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Fastest Way to $100-200+ a Day?
Fastest & Cheapest way to just get off the ground?

 12:55 am on Jun 4, 2004 (gmt 0)

While I have strong ambitions to make a lot of money online and so have been spending the last few weeks mostly gathering information and resources trying to learn how best to go about it and what is the most valuable aspects and ideas for spending time and money on. That is all great because I am thinking long term and am going carefully because I don't have investment money to experiment with things.

I need to start just getting some money in so I can pay my expensive rent each month without constantly worrying about if I am going to make enough for rent the next month or have to move. And hopefully start getting enough to re-invest back into marketing and building.

Well I have been reading excellent advice on here about what the most profitable niches and ways of marketing are and what things are not worth it because they don't have the same full potential as the others.

Although the most profitable niches sound like they cost the most to get started with and perhaps take more time. People here talking about investing thousands of dollars into them to get them going. I'm not afraid of risks. I just don't have money to invest like that. At least not yet.

So, I don't care about which ways are not long-term the highest potential and don't have the potential to ever make more then a measly 1-2 hundred dollars a day. Because if there is something like that that doesn't have long-term potential or high earning potential but has the benefits of being fast and cheap in making at a min. $100 a day I am interested. So I can know that my rent will be covered and have some extra for investing in the more profitible ventures.

I'm very new to all of this. But if anyone knows what kind of thing could produce that type of profit right away please share.

I guess if something is producing a return on investment then it doesn't really matter what the investment costs because you are getting it back. The problem is that I can't afford the delay in that. If I spend $2 a click at Google promoting something and it makes me a profit back I am still paying Google hundreds of dollars straight from my bank account way before I receive a check from the Affiliate program to cover those costs. Which is sometimes an entire month after the billing cycle that they even begin mailing them out. So something that paid quickly (like to Paypal) would be perferable.

I have been doing some of my own artistic service/product sites as well but they have not been doing all that well. Very sporadic sales. I need something consistant. I tried ebay too which I am completely sick of. I'll get buyers for my art the first time I put anything new up but as soon as I relist anything that has already sold- zero buyers. It's almost like it is only the same people looking at the art stuff and not a steady stream of new buyers.

Anyways. If there is not any answers to this or ideas I understand. It's kind of a stupid question. But maybe others here are interested in this topic too? The new people that don't have a lot of cash. I wish I had gotten into this stuff when I had plenty of cash and plenty of time, instead of wasting both of those things for years...




 1:07 am on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

If nothing else you should really be careful to define your terms or else any discussion of numbers becomes meaningless.

IMO, if someone is "making" $200/day in a small business, that means that they are earning/profiting/taking home $200/day. They may be grossing $201 or $1,000,000 per day, but the net profit is $200.

Having said that, $200/day is pretty good money, even in L.A.


 3:43 am on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

AWLearner, I like some of your posts, but this one sounds like you don't want to work at all. You probably won't make this type of money quickly. If you spend at least 8 hours a day learning everything you can, you could be making this within 4 months.

No I don't want to work at things that I don't like doing. Who does. But a lot of us have to don't we. Just because I don't want to doesn't mean I don't. I've been working for 12-14 hrs a day 7 days a week for months. I don't think I've had much of a personal life at all for I don't know how many years. I have strong work ethics. But it's not what I want to be doing with my life. Sitting in front of a computer forever. I want to be able to walk away and come back to it like other people here talk about they do. Only working a few hours a day. I'd rather be in nature and helping animals.

Anyways, yes I meant profit for that one. But for a group of partners (business) not individual profit.

I know it needs to be defined the context. I didn't mean $200 per person pure profit minus ALL expenses - take home. Which I forgot to say but meant and thought is $200 a day between 2 people (combined household) just minus advertising expenses. $100 a day would cover personal expenses and the other $100 would cover re-investment expenses for expanding business. It was just a general figure anyways. I guess from what I was used to making online in the past is why it sounds so little to me.

It's not that I'm impatient. I just don't have the luxery of time. I wish I did. I'll figure it out for sure. Thanks for the ideas here. I think it just takes creativity and diversity.


 6:08 am on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

From tonight's paper....According to the 2000 census, the median income in the U.S. for a man is $38,000 and for a woman it is $28,000. Median salaries for registered nurses are $45,000 for men and $42,000 for women.

38,000 / 365 = $104 per day.

38,000 / (52 X 5) = $146 per week day.


 7:40 am on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

Success comes before work only in the dictionary


 11:02 am on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

Work out how to make $1 a day consistently, then repeat.


If you're looking for a simple strategy to put thousands of dollars a month in your pocket, you're not going to find it. But work out how to build a site that will generate a consistent $1 a day in pure profit, then apply that knowledge again and again.

