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Removed AdSense From Big Earning Site

 11:51 pm on Jun 24, 2012 (gmt 0)

I've taken the decision to block Google from my formerly biggest earning site.

I'm now thoroughly sick, pi$$ed off and totally disillusioned by Google's so-called efforts to resolve all the issues THEY have created but instead have successfully promoted precisely the problems.

Fortunately I can live without this parasitical company therefore, for me, the loss is non-consequential other than extra beer, however I feel genuinely sorry for those who have suffered through no fault of their own as this unregulated behemoth destroys lives and businesses.

It must speak volumes the amount of people who are receiving Google bonuses for NOT challenging their abusive position.

USA and European regulators you will be held to account, maybe not soon, but you WILL!



 11:54 pm on Jun 24, 2012 (gmt 0)

Blocked Google (search engine) or Google Adsense ?


 12:53 am on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

their abusive position

What position would that be, the catbird seat?

They aren't like an employer, they don't any direct power over you, you're free to go and come with Google services as you please, just like you did.

Love 'em or hate 'em, and I think we know which side you land on, they're just a business that may or may not be as lucrative for one business partner as they are for the next.

For that matter, it would be literally impossible for Google Search or AdSense to treat everyone exactly the same simply because of customer preferences, changes in market dynamics, and simple supply and demand.

Many of us felt the balance of power seriously shift with Panda, some have been able to recover, some haven't, that's just the way it's going to be and if you were to recover that means someone else is taking it in the shorts as a result of your good luck. Only so much to go around and unless you do something to garner the lion's share, you simply won't get it.

Let's say that even if Google were so fair that they could and would balance the search results so that everyone bartering for the attention of similar keywords, for instance 1K sites fighting for 100 keywords, someone will always get screwed or think they are even if they're getting a completely fair and balanced share because they'd still expect more.

Likewise with smart pricing and all the rest.

Good luck with whatever you use to replace AdSense and we'll still be here slugging it out one click at a time if you decide to return to the fold.


 9:42 am on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

The problem is that I now see the guessing engine, "Do you mean?"

I have thousands of totally exclusive trade widget images, Google used to return them for search results, not necessarily always #1 but they would always be there especially in the images search, now it's "Do you mean" or, as is more than likely, it returns totally incorrect image results.

It's just not good enough, Google, for me, has turned into an early days Wikipedia with lots of false information and like many others have noticed, absolutley useless results.

Their "abusive position" is because they are, quite simply for many, a monopoly business delivering false information.


 10:13 am on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

a monopoly business delivering false information

They spread like a virus and are now a self proclaimed expert on all web matters, to the point where they do control online business, because they decide what is popular and what is not. They preach logic but are in fact motivated by greed. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

They spy and monitor and if it looks profitable, they plagiarise and imitate. Everything that that do would raise conflict of interest issues in any industry but as the almighty they are unopposed. In fact most are too scared to oppose them for fear of penalty in rankings.

There are a lot of dissatisfied businesses who believe that they have no choice but to put up with a situation that has no cure. But there is a cure and it's called "class action". As with any uprising, there may even be the opportunity try the dictator for web crimes.


 10:35 am on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I've seen my rankings disrupted big time by Panda and the like, but I don't share the view that Google is a monopoly. I remember all too well the days of Alta Vista, Microsoft and when Yahoo! was on top of the search heap.

Google simply offered a better product and more innovative thinking and pretty soon, damn near everybody started using their services.. Would I like to see more competition? Sure, especially for AdSense. Unfortunately, that's not looking likely any time soon. Maybe Bing or Facebook will get it together one day to offer a viable alternative, but in the meantime, AdSense still rules. And they rule (as they have since day one) because Google has the advertisers and the reach. It's tough being better than Apple or Shakespeare or any other leader, but that's life.


 10:39 am on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

They spy and monitor and if it looks profitable, they plagiarise and imitate. Everything that that do would raise conflict of interest issues in any industry but as the almighty they are unopposed. In fact most are too scared to oppose them for fear of penalty in rankings.
I take it that you have now blocked Google from spidering your site, removed analytics and removed adsense... No ? Didn't think so.

 2:14 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I am still grateful for Adsense and grateful that they let me put their code on my site. Where would most of us be without them? So even if they are arbitrary and domineering in some ways, I appreciate the income I generate from them. They never guaranteed I'd make anything, so I am happy to do as well as I do with them.


 2:46 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

Sometimes it can be hard to take HP.


 2:56 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

Ah, the dreaded Google angst. I have felt it myself.

