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how much you earn from Adsense (daily)?
Good Report for the forum users :)

 4:00 am on Feb 10, 2005 (gmt 0)

any one will share information about the daily income?

isn't it a good idea?

please include the web site URL too,

God Bless You All



 11:37 pm on Feb 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

One thing you'll notice is that there are is a group here we like to call the "TOS Police". Any time someone mentions click through rate or earnings, they flip out like its the end of the world, and evidently you "lose respect" from them if you do so (lol).

It's pretty easy to lose people's respect if you're so unprofessional that you don't even read the terms of your own business agreements.


 12:15 am on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

the key word there is MY business agreement. If you don't want to post your ctr, don't do it. Lecturing strangers about it on a message board day after day is a bit much imo.


 12:38 am on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

I do not know if elio123 already signed up for Adsense. He didn't tell us. If he didn't sign up, there is no need to have read the TOS. He also used :) in the title of his post so I think he knew how some of us would answer. As far as I know he is not allowed to talk about his own stats, but he is free to ask others about it. So he did nothing against the TOS until now.

Without giving any details about my personal Adsense income or posting the URL of my money making site, I can give some general info which is useful for elio123. The daily income varies with many parameters.

First you need content. What do you want to present to your visitors? Think about this in relation to possible ads. You can write passionate stories about the landings on the moon, and have many visitors to your site, but you might not get targeted ads. If your site is reviewing something: books, travel, dish washers are whatever, visitors might want to think: "I want to buy that thing, Hey, there's an ad, let's click on it and see". In this case there will probably many targeted ads, and also visitors who are willing to click on them.

Then you need to increase the amount of daily visitors. The daily Adsense income is linear with the amount of unique daily visitors. This parameter can be controlled by making your site known to visitors. The cheapest traffic sources are the search engines, but their traffic is not reliable. Getting your site listed in on-topic directories, DMOZ and Yahoo is also an option.

The third step is keeping your site attractive so visitors return. You can do this by adding new content daily or weekly.

More unique visitors is in general better than a small group of visitors who return every day. The latter group will develop some sort of ad blindness for your site. So forums, personal blogs etc. may only generate enough for one McDonalds per month to use the style of some posters before.


 1:33 am on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

So forums, personal blogs etc. may only generate enough for one McDonalds per month

Then perhaps an obvious career path for those poor souls with little AdSense
revenue would be a vocational school like FFU (French Fry University)


 2:39 am on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

One thing I have learned in my long life, is that when you ask a question of a group of people that requires information on a personal nature, you will get a wide range of responses, some of them truths, some half truths, some just plain old lies. Just ask any divorced couple why they seperated, and watch the stories morph.

Asking how much people earn, is guaranteed to get lies. (like asking my grandkid if he ate all those cookies... is he really going to tell me the truth) If you ask that question, then you have to assume you asked the question, and how much tax do you pay on that money? If I say I don't earn much, or any, then the answer to the unposed question is, "none". So, we get lies, lest the IRS, who we know monitors this thread, just as they monitor the alien activity we know secretly exists in Rifle, Colorado, document us, and bust our door down in the middle night, at rifle point, in order to force us to pay the tax we owe on $4.62 in adsense revenue we never received, because we didn't meet the $100 minimum for payout. Dee spies for dee govhahmont are ahvery whiere. lol

On the flip side people lie to make themselves look good, "big bucks, major bucks,I am getting rich". Could be. But, with an Alexa rating of 10,895,677, it is very doubtful. You follow me here, right? On one end deliberate lies to cloak failure, on the other end deliberate lies to cloak success. Strange society we live in.

I was at a site that claimed, to have done extensive research into the google adsense program, and stated the average payout was $4.00 per thousand visitors each month, on average. So, I came into adsense hoping just to pay my isp bill each month, $40, my hosting bill $50, with a little extra left over to buy myself something pretty :) Imagine my surprise to see that $4.00/1000 was a huge understatement.

If you want facts in life, you go out and find out for yourself, and never listen to gossip aka lies. In this case kid, launch the site, put the ads on, and be happy with initial results, but strive for improvement. Then answer that question yourself. That is the only way you are assured truth.

Never mind the cyber rambos. They infiltrated the web about 15 years ago, and have grown in numbers. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them. They can only thrive if get they reactiions.


