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Questions about Pay Pal

 1:23 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

I really need some help with Pay Pal. Maybe I am a complete idiot, but I just don't understand while reading over PayPals web site.
I have heard this is a good system to use, but:

1.When somebody goes in to the shopping cart, and indicates what they would like to order, then how do I get that information? Does it go in to a file or what?

2. Where does the money go when they put in their credit card number?

3. How do I withdrawl my money or know how many purchases have been made?

4. I am registered, and have done so without a credit card number. So, they say I will have a withdrawl limit of $500.00. How long do I have this cap?

Anyone that is using Pay Pal, please help.



 1:24 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

also, what % of money do they keep? Is it about the same as a merchant account?


 1:34 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

They keep under 4%. You get notified when money has been received. You then log in to your account at PayPal and transfer funds into your bank account.

You might also want to check out the shopping cart at Mal's Ecommerce. You can use it with PayPal, for people mailing checks, or with ProPay; it's very easy code to put on your pages.


 1:37 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

So you don't need to give them account information upfront? Only after you have made the sale? Can you have them deposit into any account, or maybe different ones each time?
I see that they have a section for when you make payments to them. For what?


 1:39 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

Hollyhats, I use PayPal and it is a very good system, IMO. What happens is, you link your "buy" button to PayPal with a unique string after the url which will define your account, item #, price, and description. When someone clicks the "buy" link, they go to PayPal's secure site where they have to create an account if they don't already have one. It's no big deal. After the purchase is made, PayPal sends a confirmation to the buyer and a notification of payment to you. You will need to set up a business account with them to have a shopping cart through them. It's easy. You can get a PayPal debit card and withdrawl the money instantly from any atm or use it as a credit card to make purchases. I really like PayPal, yet some will say that merchant accounts are the only way to go. PayPal is probably one third the price of merchant. Hope that helped.


 1:40 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

You have to sign up for a PayPal account as a business user. You give them your bank account number - that's how you get money into PayPal and that's how you withdraw it.


 1:48 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

What I am confused about is when I signed up it said something about "before they withdrawl from your account, they will send you an email confirming"
I just didn't want to give out my bank account number if it will be used for anything except for THEM making deposits in to it from my sales.

How do you know what your customer ordered? I realize that PayPal will let you know the amount? But what about the actual item? I'm still wondering about that.


 1:59 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

Your item description, #, and price will be carried along with the "purchase" link you create. When you first set up your cart, they will ask you to enter one of you items. They will ask you all the details(item #, price, desc.) and then they will give you a unique url for that item. You will use that url for your "buy" link. After you do that once, you will see how you can edit the price and desc. in the url. Your info should be safe with them, as they are boasting 16 million users last I checked. I've never had a prob.


 2:02 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

Thanks Birdman, I'm going to try the html codes tonight.
It's good to know that the system is working well for you.
I appreciate your help, and think I am getting a clearer picture of how it works.


 2:11 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

This is a sample.

<a href='https://www.paypal.com/cart/add=1&business=youremail&
item_name=desc.&item_number=123456789&amount=?$'>Buy it!</a>


 3:10 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

I am registered, and have done so without a credit card number.

"before they withdrawl from your account, they will send you an email confirming"

Hi hollyhats. As Marcia suggests, I have been using Mal's eCommerce and Paypal since early 2000. It sounds like you registered your checking account only. Paypal will only "withdraw" from your checking account if you make a big payment your current Paypal funds could not cover. That is when Paypal dips into your checking for an ACH withdrawl. The email goes out when the ACH transaction starts. It is possible that Paypal would never withdraw from your checking if you mostly accepted payments.

Until recently, most of my Paypal payments were eBay related. Now, I am noticing buyers from search engine referrals that use Paypal. Not sure if this is because of the area I sell in, or if Paypal is becoming a general-purpose online payment system. But I see evidence of Paypal earning outside of their auction niche. And that, to me, is a good sign of Paypal staying around. I hope eBay takes a hands-off approach with Paypal.


 3:31 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

There's an official announcement from Ebay about the deal that's dated Oct. 3rd, and the PayPal site will be down tonight for maintenance, so at this point I'm wondering if the interface will change drastically. It won't make any difference as long as the system stays the same.