Even if it takes you a month to work out how to make $1 a day (i.e. $30 a month), so long as what you ultimately discover is easy and cheap for you to replicate you're then on the "success path". Duplicate that success in a week, duplicate it again in 3-4 days, then get into a routine where you're adding $1 a day every 48 hours or so and in a year you'll be in a great position and in 2 years you'll be laughing...


 12:01 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

Work out how to make $1 a day consistently, then repeat.

This is the best advice in this entire thread.



 2:00 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

Even if it takes you a month to work out how to make $1 a day (i.e. $30 a month), so long as what you ultimately discover is easy and cheap for you to replicate you're then on the "success path".

... problem is it is not so easy to replicate your success. It takes lots of time and effort and testing, not to mention money.

Different products require different strategies and it may become just too time consuming replicating a $1 success story.

But still, it is a good start.


 2:41 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)


I am still kind of new too, but I see way too many people on this board always worrying whether Aff Marketing still works, or what are the secrets. I really don't think there are secrets... Just learned info. If I were totally new, I would get a base knowledge of Aff Marketing, and how to do it.

So get a good understanding of how it works, learn a bit of SEO, PPC, etc. Then pick 1 thing and do it. Don't wander around from one new thing to the other. Just focus.

If you want to build content sites, then do it. There is still great money in them, and they are a great place to begin if you have a bit of SEO knowledge.

All the Best,



 5:54 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

Unfortunately, this entire thread overlooked the most relevant post, which goes to Gopi.

I agree its not big money but trust me , many thousands of affiliates (especially oversees one) will kill to make that! ... $100 a day in india will make you a king and allow you to have a maid ,cook ,gardener and car driver :)

AWLearner is absolutely correct in determining that getting up to $100/day is possible. However, due to what Gopi posted, the margins become razor thin and go back down to $10/day in such areas almost immediately once they are discovered.

No matter what, you need a moat of some kind in order to get up to $100 day and stay there for more than a week. Such moats are either a) large initial capital investment, or b) large labour investment, or c) unique talents, education, and experience, d) know something nobody else does (or few people)

Unlike offline retailing, where you are competing against local people only, you are competing in a global pool of millions of people.

So yes, getting to $100 a day is very very easy. I can pretty much tell most people how to do it.

However, it requires one of the four moats above. You must either be well heeled (doesn't seem you are), you must work a lot for a long period of time (nope, not that either), c) you must be able to do something that nobody else can, and d) you wouldn't be here, asking what you are asking.

You did mention something about art. If you are uniquely talented (top %10) I recommend you focus on that. If you found that you could find some sellers, I think you'll find that there are more to follow.

The internet is incredible at it's ability to reach those niche customers looking for that niche product. Your art sounds like it might be perfect for the internet and could bring in significant amount of money.

Anything without a moat I am afraid is against the laws of economics. The free market which exists on the internet will naturally elliminate it immediately.

In fact, by revealing how they're making their money, you are basically asking these people to give up their d), ie removing the moat around their treasure.

Actually, if you really really still think it's possible .. there is one approach you could try, something immoral or unethical. For example, a pyramid scheme of some sort. Other options are adult content, pharm websites, and gambling. However, you'll end up just deeling with a deep sense of self-loathing.

Which, I guess, is a moat in itself - eh?


 6:49 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)


Blaze, you make it sound very hard to get to that figure. There are many people doing it, and not neccessarily spending huge amounts of time, or are talented.



 7:08 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

It's not hard.

But you do need a moat of some sort. If someone can explain to me how we can all make $100 / day without a moat .. I am sure I can get them several million dollars for that secret pretty quickly.

It's a law of economics, otherwise money would be free.


 7:20 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

you must work a lot for a long period of time (nope, not that either)

12-14hrs a day is not Enough? What I am not allowed to sleep either?

There is nothing unethical about most adult content or gambling, it's just not my thing. Although I agree pharm. stuff is unethical.

You do make it sound like it's some big guarded mystery. It is not a mystery. There are pleny of ways to do it. I was just wandering about some ideas of the better ways. Things that don't take as much up front capital to start.

I don't know why people keep talking over and over here about giving away "secrets" and "details". I don't remember ever asking for details in my post. I don't care about the details. I don't want to know about specific products and never asked anyone to give away any details. Just asked in general strategy. That is what everyone talks about here and it has been very useful so far.

As far as specific products and more details about what works best it is not too difficult to figure out. Just by going to forums of specific merchants and hearing how well the majority of the people posting on them are doing with that merchant and what problems they have gives away a lot. Not to mention seeing how much people are willing to bid in PPC. In eBay you can spy how well anyone is doing which does dillute that market. But there are less then obvious ways to research the market in other areas. I wish I had the capital to compete. I just wanted some more ideas.

d) you wouldn't be here, asking what you are asking.

Yeah right. Learning from others experiences first is called leverage...
It's a good practice. IMO


 7:33 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)

I did give you a strategy.