 5:50 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

I too started adsense to pay for the webhosting on a volunteer/support site. I was hoping to cover the costs over the course of a year, plus a little extra. I too was surprised - I covered the costs for a year within the first two months, then the revenue started to grow.

I think the reason it took off for me is that my site was well established before I signed up. I have now put adsense on a second site - same information as the first, but presented at a different intellectual level, and the results are good so far.

I'm not going to tell any secrets or lies - all I'll say is that I get a monthly cheque.


 6:28 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

About 3 years ago I putted some banners on my site to see if it would bring something. After a month or so I removed them again because it didn't convert to anything.
My thought was 'Oh well, it's a hobby and it may cost some dollars (Euro's in my country)'. About 6 month ago I tried again but then with Adsense. I was surprised because I didn't expect anything. My hosting costs are covered for the year within 3 weeks and a 'McDonalds' daily is within the deal.
Going for the 'steak'.


 6:28 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

The daily Adsense income is linear with the amount of unique daily visitors.

I haven't found this to be true. In fact I wrote to adsense support about this just this morning. Earnings per click have decreased by a factor of 10 over the period of a month, while traffic is up and # of clickthroughs are up.

Ad code/placement is the same, content is the same, site design and urls are the same.

Why would this be?

(long-time listener, first-time caller)


 6:40 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

I don't know why your earnings are declining with traffic increasing. That is interesting. Some things we tried, although revenues were increasing at the time, and still are, having not declined, as of yet, were:

Adjusting meta and content placement to better reflect my content and target market, so my ads match my market. I was getting ads there way off my market, and spent as much as an entire day tweeking our content on the page, until the ads were properly targeted. A real pain, but that work sure did pay off.

Driving more traffic (you did that). During the next six months internet traffic will continue to decline as the weather improves, and vacations (holiday for your europeans and canadians) begin. That is why we have to work extra hard now and for the next six months to expand our sites, which in return will give us more keywords to rank on, and drive more traffic, to replace the seasonal spring/summer traffic decline.

If you have a narrow market, you need to bring in new topics/products, that are some how related, even loosely. All this will keep traffic increasing during the off season, and will give you a huge bonanza in the fall/winter, when we can relax a bit...not too much though. While others enjoy the spring and summer, we stayed chained to the keyboard. Once the fall numbers start to be counted, if we did really well, we can kick back a bit in the fall, and plan for the next expansion. It never ends.

Other than that, I have no idea. Anyone else?


 6:49 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

...Earnings per click have decreased by a factor of 10 over the period of a month, while traffic is up and # of clickthroughs are up. Ad code/placement is the same, content is the same, site design and urls are the same. Why would this be?

My observations (but luckily far less than x10 factor) and thoughts too on my wide and diverse network of websites!

It seems like as my traffic steadily goes up week after week and month after month (many of my sites are also better and get higher SE rankings and more links, higher PR, etc.) but my EPC and income either stays the same, goes contrary to the trend, or goes up much slower than it should.

I have noticed that effect for ages (but even more so recently) and always seriously wondered if perhaps G has a secret method of rewarding lower traffic sites and somehow reducing EPC on better traffic sites.

For me it's possible to predict with amazing accuracy that my EPC and Income will be lower at the end of any given day merely by looking at mid-day stats. In other words if I see during the day that my traffic and impressions/clicks are up vs the prior day you can predict with accuracy that when I look the next day at the final stats that will in fact be the case!

In the past I said it was far fetched but now beginning to wonder if this anomaly is really so? Sure wish adsenseadvisor or googleguy would address this issue!

[edited by: trader at 7:10 pm (utc) on Feb. 12, 2005]


 7:06 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

thanks, Janet and trader.

I actually just started w/adsense and was so excited the first couple of days ... now it just gets kind of depressing. I've done a lot of work to drive quality traffic and I'm seeing steadily diminishing returns.

If google writes back with anything illuminating I'll try to rephrase/summarize here.

From my end trader, it sure feels just like you said!

Assuming that's not possible (that it's a fiendish plot), the only thing I can think of is that for my niche, competition for adwords is way down and they're selling links cheap. Guess it's time to invest in adwords for myself hmm? Play both sides of the market?

Do Adwords customers learn which sites running adsense drove traffic to them? And/or can they filter out certain sites from running their ads, as we can filter them out (URL filters)? I'm grasping for straws ... thinking perhaps some high-paying adwords clients blocked my site for some reason. (though it's an innocuous little site, nothing bizarre or anything.) Maybe my traffic wasn't qualified, perhaps. Like I said I'm just grasping for straws...



