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rather dull list

 1:52 pm on Jan 17, 2006 (gmt 0)

Over on digg there is a new list of the 160 highest paying adsense keywords (614 diggs sofar). Search digg for "top paying adense" if it's not on the front page.

I would include the link but it's a pretty dull list, so I was in two minds whether to even mention it, but as it is often asked, I thought it might stop those threads (though it probably won't).



 2:44 pm on Jan 17, 2006 (gmt 0)

Thanks for the link Bob..but I have a doubt..I have seen similar words many times before on numeous other site...But when I try the worth of it using Adwords, I find that words that are said to be worth $80 are shown to have an average CPC of just over $10 or so..Why is this discrepancy?


 6:04 am on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

i'm guessing that once google notices these lists with high paying keywords floating around, they tend to nip them in the bud pretty fast in terms of their effectiveness. besides, these things are constantly changing anyways.


 9:27 am on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

I am not to interested in sites about terminal illness and financial products, even if it brings the dollars in.


 9:55 am on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

i think the high paying keyword lists that circulate are precisely the categories to AVOID... even if they were high paying, tons of publishers are flocking to the topics. first, due to the increased competition, it will be difficult to get relevant traffic to these pages; even when you do get traffic, the ads for these pages are not likely to be the highest paying ones because they are being distributed between a large number of websites.

if you are thinking about creating a content website, i have found that writing about things that you are passionate about FAR OUTPAYS chasing high paying keywords.


 12:39 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

I am a great supporter of such lists actually.

They helped me :

1 - Reach $1K per month just with 3 websites sites.
2 - Reach $1K per month in just 2 months
3 - Develop more content over same topic, niches which I cud have never thought of. More content helped me get more quality links easily.
4 - Get clicks worth sometimes $7 or $16. On some pages, $1-$4 is very usual.

Yes! There are many bad bad boys out there too who are selling some fake lists. You need to make a very wise choice while choosing one.

Otherwise, I guess such lists at your disposal are must for any Adsenser (especially for a full time Adsenser).


 12:42 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

I reached monthly earnings of $10,000+ for one website alone WITHOUT any lists.


 1:06 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

Hey man! dont get senti! I am a newbie to Adsense but a expert SEO. And I believe 1K per month is a good figure for start. I started it like 2-3 months ago. (atleast I am satisfied with my progress). I dont know how much you earned in first 3 months.

You must be a geek or expert who doesnt needs lists or something. I really respect you. But atleast have an open mind to it. Give it a shot. This forum is about exchanging views and get some suggestions to improve your earnings.

I will be more than happy if my suggestion adds even a few dollars to your 10K+ income. It was just a advise. Its your wish. Try it or just ignore it.


 1:14 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

I never use high-paying keyword lists to create content, but I have browsed those lists to see how accurate they are.

I've noticed that most of the highest paying keywords...(guess it depends on which list you look at)... would probably be targeted to sites that violate Google's TOS.

This includes gambling sites, sites selling prescription drugs, and sites that either contain pornography, or link to pornographic material.


 1:23 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

RickyG, I earned $2000 in my second month on one site alone (you've got 3). Rather than rely on lists, I write what I know about - and what I know proves to be popular and high paying. Writing about a topic that is high on a list but I know nothing about makes me feel like a phoney expert, rehashing what others are saying about a topic I know zilch about. I'd rather sweat it over things that I know. But hey, creating a Made for Adsense site (and that is what you are doing) that's your way - so feel free to go about it.


 2:09 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

Has anyone actually purchased some 'top paying keyword lists'..Ok, whatever, I'm not going to pay for that..SO far, I have browsed the lists to see if anything is close to my passions and presently working on one such niche...


 2:19 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

I do agree with your point. Original content is what it takes to win. You might be expert of some industry that was incidently high paying. I dont know.

I have expertize in HOW TO DO RESEARCH on INTERNET. I cant write a site on "HOW TO SEARCH" obviously and earn like 2K per month :)

So, I use my expertise of digging out on various Search Engines to research on different high paying topics. I dont make "Made for Adsense" sites. Believe me, I do believe in original content. I make my own articles. I am a SEO myself and know what I do.

The end thing is to make money.
Its not necessary to STICK to a HIGH PAYING TOPIC and just THROW a site and wait for some pennies.

Its just that these lists give you more ideas, some interesting ideas on which I can research upon and as well as earn hell alot too. I personally research on the topics I pickup. If I am making a site on some medical issue, I personally goto a concerned doctor and take his interview.

Furthermore, in this industry, everyone has developed his own style of earning money. This is my style. And I respect your style too.


 2:32 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

If you find a high-paying topic that you are passionate about, great. However, never forget the Mesothelioma lesson.

When AdSense first started, there were a few law firms hungry for victims of asbestos cancer. The cases were legal lay-ups so they didn't mind paying $100 for a lead, knowing that if even a fraction of those stuck that it would make that back many times over in legal fees.

