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Never spill anything on your keyboard!
and I mean, ANYTHING!

 7:23 am on Feb 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

About a month ago, I started to converting my room into a rest home. All food, drinks, water, chips, beer was served in my room!

It was pretty cool for a while, until...
One day, I kept a glass of water on my computer desk. I then went searching for a CD, and couldn't find it, and accidentally hit my hand over the glass of water and.......

YES - It just spilled all over my keyboard.

It was 3AM in the night (Friday), and I tested the keyboard, worked fine, just left it and went to bed. Next day , I wake up and..the keyboard wasn't functional anymore :(

Steps taken:

  • I unplugged the keyboard after about 13 hours of the incident, and left it to dry for about 8 hours.
  • After the 8 hours, dis-assembled the keyboard and cleaned it, used a vacuum cleaner and dried all the inside parts using a blower.

    Still nothing.

    Ended up buying a brand new Microsoft Internet Keyboard, worth $40USD (the old one was a Elite L something, a cheap one for $20USD :)).

    I still miss the old keyboard though..have been attached to it since 2 years, but hey, the new keyboard's got like a 100 new features, just need time to get used to it!

    Moral of the story:
    Never keep any food/drink near your computer desk! and if you do, take safety measures.
    If, accidentally you happen to spill anything on the keyboard, unplug it first!

    Unfortunately, my room is back to the 'geek' room, with just a computer, printer, scanner, FAX machine, digital camera, another computer and a bed ;) (and of course, me sitting on the computer 13/7 :))




     11:50 pm on Feb 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

    and of course, me sitting on the computer 13/7

    Perhaps you need a chair?


     12:50 am on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    I bought the brand new Logitech cordless MX mouse & keyboard set as a merry Christmas to myself when my last cordless keyboard bit the dust. A few weeks ago I picked up my nearly-full vanilla latte in a Starbucks cup to take a sip when the plastic split and popped off. I, of course, had it at the appropriate just-about-to-take-a-sip angle and dumped latte all over my keyboard, myself and my poor retriever, lol.

    I also made the valiant attempt to fix it (these wireless sets aren't cheap and it was mere weeks old!) and many hours later I got it working, but it ONLY TYPED IN CAPS.

    Now, I had gotten used to all 101 features on the keyboard in the few weeks I owned it, and the mouse rocks, so I had to try and find the exact same set - and it seems that nearly none of the stores had received Logitech replenishment from the Christmas sales. Many phone calls later I found one, but had to go downtown through rush hour to buy it.

    Did I learn my lesson? Probably not since I have a latte sitting next to me as I type this ;)

    There was a hilarious thread of another member last year who tried to save the keyboard after spilling coffee on it - and decided to use a hairdryer to dry the keys and thus warped them all. I read it as my inspiration when my latte attacked my keyboard a few weeks back, but it has since been archived. One of the funniest posts I have ever read in Foo.


     11:47 am on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Perhaps you need a chair?

    ohh, thats right! Thanks for reminding - gotta get one from the Warehouse :)

    But would it fit on the computer?



     11:49 am on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    vanilla latte

    They're the worst for KB troubles. Second to that is Cola, closely followed by Chocolate Malt milkshakes.

    Best thing if you're going to have an incident is sparkling mineral water. Have succesfully dried a couple of KB's following that. Not a single capital letter afterwards.

    I'm a pro on this subject. Miraculously though, I have never ever spilled an alcoholic drink on a keyboard.




     3:23 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    sigh. keyboards can be troublesome. A weekend of moderate debauchery recently found my wireless fancy keyboard on top of a guitar amplifier, which it subsequently rattled itself off of, pitching itself on to the floor in an obvious effort to get away from the sound, but sadly plopping itself down on an angle that left the lower portion a touch too close to the electric radiator.

    An unfortunate combination of the music and accompanying refreshments did not allow me to notice this unnaturally angled keyboard position until the following morn, by which time the -20c overnight low had worked its wonders on my spacebar, which can now only be accurately described as resembling a snake on muscle relaxants.

