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Why did this page about "high paying keyword" only make 7 cents a click?

 3:34 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

i made a page on my website catered toward a VERY HIGH-PAYING KEYWORD, probably the highest on adwords, and then placed an ad there, right smack in the middle. I linked to this page and waited for someone to come and click on it (this took a while), and i only got paid 7 cents.

i am very disappointed. i mean i know google takes a cut of it, but seriously, 99.9%? That's not nice...



 3:39 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

They took all the profit from the click just to torture you.

":^) ®


 3:49 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

No i'm serious.. even all of the four ads that showed up were clearly associated to that high-paying keyword. How come this happened? How do i increase my percent profit for each click?

Sweet Cognac

 3:55 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

One page on a "website about a different topic" is not going to pull high paying ads


 3:57 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Then how do i pull high-paying ads?


 3:58 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)


Probably because the advertizers paying high CPC limit their exposure to the serps by opting out of the content network.

They may run a second campaign aimed at the content network, but with the kind of CPC you are seeing instead of the big bucks. That's why you sometimes see the same advertizers in both search and content, but with huge differences in CPC.


 4:04 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

This keyword that i used is an $82.00 keyword... and there are 45 advertisers that have it. Are you saying that 40 or so of them opted out of content? I don't think that's right...

Do you think i would have better luck if i made a search box on that page and searched for the specific keyword?


 4:24 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

This keyword that i used is an $82.00 keyword... and there are 45 advertisers that have it

If you are getting this information from Overture, that has nothing to do with adsense.
I would concentrate on building a high quality content site and not one page about mesothelioma and hope that you will retire rich in 1 year.


 4:33 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I got that information from a program that gets it from Google(45 people have it), not overture (where 40 people had it), and this was just a test to see if i should try to make a site with lots of content and so on. The keyword was not anything near mesothelioma.

I would also appreciate it if you actually helped to answer my question. Instead of telling me that my page is not going to pull high-paying ads why don't you tell me HOW to pull them?



 4:37 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

The advertisers who bid that much are smart enough to realize that every newbie web developer is going to make a page devoted to “VERY HIGH-PAYING KEYWORD” in an attempt to make a quick grab at their advertising money. The numbers you see on Overture are for ads that show up in the Overture network. They don’t bid even close to that on Adwords due to the very reason this thread exists.

Are you saying that 40 or so of them opted out of content?

The people who are willing to pay $82/click are smart enough not to bid $82/click on content network clicks.

edit: didn't see you weren't using Overture numbers. However, the same principle still applies. Content network clicks for the obvious victim keywors are not as valuable and therefore don't get the same kind of bids.

[edited by: woop01 at 4:38 am (utc) on July 30, 2005]


 4:38 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Think about it from the advertisers point of view - would you want to pay big bucks for your ad on that page?

indias next no1

 4:43 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Rather than creating a webpage for high paying keywords , my suggestions is to create a quality content with normal paying keywords,
so that we can earn more money through normal targeted keywords, otherwise if you opt for high paying keywords the CTR and earnings will be less compared to normal paying keywords.

This is what i am doing now.


 4:44 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

long ago, i also tried something like this. i tried a few pages on a few very high paying keywords that. my average click value was not more than 3 cents ever.

then i prefered to stick to my niche with click valie of 10 to 15 cents ,writing one article a day.

running after high paying keywords doesnt make long term sense.

only if you are highly knowledgable about the 'high value word' feild, make a site focused on that.. write hundreds of articles on that.. you shall see very high value epc. and u may get ur 82 dollars also.

No shortcuts apply here in long run.

BUT , if you are actually VERY knowledgable in those High Value Keywords feild, you would be earning millions in WORKING in those feilds and not looking as AdSense for revenue.


 4:46 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I was actually also wondering about the same thing.

Sometimes I get high earnings, other times low even though the ads that appear on my page contain keywords are highly bidded.

I think one reason is that advertisers bid lower for content networks but this can't be the only reason.

If it were, then how do some sites earn so much Adsense income? At least that's what they claim.


 4:51 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

So do you think i would have better luck if i made a search box on that page and searched for the specific keyword? That way they wouldn't be content network clicks...