And while I have been tempted, in an occasional fit of pique, to totally disallow Google access the adage of not throwing the baby out with the wash water stays the impulse - so far. :)

I do, however, block many Google bots (and their so called not-a-bots a la preview totally and restrict even googlebot's access to many pages.
Further, I have never used Google Analytics, never signed up for WebmasterTools, etc.
I do use - and greatly appreciate - AdSense as a convenient revenue default but am quite happy to replace it as possible with direct advertising...
And I do appreciate the traffic that Google sends. While it is not the best converting it is a significant minority referer.

If your cut Google off choice is a sensible - for your site(s) - business model decision then ignore the aghast comments, if not I suggest spending some time with a punching bag and revisiting it.

Best wishes.

p.s. I will miss reading your posts should they cease or decrease.


 3:50 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I do, however, block many Google bots (and their so called not-a-bots a la preview totally and restrict even googlebot's access to many pages.
Further, I have never used Google Analytics, never signed up for WebmasterTools, etc.

Ditto to all of those..never harmed me, in fact appears to have done the opposite :)..seen analytics and WMT on other's sites..don't want, don't need ..don't trust G as to what they do with them or might do with them etc..

Still have to block preview from a few places..so little time ..so much to do..

HP will be around ..just not posting daily in the adsense earnings threads..:)

HP Towers is going to get so many shelves put up and so many floors laid, so much home brew made, and so many blues concerts in the bandstand, it will be making the front pages of the Beeb, as the ideal venue of the north :)

p.s. I will miss reading your posts should they cease or decrease

Again.. ditto..:)


 4:27 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I completely understand the sentiment above. I support Husky in his/her actions. I think a lot of people are feeling the same way and would be inclined to do the same, or speak up, if they didn't have some hope for things to return (to the good ole days).

I don't think it's coming back either, ever.

While Google may be producing better results according to them, I do feel the "NEW" Google is more flawed than anything I've ever seen. Not only in search, but in their Chrome, Android, and almost every aspect.

It's been a few years since I've seen anything from Google that makes me go "Wow".

Chromebook should have been the Microsoft Surface, now my CR-48 barely connects to the internet and can't run Java. This is the sign of a company that has completely gone off the deep end.

I want Google to thrive, I love their culture, and they've treated me well in the past, that said, we should not be "so hopeful" that we fail to criticize them when they've clearly made bad business decisions and questionable moral decision affecting not only their search customers, but their Adsense customers (us- yes we're internal customers), as well. When you're so hopeful of a come-back you silence dissent, you call that oppression, and fear.

I recommend someone who has enough of a web-profile to start a "Day Without Adsense", where we all volunteer to remove Adsense for one day to send a message.

-Count me in.


 5:18 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I recommend someone who has enough of a web-profile to start a "Day Without Adsense"

According to all the AdSense bellyachers they are already having a "Day Without Adsense" and didn't have to do anything to make it happen, Google did it for them.

Doubtful anyone with a big enough web profile would pull AdSense because they're too busy raking in money by the buckets and doubt they'd be reading this forum either. The best part is, if you managed to pull off an Occupy AdSense movement it would just send heaping profits to the rest of the AdSense publishers that didn't pull the ads. Good idea.

Sorry people, looks like the golden years of webmaster welfare is over. Webmasters might have to go back to actually courting advertisers directly if they want to make some real money.


 5:28 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

"webmaster welfare"

Has a nice ring to it, sorry to say.


 9:13 pm on Jun 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

I recommend someone who has enough of a web-profile to start a "Day Without Adsense", where we all volunteer to remove Adsense for one day to send a message.

I'm interested, the problem is there are lots of low quality webmaster who will gladly smile while we get off their way for at least one day.

I see many torns but can't find the rose now, I mean, lots of problems are evident but can't still think of a smart complain or way out :/ anyway I agree that G created a problem admiting low quality websites from bad webmasters, things got worse when they were not coherent dealing with scrapers, enough people new that "creating content" was the key, suddenly the web got fed up with gazillion low content sites and G supposed to filter that out? I bet since adsense, Bing and Y saw a big increase on trash all over the web, like a virus.


Well, we don't know for sure if that's the case for HP, but I can tell you I created high quality content BUT since adsense allowed scrappers and said "ok" to lots of new "blogs", my content was copied all over the web.

It doesn't stop there. When G punished copied content, the scrappers began changing one word here and another there, but it was still my content. Suddenly creating new content for others to copy it wasn't fun, I kept thinking on new ways to block the already known scrapers. Reporting to G? I read about banned sites but all I saw in my experience was "warned sites" or banned domains and the scraper then bought the .NET, .ORG, etc.