Then came the gusher. Publishers jumped in, flooding the market with cookie cutter sites. Two things quickly happened. The lawyers paying $100 or so a click, soon realized that the quality of their leads had evaporated (blame it on click fraud or just a glut of poor "me too" sites) so either they backed out of AdSense or dropped their bids substantially. You also had the supply-demand factor. The supply of sites was plentiful but the demand for the ad space was not. It wasn't long before most mesothelioma sites only had ads for other Made For AdSense sites with nickel keyword bids.

So pursue your next site tactfully. Chasing a top-paying keyword may pay off the first week or two but if others follow suit your returns will deteriorate quickly.


 3:43 pm on Jan 18, 2006 (gmt 0)

That was a nice reply Paris.Mesothelioma was exactly the source of my question.Any search for high paying keywords start off with Mesothelioma, but I hardly found the CPCs go beyong $12 or so..


 7:58 am on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

For Example: I am making a website around Diabetes these days, I completed my all content with all that interview of a doctor and stuff.

Then I searched in my list for keywords related to Diabetes and found many more keywords I cud have never thought of like:
- Gestational Diabetes
- Pediatric Diabetes
- Diabetes and acupressure
- Diabetes and Heart Diseases
- Diabetes and its effect over Nervous system
- Diabetes and Pregnancy
- Diabetes diet
- Diabetes Footwear
- Insulin
- Metformin
- Glycemic
- Glucose monitoring
........and many many more.

Now if talking about "You shud write about what you know". I interviewed a Diabetes Specialist and he knows what he is talking about. He is virtually helping me writing this whole website.

He definitely knows everything about diabetes. But he cant tell me what people are searching for. If you know your industry, you cant still say which part of World is searching for what information. This information I can make out from my lists. After all, your website's motto is to provide relevant information to all the visitors that come to your website. Right?

Now I am going to call him again and ask for these questions or just research on the topic on Internet - thereby completing my website. I am making sure that a visitor coming to my website, he finds all the genuine information he might be looking for.

Hope I am clear on what I am trying to explain to you guys.
- My Research and content is genuine and latest.
- My Content is vast and my target is to cover every drop of information related to diabetes.
- And I am making sure its the best Diabetes information site out there. So, Its not a "Made for Adsense" site. Its rather my own effort to devote to a noble work - to help people who have diabetes.
- And I am taking help of these lists to wisely choose topics I believe I can research on and make genuine websites and these lists are helping me research on more sections that I can add to a particular website, without which, my research/website will be incomplete!

If you are against the concept of these keyword lists - NO PROBLEM! But I am sure you are not against the idea of BUILDING MORE CONTENT! Are you?

You dont launch a website whose information is INCOMPLETE! More the content, more the SEs like your website, more links you get from other webmasters.


 8:09 am on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

never forget the Mesothelioma lesson

Yep! I agree with you Paris. One needs to choose keywords very wisely for upcoming websites.
Like everyone knows Mesothelioma is a RED FLAGGED Keyword now. A person still thinkgin to make website on same topic is a fool.

Its necessary to do a market and competetion research on keywords that you are going to use for your upcoming website.


 11:05 am on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Ahh, but RickyG, you wouldnt have made the site about Diabetes had it not been a high paying keyword.

Thus, its an MFA site.

Thats got nothing to do with quality/quantity of content - just that Adsense $$ dictated the content.

Personally, I wouldnt make a site about medical things unless I WAS FORMALLY EDUCATED on the subject - otherwise you could be liable for any misinformation.

But, if it helps people with diabetes, and you get paid, then good on you.


 11:25 am on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

otech wrote:
Personally, I wouldnt make a site about medical things unless I WAS FORMALLY EDUCATED on the subject - otherwise you could be liable for any misinformation.

Liability is important. Someone posted a while ago that they started a health-related site and then pulled the plug when they discovered that they could get sued.

But, if it helps people with diabetes, and you get paid, then good on you

What if someone with diabetes gets worse after changing their diet or insulin regime as a result of reading the website. Or dies even. Whether or not the information in the website was a contributory factor, and whether that info was accurate or not, it could be expensive to defend any litigation from someone who thinks the site was to blame.

For such a site, liability insurance is a must.


 12:01 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

I interviewed a Diabetes Specialist and he knows what he is talking about. He is virtually helping me writing this whole website.

It sounds to me like Ricky_G has done his homework. He is not personally providing medical information. He is seeking the professional services of someone who can provide pertinent health information about diabetes. Ricky_G is basically stating that his only role is that of, "webmaster", not "content maker/provider".

I have a good friend who is a pharmacist. If and when I decide to provide website content about certain medications for certain medical conditions, my friend will be a consultant. I wouldn't dare write about health-related content or prescription drugs if I have no background with it.

Whether or not Ricky_G is traveling down an MFA road, I don't know..... only he can tell you that.


 12:36 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

celgins wrote:
He is not personally providing medical information. He is seeking the professional services of someone who can provide pertinent health information about diabetes.

To be sure about this, I'd want to get some proper legal advice (which what I'm writing isn't). But I suspect the way the information is presented on the website could be crucial.