    Visit Thailand

     4:03 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Miraculously though, I have never ever spilled an alcoholic drink on a keyboard.

    Far too enjoyable to waste on a keyboard!


     4:10 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    frequent spillers need to get one of those flexible, watertight keyboards. )
    don't think they make a cordless model yet though..


     9:28 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Why don't you use the retractible cup holder in the top of the 'puter tower.....Ņ


     9:31 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    hey, just got a simple solution to all this!

    Leave the plastic cover wrapped over the keyboard when you get it - it will then become waterproof!



     9:49 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    I can't tell you how often I've spilled beer on my keyboard and it's never been an issue- I think the lint in between the keys soaks it up and averts disaster.

    Moral of the story: Never clean your keyboard.


     9:49 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    heh... I admit it... the twit with the hairdryer was me.

    After blowing most of a day on fixing the damn thing I went out and bought another.. for all of $15. It was a piece of junk though - ended up replacing it three months later (and it only survived that long 'cause I'm cheap) with a decent one for $40.

    ~grinz~ and yes.. on my desk currently is a red wine glass, a water bottle, a half-dead can of diet coke.

    You can lead a horse to water... but you can't stop 'em carrying it back to their desk to read Foo.


     9:50 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    err.. in defence of the red wine... this is my desk at home we're talking about... not the one at the office.



     9:52 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    My cat threw up on my husband's laptop keyboard a few months ago.

    We tried using an air compressor to dry it out, but eventually had to admit defeat and order a new keyboard.

    The good news is the cat just had a tummy ache, nothing serious.


     9:55 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    heh... I admit it... the twit with the hairdryer was me.

    Okay, I read *that* line mid-sip, and barely averted disaster.

    deejay, I still chuckle when I remember that post - a Foo classic. How I wish I had saved a copy of it!


     10:23 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    The good news is the cat just had a tummy ache, nothing serious.

    Until hubby caught up with it, at least. ;) I suppose it would be inconsiderate to point out that new cats are far cheaper than new laptops. I see signs for "free kittens" all the time, but I'm still waiting for "Free P4 3.4 GHz notebooks." ;)

    That's one tech support call I would have liked to listen in on. Somehow, I doubt that "cat barfed on keyboard" is in the help desk's troubleshooting flow chart. :)


     10:31 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    heh... I admit it... the twit with the hairdryer was me.

    lol, I used a hair dryer too (thats what I really meant by a "Blower", hair dryer sounded a bit too girly) - no difference.

    But I mean, spilling a little drop of water on 5 keys is way dfifferent to my incident - the water that spilt on my keyboard was all over it.

    martini - I let it dry for atleast an hour, when it made no difference at all - I started cleaning it up.
    Whether I used a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner, it changed nothing.


    [edited by: sidyadav at 10:35 pm (utc) on Feb. 2, 2004]


     10:32 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Back in the pre-highspeed days, I had a 14.4 US Robotics modem. Darn expensive too! Well, I also had a pet chinchilla - and my chinchilla escaped, chewed through my modem power supply cord and nearly electrocuted herself.

    Imagine me phoning up support to explain that my chinchilla ("a what?") ate through the cord. He said I made him laugh so hard he was going to send me a new one for free, and even shipped it Next Day FedEx from Texas to Canada.

    I am sure my chinchilla was the talk of the support team for a while ;)


     10:45 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    ...many hours later I got it working, but it ONLY TYPED IN CAPS.

    So you're the notorious Nigerian email scammer!



     11:08 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Other than my unfortunate melting incident, I've been pretty lucky with keyboards... in fact, I've spilt almost everything in them, and the only things that have ever caused any real damage are drinks with lots of sugar. The sugar dries and becomes sticky, it doesn't let the keys back up.

    Water, tea, beer, all else has graced the internals of my keyboards and done nary any damage.

    In fact, to clean a pepsi stuck keyboard once, I left it in a pool of water overnight, and let it dry for a few days... good as new.