Look to your moat - your ability to produce Art. Not only will you be successful, you will be doing something you probably enjoy.

It worked for me (I utilized my unique talents) and I am pretty sure it will work for you.


 10:08 pm on Jun 5, 2004 (gmt 0)


AW, all I can say is that if you do spend even 10 hours a day going into this Affiliate stuff, and APPLY what you learn, and keep focused... You will go very far, very fast. Just don't give up, and learn from your mistakes.

All The Best,



 7:54 am on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)


1) your posts have an interesting tone to it. It seems like you take some things personal - For instance, people here say that it takes hard work. Well, it takes hard work and time that YOU need to decide to put into your affiliate business. If you work already 14 hours elsewhere, guess what, it is not going to be helping you build your aff. profits.

2) I'm not sure what you mean by your original request - you want to know what makes money quicker and/or which has the potential to break the $100/day. It seems to me you ARE asking for specific products or niches (which go hand in hand). What kind of answers are you expecting? I doubt the standard fare 'go into casinos, meds, adult' helps any. Besides that, anything really can reach any potential you want to set as a goal. People can make $5k/month out of flowers as they can out of perfumes. It's all in how you market it, which involves SEO, linking, PPC, etc. And, 'big secret' - once you're into these less competitive fields, costs are fairly similar as far as PPC and whatnot.

3) if there are no 'secrets' and this 'isnt rocket science' well, comments like those really go both ways - i.e. you should be able to figure it out by reading the forums and doing your own research, don't you think? (which I'm sure you have, just don't get antsy when people tell you they can't tell you what or around what they make their money in). Your seemingly offer to help newbies by telling them exactly you did and what you sell once you find out might be misplaced. What's to stop them from doing exactly what you are? remember when you do find it, it will be something anyone can do and there will be no barriers of entry. Are you not concerned you'll be creating more and more competition to yourself?

Food for thought.


 2:29 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

Well written rfung. I agree 100%.


 3:41 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

This thread has given me some real inspiration to do something that I've have been successful at in the past and would like to do again. jonathanleger's post about ebook authoring hit the nail on the head for me. I can do what he so generously described in detail. The idea of having others become affiliate marketers for me is a great twist on the general flow of this forum.

I have had books published in the past and was frustrated by the large share of the revenues that the publisher and my book agent got. Self-publishing has great appeal, especially if other folks contribute to the marketing in return for a nice commission, which I would be more that happy to pay.

I created a local directory site that enjoys great success with SE rankings. It makes money for me through sales of advertising. It doesn't make as much as some on this thread are ready to dismiss as inconsequential, but my expenses are low and my lifestyle is wonderful. It's true that I spend many long hours at the computer, pretty much 7 days a week, but it's doing something that I enjoy. When I need a break I can go out and ride my bike and take photos to add to my site.

The money from this site is not as much as I would like and so I'm researching new ideas. I would also like some of the protection that being diversified offers. The past couple of years that I've spent building the site have been a real learning experience. I have had to change strategies many times as I learned what worked and what didn't, and what my customers and visitors to my site want.

Putting my unique set of talents to work has been key to building a moat around my business. It would be extremely tough to compete with my directory, but it could be done, and circumstances could change and my modest advertising income could dry up. The ebook idea is another way to put my skills to work. Thanks again for planting that seed, and no, it's not going to be a gardening book.


 5:22 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

The essence of my or blaze's post is if i post here with specific examples how to make $200/day , in a month or two that method/strategy may earn only $2/day because of overnight immitators!

>> Well when I figure it out for myself I'll let the relative newbies know what it is since no one else will tell them

>> I've marketed things in the past that within a couple of months produced up to 90K a month.

AW_Learner ,Why dont you start now telling the newbies here how you made $90k/month :)


 5:26 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

"Yeah well I don't have a whole lot of time to goof around. It's not rocket science. Can't be that hard"

why are you asking us if it isn't that hard? Seems like you know it all. Stop wasting your time here, just implement what you already know.


 6:07 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

Another suggestion is to take a lot of what you read on here with a grain of salt.

Not only is a signficant portion of it just a lot of hot air, it's also to remember what has worked for someone else with a different set of skills, experiences, and resources will not work for everyone else.


 9:53 pm on Jun 6, 2004 (gmt 0)

Not only is a signficant portion of it just a lot of hot air, it's also to remember what has worked for someone else with a different set of skills, experiences, and resources will not work for everyone else.

Which is exactly why I am not afraid of competition. I think I know how to do things uniquely enough and besides the niches and things online that are the most profitiable are ALREADY full of competition. Doesn't mean they are not still profitable. If you find something that is totally unique that no one else happens to be doing then I would completely understand not wanting to tell anyone else about it and how well you are doing with it. In order to keep it empty of competition. But I bet that the majority of people who are doing the best in Aff. marketing are doing niches that are competitive already.

