn't G's fault, it's really an issue between the merchant and their affiliates. However, with dayparting and geo-targeting (and simple url bounce redirects to obfuscate the referral header), many affiliates make it very difficult for their own merchant partners to police their ppc affiliates who are bidding on traffic that goes straight to the merchant's domain.

Many people write articles about trademark infringement and they don't clarify the two issues - competitiors bidding on your stuff VERSUS your own affiliates bidding / competing with the merchant's own in-house ppc.

It's easy for G to verify which adwords account owns a certain domain... in that particular adwords account, I'd like to see a OPTIONAL tool where the merchant can enter adwords account numbers of their affiliates that they wish to allow for direct-to-merchant (dtm) ppc bidding.

If the merchants opts to use the tool, and an adwords account tries to send traffic to the merchant's domain, it's blocked unless that aff's account number has been entered. Again, this has nothing to do with trademark law, the ad's contents - it's all about the destination url and who may send traffic to a domain. The domain owner needs more control within G, in my opinion.

As it is now, my merchants go nuts trying to police this activity! Further, because dayparting, geo-targeting, etc, make it so hard to police, it's often not being policed well at all - so the ROI of merchant's own ppc's suffers because sneaky affiliates are often siphoning off their best returning keywords, like their domain name, even in many cases where the merchants terms say it's not allowed. So this is in G's interest (as well as the merchants) because merchants are the biggest spenders and allowing them to more easily police the people who can ppc their domain will often leave them with higher returns on their own ppc as well as more time to manage their ppc.

I know from assisting merchants in policing these domain name bidders, that as they fire one, there are others who then show (since only one ad can be shown per destination url) - so these poachers are lined up deep to rape the merchants. Many resent G because of this problem, it needs addressing. At Y, affs can't bid to send traffic to a domain they don't own... that's going overboard - many merchants desire and need ppc partners. The middle ground, allowing it and being able to control it, is the sweet spot G should occupy.



 4:06 pm on Oct 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

Hi RhinoFish,

Many thanks for the feedback.

I know my audience for the Advertiser Feedback Report pretty well, and I suspect your comments are about 2x (or more) too long to ensure folks will read and absorb them. I can try to paraphrase your comments, though I much prefer to include them verbatim. So, it would be better to have a summarized version straight from the source.

If that's possible it'd be great. Otherwise, I'll do my best to shorten it, while still maintaining your point. I'll also link to this thread for those readers who want to see more information.

(As a point of reference, there are over 1200 readers of the report, including many at the higher levels of management. Although every reader has specifically requested to receive the report, many folks have limited time to read it. It's pretty darned long - if printed, it'd be 15 pages or more. For these reasons, short 'pithy' quotes usually make a point best.)

Thanks to you and everyone who has contributed their ideas to this thread, and others like it. It's always appreciated. ;)



 6:18 pm on Oct 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

Feel free to summarize as you see fit, please. I tried, but it's a complex issue to describe briefly... my shorter version is...

Give website owners, who use AdWords, the optional ability to define (by entering permitted account numbers) who else may drive AdWords traffic to their site. Like you can give Google Analytics access to your site conversion consultant, sometimes the ability to limit PPC marketing partners is needed. Now, policing PPC marketing partners is made difficult by dayparting and geo-targeting. Ask any site owner with an affiliate program and you'll see this is a HUGE issue, often reducing the site owner's own AdWords ROI because rogue partners bid on their best traffic, like their domain name.

PS - don't confuse this with trademark bidding - this is not a legal issue and these are not competitors bidding on your domain name or marks, this is to optionally limit your own marketing partners who may bid on traffic sent to your OWN site.


 9:33 pm on Oct 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

Feel free to summarize as you see fit, please. I tried, but it's a complex issue to describe briefly [...]

Thanks RhinoFish - and agreed.

I'll make sure that interested folks can also see the unabridged version, one way or another. ;)


<edit> Spelling: not my best event. Thankfully, I can fix it. :) </edit>

[edited by: AdWordsAdvisor at 9:44 pm (utc) on Oct. 16, 2007]


 9:43 pm on Oct 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

For the keyword tool, revert to the prior system of identifying whether the keyword was in the campaign or adgroup. It's now harder to do keyword research. For example, you may have an adgroup for blue widgets and one for big widgets. In re-researching keywords on big widgets , the keyword "large cerulean widget" may appear. Maybe it's in the blue adgroup. But now there's no way to easily tell.


 6:50 pm on Oct 17, 2007 (gmt 0)

When there's a "known technical issue with a limited number of accounts, and engineers are currently working on a resolution" but there's absolutely no ETA for a fix - not even a *guess* - well that's just plain poor customer service. It reflects poorly on Google, and it reflects poorly on *me*, as the one who sold the idea of AdWords to the client in the first place. I couldn't/wouldn't get away with that lack of commitment for MY clients, and I don't think Google should get away with it for me.


 11:24 pm on Oct 18, 2007 (gmt 0)

All the latest posts are now copy/pasted in the Advertiser Feedback Report. Still time for more of course - at least five hours, I'd say.

Thanks to all who have posted. Not to mention all who are about to. :)



 7:05 pm on Oct 19, 2007 (gmt 0)

In the AdWords editor, we have the ability to post all changes, or just post the changes to a campaign. I would like to be able to post just the changes to an Ad Group. Sometimes I'm not finished with all my campaign changes, but I want to get the ones that ARE finished up as soon as possible.


 11:41 pm on Oct 25, 2007 (gmt 0)

Thanks netmeg - now included.

The report goes out in about five hours if anyone has any late breaking additions.



