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How MUCH do you earn? AGAIN

 10:09 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

As the old "How much do you earn?" thread has died out and has went out of proportion becoming too long, here is a fresh thread after some time has passed since G allowed us to disclose our gross revenue. Not that there is anything "gross" about my own revenue, but thought to share it to give a sense of relief and hope to the new comers or low earners like myself that they are not alone, having seen all the BIG numbers all over this forum in the past.

I also remember the other 2 threads started by rfung the first making $20/day aiming for $100/day and the second aiming for $300/day and still saying he is among the low earners and is no place to play with the BIG guys. If rfung with such a revenue is among the small or mini publishers, then sure I belong to the micro group. Just thougt to start a hope thread for those still like myself in the micro-club.

My Earnings
Sep 2004 $0.31
Oct 2004 $0.54
Nov 2004 $1.12
Dec 2004 $0.69
Jan 2004 $2.75
Feb 2005 $3.33
Mar 2005 $6.27
Apr 2005 $38.41
May 2005 $65.63

This means I was able to reach $2 a day last month. Now I aim at reaching $5 a day in 3 months time. Yes a modest goal, but to me it is a big one ;)

So who's interested in showing his/her earnings for a refresher on the topic.

[A hope the topic does not divert away from its original aim: sharing with others stats about your revenue.]



 10:21 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)


Still considered a n00b but I've been building my first proper site for ages and adding content daily. Hoping to submit to search engines next week :)


 10:34 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

Hi Shafaki, I see no point in sharing raw income figures.
Of course you earn a nice sum if you have like 1 mio. unique visitors a month.

But it would be nice to know how you ten-folded you income from march to may - besides from getting ten times as many visitors.



 10:43 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

kind of funny...having 0.something a moneth, and few months later getting 60$
or u have spent a lot of money, or you did some spam actions..

which is it?

or maybe you've been testing adsense for those 6 lay low months?

i'm glad that adsense is working for you..
share your secret


 10:54 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

Of course you earn a nice sum if you have like 1 mil. unique visitors a month

This is untrue. There are plenty who make a decent sum without having 1 million uniques per month. Optimize your site and you can see increases like Shafaki has.


 11:04 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

if you have 1 mil a day of unique's...o man..
if you had the worst site in the world..you would earn about..
i can't even calculate that..

with ctr 0.01 and if you get 0.1$ per click, you would earn 1000$ a day..



 11:14 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

I never thought any humble stats like mine would attract any interest in them! It's quite morale boosting to hear words like the ones you've said wondering how I have managed to do it! While I was thinking of myself as a lonely fish and a looser having done only that modest earnings.

Hi Shafaki, I see no point in sharing raw income figures.

Hanslicht, I would have LOVED to share ALL my stats with everyone, sure it helps a lot, but according to the G TOS, I'm only allowed to disclose my gross income, nothing else from the AdSense stats. But sure I can share with you info about the site itself, but not the other AdSense stats (like CTR, eCPM, ... etc).

The low earnings you see at the top came from my blogs. I started by putting AdSense in one of my blogs after reading "There is Money in My Blog" article at Blogger. My blog was hosted freely at blogspot. Later on, I read someone say that a web site would get much better earnings from AdSense than a blog. So, I summoned the courage and got hosting and a domain name and started my first web site. I think that was in November maybe.

My earnings did get up, from the web site, not from the blogs. Then the sinking of earnings in the following month were due to my tampering with the site design which rendered my site look SO ugly and totally unprofessional. (the site navigation was horrible from the start too).

Then I worked on the site navigation, and earnings got up. I then put a desing that looked more professional (actually took the one of my blog, and did some modifications to the CSS and HTML, but the basic colors and fonts were the same). I added new content to the site along with time. My site is 83 pages now of textual content, not a single graphic file in the whole site! (Thougth I'm planning to put at least a logo, I'm not good at graphics). Using Dreamweaver templates helped a lot when adding new articles. Yet I'm looking for a different solution now for my new site so as to be even easier than the Dreamweaver templates.

My site is about IT Jobs in Egypt and has a couple of articles relating to HR stuff. I've written every single word in my site. All content I wrote myself. (It has also a section on training, but does not make much in the stats). I cannot disclose my CTR nor CPM, but let me say my CTR is fine, relatively above average, and my CPM is normally not high.

I get around 250 impressions per day. (I can disclose this one, as it is not AdSense stuff, it's my site's stats as a site.) By the way, while we're on the topic, I've been using statcounter (the free version still) some weeks ago, and it is wonderful. Sure I was like a blind person not using such stat tools. They do help you see the navigation path of visitors and help you a lot determine info about the site, which helps you know where to enhance and what to give priority to.