My payments are for services, and I either send a PayPal request for payment or the people just do it without getting a request. That's different from product purchases, though. I've been thinking of putting a couple of "packages" up with a buy button or shopping cart, just to see how that would adapt.

I like Mal's system for products because you don't have to do anything there once the cart is configured; you just do the coding right on the web pages. And there's a flexibility with the shipping charge options if there's a sliding scale.


 3:51 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)

The drastic short term changes will occur on eBay with the integration of Paypal into the eBay "Sell Your Item" and "End of Auction" process. They are scrapping their in-house BillPoint payment system... :)

Changes for Paypal: CEO resigned. Logo change. I doubt the interface for non-auction users will change.


 3:58 am on Oct 5, 2002 (gmt 0)


When you say "make a big payment your pay pal fund couldn't cover"

What kind of payment do you mean?


 9:09 am on Oct 15, 2002 (gmt 0)

what is meant by a "big payment" that your fund couldn't cover, is if you purchase things using paypal....

if you don't buy anything, and only use paypal to receive money, you won't be having any money leave your account.


 9:43 am on Oct 15, 2002 (gmt 0)

You can send or receive money with Paypal. When you send Paypal to someone, the sent amount is removed from your Paypal. If there is not enough Paypal funds to cover the transaction, Paypal will have to dip into your checking to cover the difference. Sorry if I am repeating myself...


 4:23 pm on Nov 1, 2002 (gmt 0)

If there is not enough Paypal funds to cover the transaction, Paypal will have to dip into your checking to cover the difference.

Its not as if Paypal will just sneak a few dollars from your account. They will only remove money from your checking account to make a payment for something if you tell them too. They give you an option -- pay from checking account, pay from Paypal balance, etc...


 4:59 pm on Nov 1, 2002 (gmt 0)

Yes, you would still need to approve the removal from your checking account if you do not have enough Paypal funds to cover the transaction amount.


 11:08 pm on Nov 6, 2002 (gmt 0)

Well, Paypal is all nice and sweet for the web designer
but I recently found that it's becoming a royal pain
in the butt to register for first time buyers.

They now have to fill out account/credit card info and
at the end of the process they tell the new user
that they must now wait for their next credit card
statement (or 3-4 days if they can call the bank issuing
the credit card and check the account over the phone)
and take note of a 4 digits code next to the name
paypal as a debitor of something like $1.25

I don't know about you but for impulse buyers, waiting
up to a month to get your credit card statement before
you can make your purchase doesn't really work...

So I'm looking for another system with low cost that
will will provide shopping cart, credit card payments
AND does NOT require me to have a merchant account.

Any suggestions are welcome!
- Scoob


 11:55 pm on Nov 6, 2002 (gmt 0)



 12:12 am on Nov 7, 2002 (gmt 0)

scoob - that procedure used to only be for those registering as merchants/business accounts - Premier and Business accounts. It didn't apply to those signing up for a personal account.

Are you sure it's now applying to all new accounts, or was it a business account being registered?

<edit to clarify account types>


 7:21 pm on Nov 7, 2002 (gmt 0)

Hi scoob.

When my husband signed up as an individual buyer last year, he didn't have to wait for anything before making his purchase. It was an instantaneous approval. As far as I know, nothing has changed with PayPal in that regard. The confirmation of the banking/credit card information is handled through the credit card company, totally transparent to the buyer and the seller.

I also set up a business account with them just a few months ago. They require a bank account number so they can verify that you are providing a real verifiable account, rather than a fictitious one. They make one or two tiny transfers (less than $1 each) to the account number provided within 2-3 business days which must be verified with the bank and confirmed with PayPal. At that point, you become a "verified" merchant account. The main reason they do that (I assume) is to insure that you're not trying to perform some kind of online scam using PayPal to legitimatize your scam.

Hope this helps!


 1:29 pm on Nov 13, 2002 (gmt 0)

Hi you guys.
Sorry for the late reply, I thought I was auto-notified
via email when a reply to my posts would come in but
I guess it's only for when I originate a thread....