 7:11 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

Earnings per click have decreased by a factor of 10 over the period of a month, while traffic is up and # of clickthroughs are up

I'll repeat part of my "where is my money" checklist....

* Repeat Visitors - probably already saw those ads

* Bad Traffic - check your stats, what search terms and site referrals are bringing them?

* Bad Ads - the post xmas ad market prices seem a bit down

* Repeat Ads - same old ads over and over that people have been seeing for a while

* Personal Firewalls - more people are using personal firewalls that block ad displays


 7:21 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

Good observations AnnMarie, not sure about that being so as I also see this happening with more traffic/less reward on a daily basis, as well as long term. It would seem what you are thinking would effect longer term trends but not stats from one day to the next.


 7:22 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

I average 800 visitors a day, from them 800 visitors I average $1.50 a day, and some days I make as much as $10.00

I have only been doing adsense since Oct and am very pleased so far. I have tried tons of MLM's in the past, they all were crap, and free traffic sites, etc


 7:29 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

Thanks IncredBill for those points. They are important but do not see any of them as being related to this issue (more traffic bringing less EPC) since it happens both long and short term and over a very wide network of diverse sites for me. Many of which are static sites with similar traffic patterns and keyword searches. They also have few return visits for the most part and mostly are uniques or 1 time visits from either SE's, links or type-ins.

I feel there is more to it as it seems like a strange anomaly I have witnessed first hand for ages.


 7:31 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

> Earnings per click have decreased by a factor of 10

Wasn't it about a month ago that Google started cracking down on affiliate Adwords campaigns? Maybe your advertiser pool has dried up.


 7:40 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

One thing I have noticed so far, is the difference throughout the day, week and month in advertiser budgets. Early in the month, early in the day, early in the week, when all those are in a nexus, seems there are higher paying ads. I can't give any tracking on that, but we are keeping a mental note here.

This would go with what we know to be true, that advertisers can control their budget so they have money in their account throughout the week and month.

So, perhaps some go gung ho with big bids and use up their budget early in the day, week, or month. Then some may tone down their bidding, or hold it back until the next day, week, or month.

This would explain declining commissions as the day, week or month go on.

In our case our uniques are extremely high, and we have a huge base of new visitors, so our ads are not getting stale, never have, even before adsense. Traffic to our advertisers, free or otherwise, has steadily increased week after week and month after month, as a result of heavy non-stop work on the sites, and launching of new sites.

If you have a steady heavy repeat base, you need to really hunker down on new content, and new keyword targeted content.

How about it?


 8:13 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)


When you say your traffic is up, are you talking total visitors/page impressions based on your stats or more based on AdSense page impressions?

The reason I ask this is my Adsense page impressions somtimes tends to be about 50% of actual page impressions as I appear to get a lot of PSA ads at times, people blocking ads, search engines crawling or d) all of the above.

If you also run affiliate program ads, those are very useful in figuring out how many actual banner/Adsense impressions are possible. I place one tiny affiliate button ad on all pages that also display AdSense just to use as a reference counter.

Simplified example:

50,000 page impressions in log file statistics
40,000 affiliate banner impressions
35,000 Adsense impressions

What I can determine from these numbers are that there are at least 10,000 pages that are displayed to search engines and visitors with banner blocking enabled. With a little more work I could get the exact search engine page count and deduct it just to know how many visitors had banner blocking, but it's not that important. Next, the difference between banners and adsense impressions gives me an idea how many PSA ads are probably running on the site.

Don't know if this will help you, but it keeps it in perspective for me.


 8:47 pm on Feb 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

that's all very useful information, everyone, thanks.

My adsense'd pages have extremely high new visitor to returning visitor ratios, so those ads are "new" to those people.

But still ... it's tangenital to my question, which was about earnings per click, not clickthrough rate.

For clickthrough rate I have some control (new content, better placement of ads, etc.).

For earnings per click I have no control. As far as I can tell the pages are carrying the same general mix of ads as they did a month ago (I spot check the top-visited pages daily and haven't seen any surprises); yet they're earning far less per click. And it wasn't anything sudden... a gradual, inexorable thing over 30 days, no spike for beginning of Feb. or anything.

Anyway... as I said I've only been using adwords a short time. I'll give it more time.


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