If the article is written by the pharmacist and presented as such, then his liability insurance would cover any exposure on this website. However, if the article is written by Ricky, even though it is drawn from good sources, then Ricky would be liable. A grey area might be if Ricky writes the articles in a journalistic fashion saying "what so and so has said is...".

All I'm suggesting is that the question of liability, presentation and/or disclaimers is also something that needs to be thoroughly researched.


 1:14 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Interesting how local the Internet is in the minds of webmasters without borders, maybe its because the dominant language of the web is still English, causing everyone to think in US or UK terms. A medical site with good disclaimers will protect its owner, if p0rn can do it, so can everyone.
Ricky_G needs not explain or get approval from anyone, getting professionals to write or advise on content can still provide a useful and successful web site, if Google's algorithms see it as a good resource it will send visitors its way, if AdSense sees it fitting its TOS it will print the check, if other webmasters and visitors see it useful they will bookmark and link to it.. Ricky_G's effort does not look short term hit and run to me, and if it is I am sure he will get what's coming to him.
On the other hand puking tens of zero content sites a week.. now that's MFA.
Saying that it is wrong or MFA to develop sites about a topic you are not passionate about even if they are quality sites does not ring well with me, earning money online is a full time profession for some here, it's not mandatory for it to be a hobby too.


 1:51 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

My mother belongs to medical profession. She retired as a nurse with a 15 years of rich experience. She is compiling the website and I am taking advise from a Diabetes specialist.

Furthermore, most of the content is from Non Profit American Research Institutes websites whos content comes under Public domain. Although they are the best sources from where you can pickup content, they themselves advise like "Consult your doctor first" and I am going to publish that disclaimer too.

If anyone out there still considers it a MFA (Made for Adsense) and/or doubt the content's genuinity - I dont care!

Its just my style to create websites and I know and understand that its my duty to provide a genuine and complete content. Wherther its from experts, articles, or Public domain or High paying keyword lists.

I personally believe "MFA Maker" is not BAD TITLE for a WEBMASTER as long as he is maintaining the quality of website and is pushing it to the limits to get quality and genuine content.

Its only BLACK HAT AdSensers who make it LOOK and SOUND as BAD who have slogan like "THORW A SITE, EARN, GET BANNED, THROW ANOTHER". I believe I am not a BLACK HAT Adsenser


 2:04 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Ricky_G, take it easy, although I agree with you your site is not MFA, you have to understand where the criticism is coming from, people are frustrated from the deterioration in quality of the network to which they belong, they feel that they are playing by the rules, and others (not you) not only stretch the limits and get away with it, but even earn more than they do! They don't have to judge you and you don't need to be defensive.


 2:53 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Ricky, the feedback I am offering is meant in a constructive manner and I hope when you've had chance to calm down a bit you'll see it in that light.

If you wonder whether what I'm suggesting is sensible, ask your mother whether she is covered by professional indemnity or liability insurance: the answer will be 'yes', because the organisation she works for will have arranged cover for her liabilities.

I know lots of medical people, and although the UK is less litigious than the US, quite a few of them have been sued at some point. In one case, the suit had no foundation and was simply someone with money trying to find someone to blame for the loss of a loved one. The case was ultimately thrown out, but it cost a lot to defend.

As I've said, I'm not saying you shouldn't produce the site. But I do think you would be wise to research the liability implications.


 3:28 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Guys! I am easy! :-) This forum is to give and take suggestions and thats what we are doing. I am sorry if it sounded like I am SHOUTING :)

Thing is, we all need to thing positively. When somebody says on the forum that "I am creating a website which is not my topic" 10-20 people start running after him with rods and chains in hand to beat the hell out of him. No matter how much effort he has put.

The forum topic started from TOP PAYING KEYWORDS list and has ended up here. I just expressed that they are useful to me. And some people commented on that like "YOU ARE A DIRTY VIRTY ADSENSER".

Anyways, no hard feelings. I understand what I am making.

But hey! Altough I am taking great care if making my website... is it fine to put a legal discalimer in the end of every webpage like all other American Non profit research institutes have done?



 4:08 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

Isn't it just fortunate that a person owning a site just so happens to know someone who provides, just the right content for high paying keywords. hmmmmmmm.

I think there might be a few adsense sites out there that are breaking laws left right and centre. I'm not worried about the penalty for the webmasters, but more for the poor sucker that believes what he's read on some MFA, and thinking that it'll help him/her.

Doesn't this misinformation worry anybody, or is it just accepted as a hazard of the web?

I'd advise going to a Doctor first - just in case.


 4:35 pm on Jan 19, 2006 (gmt 0)

the poor sucker that believes what he's read on some MFA, and thinking that it'll help him/her

probably that same poor sucker acquired moon real estate shares, bought devices that increase the size of his organs online, joined a pyramid scheme, payed for a keyword list ;) , and sent the rest of his money to a Nigerian venture capitalist.. The real victims of MFA are honest publishers.

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