About Paypal, My statement stands.... sadly.
I to opened a paypal account as a regular guy to
purchase stuff on-line w/o this hassle. Then I had
my girlfriend get on it 6 months ago w/o this hassle.

But last summer (In August) we had our first customer
coming to our on-line store <snip>
and when they tried to make a purchased were faced with
this. I then verified myself by having anther friend
open a new account (trying to purchase something from
our store) right in front of me and sure enought...
they changed their new user registration process
without telling the merchants anything... I find
that pretty slimey of them. Just imagine how man
sales we might be loosing w/o knowing.

So for me it's goodby paypal!
- Christian

[edited by: Marcia at 6:52 am (utc) on Nov. 16, 2002]
[edit reason] url not necessary [/edit]


 3:08 pm on Nov 13, 2002 (gmt 0)

Hey, scoob!

Just got off the phone with Cherise(sp?) at PayPal and asked her about the wait time your girlfriend had to go through to have her credit card approved. I was told that they occasionally have a problem with some credit cards not having matching (read that "verifiable") numbers on the back that can be immediately verified, like most account info/numbers can.

When that happens, the person has to go through a waiting period of a couple of days to confirm that the credit card info provided to PayPal is accurate. The waiting period and procedure are similar to what a merchant/seller has to go through for verification. There is a $1.95 charge as part of the process that is later credited to the person's PayPal account.

I'm probably not explaining this very well, but then again, Cherise wasn't sure if she was explaining it to me very well either. She's supposed to be sending me a copy of the system/policy via email. If you (or anyone else) wants a copy, just send me a sticky note and I'll send it to you when I get it.

If I had it now, I'd post the pertinent parts, but that'll have to wait until I get the email. <shrug>


 12:12 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

While I have not personally experienced many problems with PayPal and I have used them for all my small transaction over the net. (I don't want them taking 4% of a check for over $10,000 though).

I have heard that they like to freeze peoples funds while they try to "settle" a problem. I guess the concerns are (this is coming from a client of mine) that they don't mind their account frozen for verification purposes very much as long as they know it will become active within a few days.

Since it's very difficult to contact people at PayPal via email that know what they're talking about (they play the "call the other deportment game") little issues become big problems after an account has been frozen for a month.


 12:19 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

Like I said before I use PayPal ...I'm not antiPayPal.

But this is a good site to look through just to see the kind of problems some users are experience. There is some good Scam related info on there. Because someones sent around an email from a PayPal.com address asking for people to "verify" their passwords. and was colloecting them etc. [paypalwarning.com...]


 12:23 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

I have kept away from Paypal because I have heard too many stories about problems, frozen accounts and disappearing money.

I'd read up on sites like:
before sending money their way.


[edited by: Marcia at 6:50 am (utc) on Nov. 16, 2002]
[edit reason] no specific "s*cks sites," please [/edit]


 12:30 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

Those stories of accounts being "frozen" by Paypal are several years old now. It happened to me once, but that was a very long time ago. One has to be mindful of the where your source of coming from. One Powerseller on the eBay message board was a big opponent of Paypal and complained of his account being frozen before. He was recently arrested for running a fraud operation. He fenced stolen merchandise from drug addicts for resell on eBay.

edited for grammar mistakes

[edited by: sun818 at 12:59 am (utc) on Nov. 16, 2002]


 12:36 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

sun818, I agree that the source is important. But it happened to my clients because they were trying to pay my bill with different checks from one account. The system flagged them and froze the account.


 12:43 am on Nov 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

If you think if what PayPal is doing in terms of protecting its merchants from fraud, freezing the account is perfectly reasonable. I think I'd prefer to have my account frozen for a brief period (3-4 days) than to have my funds misappropriated by some thief.

If it's about protection, then I'm all for it. If it runs into months, then there's a major problem and something needs to be done to correct the way the system is run.

I've heard about the problems with PayPal as well, but the big problems they were having are several years old. As I understand it, one of the reasons they're handling things so carefully now is to correct several problems they were having which were endangering their relationship with several major credit card companies. They had to clean up their act and find ways to cut down on fraud or risk losing the ability to accept certain credit cards.

Seems to me they've done a pretty good job of it. Otherwise I don't think eBay would have merged with PayPal.

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