     11:13 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    I've spilled many a drink on many a keyboard, but now I'm not so worried cause these new logitech keyboards have holes in them to let the spill drain out. I still havn't spilt anything to test them though, which is rather ironic considering at one stage I would go through a keyboard a week :P If you saw the number of half full cups, cans and mugs scattered around my desk you'd probably understand why :P


     11:28 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Wow, if only I was an affiliate for a sippy cup program.

    I confess to having beverages at my computer and not once spilling. I suppose it helps that my keyboard is one level below where I keep my drink. Plus, my drink is always surrounded by miscellaneous scraps o' stuff, so it's well protected. It's almost like having it in a drink holder. ;)


     11:46 pm on Feb 2, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Why don't you use the retractible cup holder in the top of the 'puter tower

    I thought all machines came so equiped these days. Isn't that what that little drawer that pops out is for...the one marked CDR. I thought that was the abbreviation for "Cup Drawer - Retractable" :o



     1:36 am on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    I spill coffee on my keyboard almost every morning (hard to drink with your eyes closed). Every couple months I kill my new wireless keyboard. The old HP came with win98 installed 5-6 year old keyboard comes back to the rescue. It's so worn - I'm trying to see if I can actually wear a hole in the space bar (it's getting close the key is so warped).

    Sometimes newer isn't better.


     5:30 am on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    hehe.. I'm such a packrat. From May last year, For Jenstar

    My keyboard is spotlessly clean
    ...and so is the one in the rubbish bin

    Einstein once said ďnever commit to memory what you can look upĒ.

    Or words to that effect. Iím fairly sure it was Einstein. I have it on file here somewhere.

    Einstein or not, when I first heard the quote it struck me as an eminently sensible idea. I mean, whether or not you ascribe to the idea that the human brain has finite capacity (and Iím not sure I do, though my ex-husband is the closest thing youíll ever get to imperical evidence), it makes a still makes reasonable sense not to spend a lot of time and energy memorising tidbits of knowledge you will rarely call on.

    I think perhaps though, I have taken Einsteinís rule a little too much to heart. There are certain tidbits of knowledge that you really *should* remember... however rarely you may call on them. For example:

    > I was allergic to shellfish last year, I am allergic to shellfish this year, and I will be allergic to shellfish next year.
    > Objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear.
    > Never ask if this {fill in the gap} makes my butt look big... if I have to ask, it does.... Ďjust put the hanger back and step awaaaaay from the rack, deejay, and no-oneís feelings will get hurtí.
    > Some plastics have lower melting points than others.
    > Striped clothes are not me and never will be.
    >Coffee, keyboards and snortingly-funny WebmasterWorld posts do not mix.

    Obviously some of these, while crucial to me, are irrelevant to anyone else. Some have relevance to a wider audience. That last one for example. Let me say it again:

    Coffee, keyboards and snortingly-funny WebmasterWorld posts *do not* mix.

    You see, since moving house a month ago Iíve fallen into a quite nice Saturday morning routine... a key part of which is logging on around 10 am with a cup of coffee and catching up on the overnight posts. Now I donít actually drink coffee, except for this one lovely cup a week, so this is a treat and a ritual.

    ..............*pausing for the readership to pick themselves up off the floor and calm their hearts at the idea of only one coffee a week*.....................

    The chirping of modem in one ear and low grumbling of the Krups espresso machine in the other... I swear itís starting to elicit a Pavlovian response in me.... itís like foreplay for geeks.

    So anyway.. Iím sitting, Iím sipping, Iím savouring.... appropriately enough, I ended up in the coffee cup thread.

    a smile here, a chuckle there, a chortle in between.. a guffaw at DaveNís Ďadmissioní to having stolen mivoxís mug (I just knew someone was going to)... a snicker and Ďooooí at mivoxís ominous reply... a titter at Nickís Mr Tickle mug-inspired slinking.......

    and then pixel_juice had to bloody speak up... mid-sip I might add.

    Err, yes Nick...<coughs>. Very nice :)

    Cough indeed.