 4:53 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

You said tell me HOW to pull them.
If someone here knew the secret to getting 82 dollars clicks, they would not share them with you.
Also, several people here have answered your questions and you still keep asking how to get 82 clicks.


 4:59 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

... my last post didn't ask how to get to that $82 click, it just asked if i changed to a search box i would recieve more revenue per click...


 5:01 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

What people are trying to tell you is worry more about developing quality content and less about why you aren’t getting $82/click or about “maximizing (your) ad CPC/Profit ratio” (your other thread). Nobody is giving you that advice to lead you in the wrong direction. It’s solid advice that too many people ignore while obsessing over what their next page targetting “mesothelioma” will be about.

Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme. If you could just setup a page about “VERY HIGH-PAYING KEYWORD”s and watch the money roll in, the people you want advice from wouldn’t be on this forum. They would have earned their millions about a year ago and have $100k/year assistants taking care of creating a new page to target $82/click keywords each day.


 5:02 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Look in the AdWords forum about all the tricks to hold advertising cost low.

I made 2002..2003 a software for realtors.

I created one own website to list all the offers of all my realtors.

I resarched "codemonium" (in German) with
German city name
and found this are extrem high paying ads.

But my real estate site made far below my average EPC.

This site was never good runing compared to my other sites, but an algorithm change in February reduced this site so much, that I have given up this site.


 5:14 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

i think eyeinthesky is right, theres got to be more to it than that... how else would these high-paying-keyword sites be making so much money?

There are ways to optimize your site for maximum revenue. There are also things that people can do to greatly and easily improve google's image of their site's relevance when faced with these keywords. For example, i told you guys earlier, i just made one little page completely unrelated to the topic of my entire site and then linked it to a random page... would google know this? would something like this alone bring my profit from that click from 50% down to 1%?

There is also one other thing i noticed. On a certain high-paying keyword site (that i know does very well considering it's normal google search results), the pages are filled with menus and ads and tables and pictures, and only a paragraph or so of text. and what surprised me is that this paragraph didn't even contain a single mention of the high-paying-keyword! Not even in the page title! The only place it was mentioned was in a little bold headline about the same font size as the paragraph text.

...this is soemthing that in order to explain i imagine one would have to know of the way in which the adsense algorith picked out the keyword he wanted so well. I personally think it had something to do with the way that headline was tagged HTML-wise:

< h1 class="links" >Credit Counseling: < /h1 >

Theres a lot of text on that site, the menu on the top of the page, another menu on the right, a headline near the top that says "More Financial Information"... I wish i knew how this guy set it up so google picked the exact keyword he wanted.


 6:03 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Well.. I think it's smart pricing. I don't get billed $10 for each click even if my max CPC is set to that. I think it depends on the general theme of the website. Google knows what your website is about if you want to find out you can try etheir site flavored search bar.

So if you website is NOT related to the keyword in anyway they will discount the advertiser. The more it's unrelated - the more heavy the discount.


 6:13 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

it is against the rules to make website explicitly for the purpose of serving Google ads.
Read Adsense TOS and get life - there is no easy money.


 6:21 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

i'm going to get serious now to calm down all you people out there who think i'm looking for a quick buck.

i have a website that i started about a week ago. i also started using adsense and adwords about a week ago. things have been going great in adwords and crappy in adsense, but i don't mind too much because my website's topic is pretty lame.

on the other hand, my father it going to ask me to do his lawfirm's website. This led me to think hmm, i bet i could make a lot of money on advertisements if i wrote a lot of good articles and put a lot of content on his sites. so i started experimenting with adsense, trying to figure out the best way to use it, using my current site as a guinea pig.

that's why i'm asking all these questions, not beacause i wanna make a get-rich-quick site about mesothelioma.


 9:38 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

No fool will pay $82 per single click.


 10:04 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

If you have a made for adsense site devoted to high paying keywords smartpricing will simply wallop any cost to the advertiser / payment to you right down.

You only get high payments on keywords if they convert for the advertisers. Put yourself in their position. Would you be prepared to pay $10 per click on scraper joe's blogspot knowing full well that you would not get a customer out of it? Advertisers will pay good money for leads, but you have to give them paying customers.

