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Fifth Weather Report for Yahoo! Update
Just in time to be the buzz of PubCon

 5:12 am on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Tim just posted to the Yahoo Search Blog tonight...

We will be making changes to the index tonight. You should see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index. This update will be complete by tomorrow (Monday) morning.

I am sure PubCon attendees will be talking about it!



 8:03 am on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

So far new index is rolling out on []

Hopefully fluctuations will occur, otherwise Yahoo shows once again its inability to either crawl correctly and stop spam websites - IMO

Except for humanly reviewed terms, results are pitiful so far! ....IMO again -


 9:38 am on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

I'll post an unbias opinion of the results soon, but right now after having gone from 20 to 5 I don't think I'm able to give a fair assessment of the update. :)

Recent changes to my site that might have helped:

-I went through every link exchange I had with a fine toothed comb. Spending some time on the site and looking at numerous pages. Any quetionable sites I removed.

-I bought a lot of directory links recently.

-Added near 60 original articles to the site in the last 30 days.

Other than that haven't made any major changes. Yahoo hasn't liked the site much in the past because(I believe)of some site wide linking I did very early in the life of the site. Had 10k back links the day we launched. That was dumb, live and learn I guess. But maybe yahoo finally forgave me for that.


 12:01 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

>directory links

I think those are still decently effective in Yahoo!


 4:26 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Weel I was doing great in yahoo, now my pages are no where to be found. I had beloonged to a link exchange program (Linksmaster...formerly Powerlinks) but Google was dropping it so I dropped it last week. I don't know if that had anything to do with it but now I am nowhere to be found on Yahoo except for my main pages! I just got crushed! I was number 1 for so many pages. Do you think it is still indexing?


 4:38 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

How often do they change and update the index?


 4:51 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Other than that haven't made any major changes. Yahoo hasn't liked the site much in the past because (I believe) of some site wide linking I did very early in the life of the site. Had 10k back links the day we launched...

Please elaborate. Far too many "everything-linked-to-everything" pages?


 5:35 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

How do you know if the update is over and how long it takes so far I've seen it only crawl my homepage and nothing else?



 5:42 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Can anyone tell me how quickly yahoo reflects changes you have made to a page or site as far as search engine results go?

For example if you make changes and yahoo spiders those changes how soon can you expect to see a change in the search results because of your changes? Do you have to wait for an "update" or do they have rolling updates that reflect changes all the time?

West of Willamette

 6:44 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)


I've never seen anyone post a link to a Yahoo datacenter...are there others that folks know about? Please advise...it would be nice to follow Yahoo updates the same way as Google updates.


 6:52 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Is it possible Y! is only adding "flux" to its SERPs, and that this "update" is just a ruse? After all, Google has gotten tons of attention in blogs, media, SE industry, etc, due to its massive, 3-part "Jagger" update.

I think of this especially since instead of webmasters and SEO's deciding there's an update going on and then Yahoo acknowledging so (as is usually the case with Google, unless I'm mistaken), Y! notified us first. Yahoo wants our attention. Perhaps they merely want less attention on Google? Maybe they want their own piece of the "hey, there are SE updates about, it's news!" pie?

Just a theory, nothing more. Food for thought. Thought I'd send it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.


 7:04 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

I am new does this link [] mean they are still updating, what does that link stand for.

Thanks a lot


 7:58 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

The IP I posted is just one of Yahoo datacenters.

I think that they said they will keep on updating the index and fluctuations will occur until the end of the day.

I'm also more in the like of "this is no real update" since most of the time changes are minimal and that they will roll back most SERP in a week or so IMO.

Also sorry for critisizing that much Y! but I TRULY believe that Yahoo is the worst search engine of all BY FAR.
They are unable, since the beginning of times, to crawl a large part of the websites correctly, besides that they can't produce relevant SERP unless they make a human review.

In addition plenty of SERP on Yahoo are hand coded, because EVEN THEY do not trust their algorithm. I also find their directory still given too much importance and eventually spammy sites also find their ways into it. When they don't hand code SERP, the first spammer a little smart will get at least page 2 if not page 1 very easily.

NOTE: in the meantime MSN is working on it, quietly, silently - GOOD!

West of Willamette

 8:59 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Followgreg, do you have links to the other Yahoo datacenters? If yes, please post.



 10:06 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Noticed something quite particular with this update.

I'm in Canada and the results on yahoo.com and yahoo.ca are now exactly the same (and the same on the IP its rolling out from). My American colleagues are seeing different data.

I can't tell is this is a form of advanced geotargetting or just a roll out by DC (and Canada gets it first being a "test market".

Note: I have erased all references to MyWeb including flushing cookies, blocking ALL cookies and ensuring that the websites I am looking at aren't in the MyWeb dataset.

BTW, Yahoo does have a problem with updating on time (assume the deep crawl was delayed for the conference), but in the SERPs I watch it looks like a pretty decent update. The data is usable, expecially in travel.


 10:10 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Looks Better...

I commented in another thread that there were four large 'authority' type sites in my niche, all of which were missing from specific results that they realistically should have been mentioned in -- 1 of the 4 is in the results for the searches I checked today.



 10:14 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

I'm number one and two for most of my keywords, seems like some are still stuck in a sandbox, if that exsists. Instrestinly it does not seem that Y has anywhere close to amount of traffic the overture tool shows, perhaps more like a 20%


 10:19 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Terrible. The spammers are peeing all over themselves that their trash is working.