    More like <abortedswallow-closedmouthlaughandcough-snortcoffeeoutnose-leanforwardoverkeyboard-slopcoffeecupeverywhere-gasp>

    Oh bloody marvellous. Just flippin lovely.

    Understand that I take my coffee very strong, very milky and very sweet. The spoon doesnít quite stand up in the cup, but it may dissolve if not removed quickly enough. My coffee was the runner-up in adhesives when Post-Its were being developed... perpetually sticky stuff yíknow. Suffice to say this is no watery concoction that can be easily shaken out of a keyboard or dabbed away with a tissue.

    Still, no big deal really. Iíve cleaned plenty of keyboards in my time. Five minutes later itís unplugged, keys popped off and soaking in warm water with dishwashing liquid. and Iím attacking the base of the keyboard with cotton ear buds and warm water. The cleaning was long overdue anyway, so Iím not too phased... stitch in time, penny saved, pip pip ay what old chap and all that rubbish.

    Most of the coffeeís coming away alright... but I have a cat... longhair of course... and I have just found out where a good part of that two pounds of fur that she moulted last spring ended up. Oh, and the place I moved from recently had a dog too. Lest I forget the poor darling, he has contributed a few locks of hair as a reminder.

    Time for the vacuum cleaner. Done this plenty of times too... remove the head and wave the vacuum hose a few inches above the keyboard... zzzzzip! All hair/fur gone. Works like a charm. Unfortunately it completely escaped me that I bought a new vacuum cleaner just a month ago. The old one was way past its use by date. My old vacuum cleanerís engine was to suck as.... as... well, for lack of a better comparison and to avoid unnecessary s@xual references... as half a cabbage leaf is to a fart. My *new* vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is a baked bean entree, vindaloo curry main, cucumber side dish and 3 pints of lager. I mean this thing could.... well, you can imagine, Iím sure.

    So OK, Iím waving vacuum hose.... and oh, bugger me! You know those little round rubber things inside the keyboard? The bits that get depressed by the keys when you press them? Three of the little blighters just shot up into the vacuum.


    Growlscowlprowl around and find an old newspaper... empty vacuum bag (full, of course) and pick through to find rubber bits. If youíve never actually opened up your keyboard and seen these bits... theyíre about the size of my fingernail (of course youíve never seen my fingernail either.. yours will do), surprisingly soft, clear rubber... and they turn the colour of whatever dust they are coated in, effectively rendering them invisible in a pile of vacuum bag contents. Thereís no way round it but to rub through the entire contents between my fingers to find them. *BLECH*

    Recovered, washed, dried.. and now Iím stuck with opening up the damn keyboard body to put them back in. Well hell, if Iím going that far I may as well remove the sensor sheet thingy and actually wash to keyboard case itself... so I did. Only took two goes to put it back together again... marginally pleased with myself at that.

    In the meantime, the keys have been lying on a towel, hopefully drying in the sunlight from the window. Nearly. Not quite. Droplets of water here and there. Itís autumn in New Zealand at the moment and just not warm enough for this.

    Thatís ok. I have a mouse. I donít need a keyboard to read posts. I can log on and just have a bit of a read at WebmasterWorld while I give those keys another half hour or so to finish drying. So I did. For five minutes. Until a box popped up on my screen telling me that it couldnít locate the keyboard on my machine.

    Well I knew that. Itís in 109 pieces on the floor beside me.

    My vocalisations to that effect didnít seem to satisfy the machine though, and it crashed forthwith.

    ďwhere are we going and why are we in this handbasket?Ē

    Itís been a couple of hours since the spill now.... a lot longer than I anticipated this taking... Iím still tasting coffee in my nose, but it is now accompanied by a fine layer of vacuum cleaner dust (itís just ridiculous that when you sneeze to clear your nose, you must first inhale a mighty breath thereby dragging in 10 times the amount of dust that tickled your nose and made you want to sneeze in the first place).

    Right. Enough of this nonsense. Iím not going to chance the keys in the oven, as Iím still getting used to this one... it runs a bit hot and the last thing I want is melted keys. How embarrassing would that be!