My solution was first, to work harder, then come with ways to block scrapers, then... to stop caring. I know create content (not as often as before) but I just don't care. I went back to my roots, I started on this wanting to share... it paid well, some hobby sites became "authority" in some areas, I wanted chocolate but got strawberry instead, still happy. Sorry for the long post... I agree that G should feel the pressure but... how?

[edited by: incrediBILL at 9:47 pm (utc) on Jun 25, 2012]
[edit reason] Thread clean up [/edit]


 12:43 am on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

Oh, wow, I've deliberately kept away all day since, not only was I pissed off with what has been happening, I've been trying to analyse what the heck it is that G wants from me!

I've obviously touched a common raw nerve, understandably with what's been happening this last 12-15 months, whereas some have been doing extraordinarily well, by their standards.

What I cannot believe is that today after posting, the particular section of that specific site that has been BATTERED to hell by the Google Panduin Twins has had its BEST day of 2012!

My CTR is up across all sites by 155% ... hmmm

What? I robots.txt deny Google and I get MUCH BETTER earnings?

Honestly, we're told The Plex does read what we write and take stuff on-board, every post here has been by knowledgeable people and I appreciate that and Google ought to as well.

Please, no one take offence at what I write now, I told someone today that Google is like an abusive ex-wife, she was wonderful when she was young and care-free with absoutely no responsibilities whatsoever, however, since she got married she's turned into the most abusive husband beater, ever.

I was 47 when I first worked with Google, I was 60 in March, all the friendships I have now are better than ever, except for Google.

Their problem, not mine...


Last Saturday's was superb:-)


 1:00 am on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

I take it that you have now blocked Google from spidering your site, removed analytics and removed adsense... No ? Didn't think so.

Actually, I never bothered with their fool-candy. Their spiders are not blocked, but neither is any other search engine. I have always considered their analytics a waste of time however it be a benefit to them, and if anything, a benefit to my competitors.

I have experimented with Adsense for evaluation and prefer to control what rubbish is advertised on our sites. The same applies to site search... we certainly don't want third party rubbish advertised in search results of our own web site. In-house scripting for search is easy enough, and not polluted by remotely related nonsense.

I discourage partners from sending sensitive data via their mail service and will immediately disown anyone who sends our source code via their services.

I've been webmastering since before they had a presence and responsible for converting hundreds if not thousands of users, via computer repair services and internet connect clients, simply because I thought that their search results appeared neat and pleasing to the eye. But if I had known then what they would amount to, I would have blocked them from our networks.

They are much more than a monopoly, and I wish them to disappear tomorrow.


 1:17 am on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

I agree that G should feel the pressure but... how?

Protest. Make noise, write about Google...

Who cares if parasite publishers make a buck on one-day. It's the point of it all. If your greed is so bad, you can't stand a day's worth of self-respecting honor, then what't the point. (Not aimed at anyone personally, I'm just on a rant.)

Google has no customer service, no recourse for their actions EXCEPT financial. I've read James Whittaker's [webmasterworld.com] exit from Google-Zion because of the direction of the company. It's not being made up, there's been a definite shift in the direction of the company, which, rather than being innovative (like the old Google), it's now a company that demands its mistakes be seen as unfailable.

Again, I like Google, I love Google... I just know I don't need ten listings from the same website on the same page. I don't need Google to be patterned to love the New York Times, and CNN. I KNOW where those websites are on the web. I need a Google that will connect me with the rare, the unusual, the information that can't be found on tv, a library, or via obvious web-search. Search should not reflect Apple's "pretty little box", it should reflect the unexpected. It should give voice to innovation, to invention. (That's what Apple really is about.) It should not only empower those who search, but empower humanity through search. THAT is what Google always was. Sure it wasn't perfect, but denying a voice, by burning our chance to compete against million dollar companies, by doing what they've done with Panda is nothing short of censorship. Panda could have been amazing. I 100% agree with improving the web, the problem is it nailed too many sites that didn't deserve it, and rather than turning back the dials till things could be perfected, they merely continue to scream from the Google Plex "Don't look behind the curtain, I am the great and powerful Oz."


 3:00 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

If your greed is so bad, you can't stand a day's worth of self-respecting honor, then what't the point. (Not aimed at anyone personally, I'm just on a rant.)

I got no problem with self respect. I don't see boycotting AdSense for a day as "a matter of honor" either.


 5:17 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

I don't see boycotting AdSense for a day as "a matter of honor" either.

Nor does pulling it for a day even make a point.