Another present for Google.

<Eight of the first ten results redirect for the first search I checked>


 10:28 pm on Nov 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

I much prefer Yahoo to Google when I search for music (90% of my searches).

My pages seem to have dropped quite a lot for anything but the specific phrases I target - but I felt that my positions were undeserved.

It is great to type in searches and not to see 9 results from Amazon/Yahoo music/ epinions/ rateyourmusic.


 5:25 am on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

Here is another set of Yahoo DC as requested: (out of the US, found through proxy / can't remember where) (UK / Ireland) (UK / Ireland)

for those who want to play around is Yahoo guesthouse corp...

I will post more if I find my files on Yahoo back on the 500Gb HD...

For Yahoo: time to find a real algo huh? :)

I like the title of the following post [webmasterworld.com...] ....my answer: Ohhhhh Really?

Once upon a time I though that Yahoo would really make it up to Google, now I'm sure they won't and since they said that they aim at human reviews for quality SERP I'm sure they know they can't produce relevant SERP.
Now given the statement above by Yahoo and the billions of sites on the web, it is obvious that they will NOT improve much most SERP. IMO - which I share with unbiased (I think) watchers .


 8:28 am on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

Big update for me.

After over 5 years of my bandwidth being slurped up by their spider, Yahoo has finally listed a deep crawl of my site in their index.

It will be interesting to see if the pages stick and how the traffic shapes up after this long wait.


 9:27 am on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

> Terrible. The spammers are peeing all over themselves that their trash is working. <

I concur.

The SERPs in Yahoo for key phrases I'm following are breathtaking.

They (the serps) are absolutely dominated by spamming sites - one site at the top of a very competitive phrase shows over 15K backlinks to the internal page ... durrr.....

Other sites popping up at the top include redirected url's, several carbon copies of the url the former is redirecting to, and even some sites that are entirely off topic!

This would be sofa king funny if it weren't so painful ..

>We will be making changes to the index tonight. You should see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index. This update will be complete by tomorrow (Monday) morning.<

Does this mean that this crap is here to stay until the next update?

Beam me up, Scottie!


 10:09 am on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

I am seeing a lot of keyword stuffed pages moving back into the top ten.

Especially titles that are just keyword lists.


 11:02 am on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

I dunno what you are seing guys, but I am using the same 50/60 queries all the time to check SERP's + some variances when necessary and this update is one of the most ridiculous ever from my prospective - And THEY won't do like Google, meaning no fix eventually a roll back.

They are just not able to make it - period :)

I'm tough with them, maybe, just no one can tell me this is a professional search engine. MSN is way better on regular searches and "tricks" results much less.
Well...they told us: "for yahoo the only way to go is human reviews" - Well...don't call yourself a search engine in that case!


 12:36 pm on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

I think the results overall are very good. Better than msns and and a certain massive improvement over the last year.

In the sectors we watch at least we can find sites on topic about the search term which is a major improvement. Also some large sites rich in content now feature, yet in the past they were missing from the index.

Obviously with any update you will have winners and losers with any shake up of the SERPs but i have to say overall this is a massive improvement


 1:07 pm on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

yep - looks like they've made the same mistake as Google and given prominence to large sites, and of course a good scraper site will be large. I just checked one - it has 58,500 pages indexed, the bulk of those pages being redirects to the home pages of their mirror sites. And yet a search of the phrases they've optimised for puts them on the top pages, usually in positions 1 to 5. Time to dust off the old scraper script.


 9:12 pm on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

Talking about winners and losers is hardly the point. There are certain types of results that are objectively unacceptable. One is redirects to entirely different domain. If the first five results all have unique URLs, but when you click on them they all go to a different website, and that sixth website is the same, that is simply lame.

Yahoo has regressed drastically... which still leaves it miles behind Google and light years ahead of MSN, but still, Yahoo should be at the point of giving Google a run for its money but it isn't even in that fight now.

Note to Yahoo: I don't give a crap about link text. I care about where clicking that link takes me. Your SERPs should reflect web pages, not a bit of HTML code.


 11:04 pm on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

Bit harsh Steve.

Yahoo has cleared a lot of problems up, the sub-sub-sub-sub-area-domain problem (remember that one) has well gone and thats a massive improvement.

Im not seeing this re-direct problem you refer to but where you see it you should report it. If its a cloaked page or just a landing page it needs pointing out - meanwhile, you do get genuine sites re-directing old pages to new ones so Yahoo cant just pull all re-directs but im not seeing this issue in the UK in the sectors we watch.

Overall as i posted, some of the sites we work on have lost out, some have won but at least the ones that won are with other quality sites. Previously, most of the Yahoo serps were just junk, so this update has been a breath of fresh air if you ask me!

Well done yahoo, i say!


 11:12 pm on Nov 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

will yahoo penalize you for having a links page on your site? (to other sites)


 12:37 am on Nov 16, 2005 (gmt 0)

we have links pages on various sites and not had any problems

That being said on two sites we took away reciprocal links where they were to sites off topic and reduced the number of outbound links and the serps position improved on both those sites.

In my mind you want plenty of incomming links and few outgoing unless they are to sites on topic with yours. Thats my two pennys worth anyway.

This 40 message thread spans 2 pages: 40 ( [1] 2 > >
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