 3:06 pm on Oct 26, 2007 (gmt 0)

Probably too late, but maybe for the next report. I mentioned in another post that if more than one person is working on an account, as far as I know, there's no way to pass comments/notes back and forth, and that can be crucial. We can make notes in the AdWords Editor, but for example, I don't think I can load in my client's notes without erasing my own, and vice versa.


 1:38 am on Oct 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

For "weekly" reports, divide the start and end dates into two columns of data - instead of showing, for instance "10/19/07 - 10/25/07 Total" in one column. This way, Excel will recognize the data as dates when sorting.

Currently, an entry such as "8/3/07" will show up ranked later than "8/10/07" due to the way the raw text is organized.


 5:18 pm on Oct 28, 2007 (gmt 0)

Search Query Report

Please show all searches, not only clicked searches so that we can negative out searches that did not result in clicks.

It's the only way we can stay ahead of the game these days! :-/


 1:34 pm on Oct 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

Give website owners, who use AdWords, the optional ability to define (by entering permitted account numbers) who else may drive AdWords traffic to their site. Like you can give Google Analytics access to your site conversion consultant, sometimes the ability to limit PPC marketing partners is needed. Now, policing PPC marketing partners is made difficult by dayparting and geo-targeting. Ask any site owner with an affiliate program and you'll see this is a HUGE issue, often reducing the site owner's own AdWords ROI because rogue partners bid on their best traffic, like their domain name.

PS - don't confuse this with trademark bidding - this is not a legal issue and these are not competitors bidding on your domain name or marks, this is to optionally limit your own marketing partners who may bid on traffic sent to your OWN site.

A few more comments on this...

1) eBay recently blocked all of their affiliates from doing PPC directly from search engines to their domain. One main reason was that they were having difficulties controlling their partners who were sending Direct-To-Merchant (DTM) PPC. Without tools to control this, I am seeing more merchants take the "banned" route - this is bad for G and the Merchant, but they're left without a better choice.

2) Yahoo has never allowed third parties to send traffic to a website - which isn't consistent with reality, there are many agencies that need this ability and many DTM PPC Affiliates who add value. I count on G to surpass everything Yahoo does. Y doesn't allow it, G doesn't have tools to control it. Beat them, add tools, or merchants will stop allowing any affs to send them PPC traffic.

3) MSN recently threw in the towel on this issue, they got tired of merchants calling them up and asking how they could solve problems their own affiliates were causing - here's the change in MSN's policies:
"Going forward, Microsoft adCenter will no longer attempt to mediate affiliate compliance by creating lists of trademark-owner approved advertisers who can bid on trademarked keywords."
They were doing this manually, of course they decided to stop doing it.

We need tools where we can easily control which of our partners may use AdWords to send us traffic.

This problem will grow, not shrink, as time goes forward. G should step up and be the first to solve it. We don't need an arbiter, we need a tool that let's us be the arbiter, it is our website and our partners that we wish to control.

Lastly, G should recognize that the PPC team isn't normally the one managing affiliate and advertising PPC partners, so like was done for Google Analytics, a sub-account and permissioning system needs to be made available so that a merchant's affiliate manager can have access to enter (or remove) the numbers of their affiliates adwords accounts.

Thanks again for listening, I know you're getting calls on this subject, my clients are making them, so are mnay I've talked to. If no solution is presented, they'll all move towards just banning it - that's not in the interest of G, the consumer, affiliates who use adwords nor the merchants themselves, but the policing problem is real and must be addressed to stop folks from throwing up their hands in frustration over it.


 3:21 pm on Oct 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

These are good (and important) points; I have a client who wants me to set up an entire affiliate program for him, and I know there will be issues like this with his affiliates, as he himself has been advertising heavily with AdWords since the program started.


 8:24 pm on Oct 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

In our account, when I go to "Referrals" -> "view all Referral products", it hands for about 2-3min before it renders the page. It also shows a Javascript error in ie7. Can you please fix this?


 4:45 am on Oct 31, 2007 (gmt 0)

Prevent advertisers from using fake display URLs to get around Google's double serving policy.

It's evil. So put an end to it.

Cases like these have been happening for six months.

Examples of display URLs pointing to same destination domain:

We send Google hundreds of examples and Google take down each one ad by ad. It's inefficient and the problem is becoming more widespread. It's time you detect this automatically and ban advertisers who repeatedly abuse your policies.

Stopping this is the right thing to do.


 4:10 pm on Oct 31, 2007 (gmt 0)

I would like Google to FIX the technical issue that apparently prevents me from applying my promotional credits to my new client accounts; I've had an issue open for several weeks now - first they told me to try again in a couple of days, then they told me they'd apply it manually if I couldn't make it work after a week, when I told them I was still getting an error message and asked to have it manually applied, I got back a reply yesterday that it would be applied automatically whenever the technical issue was fixed, and by the way, no ETA on when it will be fixed. Today the whole thing is greyed out in my MCC. UNACCEPTABLE. This is holiday shopping season starting up, I have promised these credits to my new clients, and I need to be able to use them - because I gave my word, I'm going to have to cover the nut myself if Google doesn't, and since I can't use the credits for myself, I'll be out $100 each if it isn't fixed soon. Not a happy camper on this one!


 5:03 am on Nov 1, 2007 (gmt 0)

I would like to see two new additional types of keyword matching:

- phrase right
- phrase left

The way how we would enter them is:

[word1 word2”
“word1 word2]

So the first case would trigger ads on any query of type “word1 word2 word3 etc”
The second case would catch anything like “word3 etc. word1 word2”

This would help me to determine the position of my phrase in complete query. It would give me so much more control over my keywords which would directly affect the quality of my campaign, in positive meaning.

I’ve suggested this about year and half or more ago, no luck. I you folks find this interesting, please support.

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