    ďI cooked my keyboard on the weekendĒ
    ďoh? power surge?Ē
    ďno no, roasting dish.. 150 degrees celsiusĒ.

    Ha. Iím far to smart for that thank you very bloody much. Out comes the hairdryer.

    So I grab about 10 keys at a time and toss them into a glass bowl and wave my hairdryer round at them... making the keys skitter round and cleverly evaporating any leftover water. Tip the ten out on a fresh towel, grab another handful and repeat.


    Tipping the third or fourth batch out onto the towel, one of the larger keys caught my eye. I picked it up and noted that the bottom edge of the key of it wasnít cut in a straight line... it was wobbly... huh... shoddy workmanship there. Hadnít noticed any other irregulars up to this point though, so didnít worry much.

    Next batch.. crikey dick... thereís another one. Errr... hang on... sure enough... I was cooking the keys with my flippin hairdryer. It wasnít even that hot!

    Thing Worth Remembering No 2:

    ōSome plastics have lower melting points than others.

    I realise I am chanting ďpixel_juice, Pixel_Juice, PIXEL_JUICE!Ē under my breath... though I look nothing like a gothic teenage Winona Ryder, and cannot remember more than ten words of the banana boat song, let alone levitate while singing it.

    But I digress. Iím prone to that. I also regress occasionally, but thatís another story.

    ahem. yes. well.

    I had a quick hunt through the dried keys for the enter key. Now I *KNOW* that key was fine, because I actually dried that one on its own, and it was perfectly *FINE*. Well itís not now. Itís bent like a bloody banana. The damn thing has warped after I put it down. I know itís futile, but I try to fit it to the keyboard anyway. It might fit.

    Pigs might fly too.

    Did I mention that Iím ĺ Scottish? The penny-pinching gene is the only excuse I can offer for actually thinking to myself Ďthereís another enter key... if that oneís alright then I can probably live without that one for a whileí.... and trying to fit another half dozen keys to the board. As it was, about half of them were also warped, so it just wasnít a happening thing.

    So anyways to make a long story... err.. well.. longer... I went and bought a new keyboard at Kmart. This was after, of course, the 15 minute search for my wallet, which I didnít find and therefore concluded that I had left it at work... which I had... of course.

    Itís now past midnight here. Iíve achieved nothing today except a science lesson, spending $35 and this post.

    I should be asleep, but I was feeling a bit cheated out of my coffee from this morning... so about two hours ago I made a fresh brew. I really should start wearing a watch. Or get a clock in this room. Or look at the bottom right corner of my screen occasionally. Double strength, extra sweet coffee after 10 pm is not a good idea. If anyone would like to swing by and scrape me off the ceiling, thereís a spatula in the kitchen.

    So there you have it. Consider this a cautionary tale and take what you will from it, but remember:

    > Some plastics have lower melting points than others.
    > Coffee, keyboards and snortingly-funny WebmasterWorld posts do not mix.


     5:34 am on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    If I couldn't eat while using my computer, I'd probably starve to death.

    I once killed (or maybe "finished off" is a better description, because it was acting a little flakey anyway) a wireless keyboard by dropping a burrito on it.

    I learned an important lesson: Buy diposable keyboards. Right now, there's a can of orange soda sitting on top of an old XT clone that's sitting next to my real computer, but I'm not concerned because the keyboard is just a $10 Fry's special.


     5:34 am on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    LOL - Great post deejay - I feel I should brew another cup of coffee and read the post again :)


     5:48 am on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    ~grinning evilly and rubbing hands together~ yeeeesss eWhisper.. brrrew that coffee... joinnn usss..

    <edit> pffft.. can't type even with a working keyboard</edit> :)


     4:41 pm on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    Last year, we bought a fold it up, spill on it, clean it with Lysol keyboard for my 2 year old. Since then- both my husband and I have spilled various drinks and snacks on our increasingly sticky kyboards- and Alex's has yet to need Lysol...


     4:42 pm on Feb 3, 2004 (gmt 0)

    deejay - that's one of my favorite all time posts- just printed for my wall of fame

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