Back to our subject. I have submitted to search engines and directories. Submitting to search engines was not important as they'll come running after your site anyway if you had someone good link to you. A link in DMOZ to my site gave it an instant boost from PR 0 to PR 3. Search engines, directories, links, I think all this though important, has NOT yet really contributed to my traffic! So from where then do I get my traffic?

[I put links in my blogs to my site too. It helps with search engines a lot.]

I have a 4000 member Yahoo Group! which I moderate from 3 years. It's about IT Jobs in Egypt. This is where I drive a lot of my traffic. But I get higher CTR (and maybe also better CPM) from other moderated Yahoo groups about HR in India. I answer relevant questions there then drop a link to my site at the relevant article in the HR section (I still have a few of those articles, maybe less than 10 only).

Depending on such methods as Yahoo Groups to get traffic are sure very exhausting and guarantee you no stream of automatic traffic in the future. But I'm using it for now and trying HARD to find other methods for getting traffic work for me (serch engines, perhaps also links, and maybe in the future offline ads as many suggested are very effective).

That's about it. I hope that helped. I also hope I've not went so far as to violate any part of Google's TOS.

[edited by: shafaki at 11:34 pm (utc) on June 1, 2005]


 11:16 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

with ctr 0.01 and if you get 0.1$ per click, you would earn 1000$ a day..

Great, so all I need is about 100 times my current traffic and I'll be good to quit my job and live the high life! or maybe I'll finally be able to afford a home in California and stop renting! MAYBE! :) heh.


 11:50 pm on Jun 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

Just keep working on your sites, and learn from the vast knowledge pool of this website, and you will be able to make it work.


 12:06 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I also remember the other 2 threads started by rfung the first making $20/day aiming for $100/day and the second aiming for $300/day and still saying he is among the low earners and is no place to play with the BIG guys.

Yep, rfung was an inspiration, and I'm somewhere in the middle of where he was aiming and breaking $150/day but I'm stuck trying to get to the next level of $200/days.

All you can do is keep working on it.

I'll finally be able to afford a home in California and stop renting! MAYBE!

Diverman, shoot a little lower, get a condo - even condo's in our area went up in value almost $100K in No. CA last year, a nice investment :)


 12:58 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

By "home" I meant condo. :) And even at my near-6-figure income, I wouldn't qualify/be able to afford more than $400K. Although, I'm looking into finance options to see what I can work out, with minimal risk. In Orange County, where I live/work, even the bad areas are getting too expensive. Kind of depressing if you ask me.



 1:00 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

And, as for me, I'm still in the $9-10/day range. Looking for ideas (and time) to expand the hobby site further. Still not bad for some extra cash, and I seem to have continuing steady growth. Just trying to figure out how to better "work" some areas of the site.


 1:23 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Barely breaking $1.00 a day here, but then I make most of my income selling services in the $50.00- $100 per day range ;~)


 2:55 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

And even at my near-6-figure income, I wouldn't qualify/be able to afford more than $400K

Come on up to Nor Cal, you can get a nice home in that range in a nice area :)


 6:02 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I'm still in the $9-10/day range

Better start working on more traffic as that'll just about cover the home owners monthly dues on the condo :)


 6:10 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

between $45 - $60 per day after 4 months tweeking, started on $2 - $7 per day just with plain G colours for ads, didnt try any different ad sizes until 3 months ago, as you can see big difference, so rolled it out over all 5 sites (tourism) been steady for a few weeks now at $45 - $60 per day


 7:50 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

started from .02$, now geting around 3-5$/day


 8:00 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I don't usually participate in these threads because they are all subjective ... you only ever get out what you put in.

I've just completed my first month with adsense and made a few hundred dollars and expected to earn $100 per week in that first month.

I fully intend earn a good living from it but certainly won't rely upon it for my sole source of revenue because who knows how long it will last?


 8:37 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I found this post is quite interesting. Actually this gives us an impression about how long it will take a newbie to achieve the goals.

I analyzed serveral initial earnings (include mine) and found at very begin the earning increases as a exponential function of the months.
For example, the earning of shafaki.

However, this can not be lasted for ever. It may stuck somewhere. For me, it stucks after 9 months of setting up the new web. This stuck piont (or turning point) IMHO is very important. This will give you some general information about how long the new web will be matured and what the strategy you may take into account in next step.

Here we have too many segment information of what others earnings and lack of the historical earning data. If we can share the historical data and the turning points, all we newbies may benifit from them.