Making a made for adsense site, and paying for traffic is a high risk strategy. Especially as adsense will eventually kick you out.

Do as the others say. Find a topic you can write a decent, informative website on. Promote it, and send some quality traffic to the advertisers. That way you will make money from adsense. It's a long term strategy, but it works.

One word about smart pricing. I'm not sure if this is factual, but it is my gut feeling. The last few weeks I have been watching what advertisers are on my site, and blocking scrapers, made for adsense sites and webmasters buying traffic. The result has been a 20% increase in bottom line $$. The clicks/ctr has dropped by half, but the epc has increased by well over twice. The quality of adverts has increased quite dramatically by blocking less than 50 sites.

What I've been seeing the last few days is a further increase in cpc. I have a theory that smartpricing has decided that as a result of better advertisers paying more for clicks, that the value of my piece of internet real estate has improved, thus put up the price to advertisers.


 10:07 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

No fool will pay $82 per single click.

There are areas where some advertisers think that such a bid is a good investment (for example the famous 'M' word mentioned in this thread.) But those that are bidding that high will keep a very close watch on their campaign and:

  • Only bid that high for the languages their potential clients speak
  • Restrict these campaigns to cities, areas where these potential clients live

For other languages/regions those advertisers start separate campaigns with much lower paying keywords.

FYI, I just added the famous word in the AdWords keyword analyzer and it predicts a reasonable place in the SERPs, even with the lowest bid of 0.05. This means IMHO that most advertisers do not bid very high on this keyword.

Maybe there are just a few high bidders and all the other bidders are AdSense publishers hoping to buy cheap traffic for the high paying keyword and that the visitor will then click through to one of the very few high paying ads about the same keyword on their own site.


 10:10 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

You also need to remember that you never really know where the click originated from. Adsense displays ads using a geo database. Here in the UK I see UK targeted ads. The visitor to your site may not have been from a country where the KW has such a high value.

There is also the possability that the ad that was clicked was not on target.



 11:20 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

As you can see from what folks have said there is a lot that goes into EPC.

First off you'll never get an EPC above thirty something.

You mentioned you've only been doing it a week - takes some time for adsense to get a history for your site/page.

Maybe adsense restricts the value of ads for a while until they have some history.

I've never written a page for specific high paying words but when I do decide to write a page I will investigate the keywords and phrases that show the most ads in search and tailor the keyword density and seo to those words/phrases.

You may have a stop word or two that cause some ads to drop out.

I have pages that one day get pennies per click and the next will get 200 to 300 times that value.

Give it a month before you jump to conclusions.

However, if you do get a bunch of clicks and adwords folks peak at your site they may add you to the negative site list which can hurt epc too.

ps. I don't buy the thought that the overall theme of your site affects EPC.


 11:52 am on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Caspernova - what you did is absolutely stupid for a number of reasons, but the main one is you ain't gonna get paid for your efforts and you can't be slicker than Google, at least not for a long time.
First, your assumptions are wrong. In fact, almost none of the advertisers who pay for high-paying words (my definition is 10+ bucks) DO NOT use content network. That's a proven fact by practitioners. The reason for that is that because they watch their ad budget and conversion rate. If they did not their daily budget would get depleted in 30 minutes (I don't think it's an exagerration). If you want to make money with AdSense, simply copy what other successful AdSense publishers have done. Using the "high paying keyword" lists are fine, but what you really want to do is not create pages for the M word or asbestos or lead paint or whatever, but find a niche that would have a number of keywords that pay 50 cents to 1.50 or above.
The fact is that there are hundreds of niches like that - many had great success with photography and DVD. But you have no know what you are doing - for instance - digital cameras are one thing and Photoshop are another. Also different brands of digital cameras pay differently. What you are looking for is to find a niche that would have subniches and would guarantee that there is large enough pool of advertisers so your website will bring in money for years to come.
For instance (real world example) - photography is excellent niche. In it, there are other subniches that pay well - digital cameras, photo equipment,Photoshop (and other software), image recovery, red eye removal (that one isn't very profitable), wedding photography ... There are hundreds of advertisers, so you'll never go broke and are likely to average 20 - 30 cents a click, provided you attract quality audience.


 4:45 pm on Jul 30, 2005 (gmt 0)


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