Pulling AdSense for a month, maybe 6, now THAT makes a point ;)

However, unless you're a big premium publisher like AOL, they probably wouldn't even notice. Thousands of AdSense sites could pull the plug tomorrow and leave it that way for a month and it probably wouldn't even show up on their corporate bottom line because supply and demand would probably cause smart pricing to kick in real fast and adjust everything to make up the difference.


 5:43 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

"Big Earning Site"
"the loss is non-consequential other than extra beer"

Man, you drink a lot :)

You have the luxury to protest in this way because from what I get this big website is an e-commerce website with sales revenue that are incomparable with adsense earnings. So if its actually an e-commerce site (which it should be, otherwise removing adsense makes no sense), then it would be great if you shared some statistics along with the story:

  • What percentage of your visitors are returning customers?
  • Has the traffic increased throughout the years?
  • Has the quality of traffic(viewed as customers) increased?

It's wrong to think that google HAS to provide at least the same amount of traffic or earnings for each consecutive month. Most of you are old enough to know how complicated the web can be. A scenario which might fit to your story can be the following. Your website is having almost the same amount of traffic as it was back in golden age of adsense. Although the customers are mostly returning customers, so they are more comfortable to the design of the website, hence don't click on ads (I don't remember if I ever clicked an ad in ebay, and I visit ebay a lot). Again I'm assuming the website is e-commerce, otherwise this should be listed under extreme/nonsense division, unless you replaced adsense with another company.



 8:24 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

In Husky pups defence..the thread title was altered to read "Big Earning site" that was not at all his original title..
And the site is ecommerce..highly specialised..very large volumes of specialised construction materials..I knew his sites before joining here..and before ever speaking to him..definitely not "nonsense"..

You could think of his operation as being to the "very specialised quality construction materials manufacturers" as Mercedes is to luxury car manufacturing..

And there is absolutely no shortage of demand for what he manufactures or ships..worldwide..


 10:02 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)


I see... So from what you said it sounds much like a b2b website.


Adsense is known for poor performance in b2b or manufacturer's websites, and here's a live proof of that. I'd suggest dealing directly with other companies in your field for advertising on the website. Companies which are not competitors and provide goods/services that businesses look for along with your products.


 10:24 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

Thing is ..he used to be in the "UPS club" ..with the same site..the adsense showing on the B2B ( actually given the size of his operation A2B would be a better description :) used to be of the B2C type..

ie .. he sells his products in bulk to businesses via his site..with full very detailed product descriptions, images etc he is the "bible site", the "world reference" for the products..the adsense used to be 98% his customers ads to their business or residential customers..

Perfect targeting..relevant, happy advertisers and end customers of those advertisers..everyone wins..high adsense earnings..

Then G went "personalised"..adsense feeds site irrelevant non contextual ads..

Adsense revenue goes into steady decline..

Ad to that he is being scraped to beyond and back, and that G places the scrapers higher than him for his own content..

Far too complex to deal with worldwide sellers of product for which you are the suppliers of their wholesalers or distributors directly to sell them ad space..

Adsense going non contextual and personalised hit many sites like that..

HP may join in, but I think I've pretty much described it ..even though he doesn't know I've been doing so "unauthorised"..:) while he is no doubt "sinking a few" and listening to some good music..:) and I'm burning the family dinner typing this , nearly 1000 kms south of him, in another country..:)

btw..rewriting content and or product descriptions etc is out of the question, you can't rewrite 2+2=4 to be 2+2=5 and keep any credibility with mathematicians if you were a math site..and he is still the go to reference for the "trade" and for those involved in the field one of my businesses , which is where and how I found his sites over 10 years ago..


 10:53 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

Thanks for sharing more details of the story. If adsense was bringing more problems than the payed-by-adsense beer could "solve," then to hell with it...

Bon appetit ;)

In which country are you? Family dinner, measurement of distance in kms, and current time are not getting along together :)

They would if the dinner was meant for only you, I'm having mine around 11pm-1am :)


 11:00 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

I'm in France ( regulars here know I tend to cook long,.. and late ;) Brittany ..but previously 15 years Cannes , St Trop' etc..and Malta before..after leaving the UK for good in the late 80s..
Bon appetit ;)*

merci :)
I'm having mine around 11pm-1am :)

*toi aussi .. :)

HP ..is in the UK ..in one of the best looking bits.."Ooop North"..knew it when I was a kid in the late 50s, early 60s, when I wasn't at home in Ireland..


 11:17 pm on Jun 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

That's great. I was in Western France two years ago. Totally enjoyed my trip, stopped in almost every city: Le Mans, Angers, Nantes, Rennes, Blois, Saint-Nazaire, Vannes, etc. It was clean everywhere, and the asphalt pavement looked like it was laid the day before...

Have a good night :)

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