 8:50 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Nothing can really be learned from it....except what indivuals are earning.

It doesn't tell you how long they have been promoting adsense.

It doesn't tell you how may channels they operate, or how many sites.

It doesn't tell you what product or service area.

It simply tells you that others are earning more or less tan you are.


 9:01 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Yes, Peewhy, there are many factors.

But anyway this will give you a general ideas.

Inside those various there's a law. Whenever you are big fish or small fish, the overall pattern has self-similarity.


 9:09 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Trying to break through the $30 a day barrier for the past month, mainly focusing on marketing instead of tweaking.


 9:28 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Less than a dollar a day on most days (which when changed to GBP it's next to nothing). Still it's better than nothing (I don't think I've messed up my sites too much by adding adverts into them) and it just about covers hosting at the end of a year :)


 9:29 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

If I'd have spent so much time analysing what 'unknown' others were achieving instead of concentrating on my own efforts, I wouldn't have earned anywhere near what I did in my first month.

Look at your own stats, learn and practice better optimisation techniques, build links, market and promote. Nobodys crops grew bigger and better whilst watching their neighbours.


 10:43 am on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I forgot to say:

I initially used a long virtical ad unit on the right side of the page. Revenue was so poor.

I then, after knowing about the heat map, placed a horizontal ad unit (the one with space for 2 text ads) right below the title of the page (which was an <h1> tag) and before the body of the article, it was also in the center (the strongest point according to the heat map). Revenu increased considerably.

After reading Google's updated Optimization Tips page, I found an interesting note saying that ads at the very bottom of pages that have articles in them can be highly effective. It would have never occured to me, as I always thought that ads at the bottom of the page are the least effective and one would resort to them only to not annoy his/her visitors but would get less earnings from them. Anyway, after some time, I summoned enought couraged and put the ad unit (thte one with a size for 2 text ads) at the very bottom of each article. And guess what, my revenue increased to a considerable sum! It was amazing because it seamed counterintutive.

By the way, right from the start I blended my ads with the page (background color and frame color of ad units same as background color of page). Also link color same as link color of page, and title color (and description color) same as normal article text color.

I recently changed the color of the title in the ads to be same as the link color of my site. Revenue increased more.


 12:23 pm on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I don't have much to say so far, only that when I moved the Adsense to the heat position, just under the title of the pages, and also changed the border to match the very pale blue of my site, leaving the Adsense bg as white for easy readability, then I am getting more revenue. I have only been running Adsense for one month, May, but as I made these changes, the revenue went from either zero per day or maybe 18 cents per day to now it is between 2-3 dollars per day. This is nothing yet, of course. Just starting. About 900 pages running Adsense. As people have said, it all depends first on your number of pages carrying Adsense, second: your number of visitors: and very importantly, the mindset of the visitors. Mine are gift buying oriented, so they DO like the Adsense offerings. Hope this helps someone. I will write more after I have more income to let you know exacly how I am getting along.


 12:51 pm on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Forgot to say: site is just one year old and creeping slowing out of the sandbox. Only about 250 visitors per day unless a big gift giving day is near. But I have branched out from gifts because they are so date oriented, and I have groups of pages dedicated to hobby and sports related items. Also apparel, shoes... As Google frees up my site more, there will be more visitors. Right now, only 1-3 Google searches per day, this is nothing, but for one year I got ZERO Google searches because of sandbox. The first step out of the sandbox puts your site in ONE index, so SOMETIMES G. visitors see it. I have no idea when the site will get moved up to a better seen index. I have recip links, but only have a PR2. All of this of course reduces the number of the visitors. I have ZERO Yahoo traffic, but no time to worry about Yahoo right now, maybe later. MSN coming in fine. First Google, then Yahoo. Sure I miss the good old Google days but we have to ride the new Google waves. Patience is the key. OH, I made $1.10 TOTAL in my first six months with this website, ha ha. Thank goodness I have other income. Sometime, I hope to live from the Adsense icome, but this may take a couple more years of work.


 1:19 pm on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Sometime, I hope to live from the Adsense icome, but this may take a couple more years of work.

If, after a few months, you're not making several hundred per day (net) you're doing it wrong. Or, at least, not doing it as well as it can be done. Stray outside the Adsense forum and you'll find enough info on WW alone to take you to that level. Take a step back, review your operations.


 2:08 pm on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

Now in Supporters' Forum: Getting to the UPS club in six months [webmasterworld.com]


 2:40 pm on Jun 2, 2005 (gmt 0)

I was up 100$ but now with more visitors+click, i am getting $22 :(

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