I wasn't asking for any niches though. As said, a lot of different things have potentential if marketed the right way. I was asking in my original post about marketing strategies (in general for most anything). What I didn't understand is that so much has ALREADY been given away in other posts on here. It was those post talking about what kind of things will not have long-term potential and what things do have the potential to get "rich" with that made me post this question. Because I wondered if some of the things in the "non-potential" list just didn't have high long-term potential to make people "rich" as stated but still had potential for smaller and lower profits with less upfront investment. Like the Clickbank stuff etc. that was warned against as not having huge potential and people not making much from it. Then all the warnings that people are not making any real "riches" from Amazon etc. Not more then 10k a month. Made me wonder if those types of things still have a potential of a lesser amount that is easier to get into and start with without these $20,000 a month in PPC advertising start ups that people talk about here to get the real "riches".

And then yet when all those things are talked about freely when it comes to marketing and strategies to make a ton of money, as soon as I ask about making a tiny bit of money compared to that everyone jumps on me as though I am asking for the "big specific play by play secrets to the ultimate riches". I'm not taking it personally, it's just really annoying. If no one wanted to answer this thread or question all they had to do was hmmm... not answer it! Not reply at all. Instead of bitter replies about it not being possible or not giving away there secrets or that others will not answer or give away there "big secrets". O.K. big deal. Don't answer and let them keep silent and not answer. It just seemed like a lot of bitterness for even asking.

Yes it is not rocket science once you know the answers they are easy to understand and do. Information is just so spread out all over the web and it has become very easy to get very distracted. Asking on here I was not expecting to get some blueprint or anything. Just one more piece of the puzzle. It's not as though it replaces learning and reading all kinds of sites and books and carefully doing market research etc. I am and would still be "figuring it out on my own" through various resources.

Again thanks to all that replied with some advice. It is all helpful. I'm sorry I asked though. The figure (1-2hundred) was completely irrelevent though. I just used it to give the info that I don't care if something doesn't have really high potential as has been talked down about on here.

AW_Learner ,Why dont you start now telling the newbies here how you made $90k/month :)

I can say the niche I don't care. It was adult celebrity sites. I hate that industry though so not going back. Moving on...


 12:48 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

You know, nothing personal, but..

when I hear you saying that Amazon can get tops $10k a month, are you serious that's not a lot of money for you? If you wouldn't be happy with that, you must be used to a different lifestyle out there in la-la land.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming big (and I'm curious as to what 'get rich quick' amount you'd be thinking about) , but for crying out loud, don't come asking for help/advice and dismiss $10k as peanuts. Say I could tell you how to make $10k profit a month off affiliate programs, I guess you wouldn't be interested...?

I think these kind of comments, and others similar like this(as I pointed out in 1) on my previous message) is what ticks people off.

Again, nothing personal, but I do wonder where on earth you're coming from to have this high handed attitude towards what many of us here would be very happy to achieve.


 12:55 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Wow you didn't read anything I wrote. I said that what made me think to post the question is because OTHER people on here have been saying that Amazon and Clickbank and others don't have high potential because there top affiliates don't make more then that. So I put the lower amount of $1-2 hundred/day to indicate that I am not against hearing about anything that doesn't have the potential of ever doing more then that. Even though it has been talked about on here frequently that because of that it is not considered worth the time in the "super affiliates" minds.


 1:31 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Well for the interest of this not turning into a flame fest, I will try and answer your questions rather than continue on my tirade:)

With plain old affiliate marketing, ANY product can make $5k a month, be it RC cars, or Inkjet cartridges, or books. The 'secret' is how you go about marketing it, through SEO, link partnerships, linking to your own sites, cloaking, etc, etc - all information that can be found on the other forums here. THAT is the real secret - how to drive traffic to your site. All it takes is $10 for hosting, $10 for a domain and you're set to go. Can't get much cheaper than that. It will take an enormous amount of your time - that I can assure you of, and I doubt there's an escape to it.

Other than that, any product can reach that potential -one single product won't make you rich, but once you find the secret formula, then nothing's stopping you from duplicating that to another product, and another, and another. 1 product - $5k/month, 10 products = $50k/month.

As far as those examples of what you read doesn't yield much. Well, there's affiliate marketers and there's affiliate marketers, and naturally many who start this venture will fail, out of lack of knowledge or commitment. But, as you pointed out, if you know or can learn how sell a comb to a bald man, you have a very very precious skill.


 1:59 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)



 3:11 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Wow, from $90k per month (over 1 million per year), to barely being able to get by AND paying rent while working 14 hours daily! No offense, but you may also need to read up on money management and investment strategy :)


 3:54 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Say I could tell you how to make $10k profit a month off affiliate programs, I guess you wouldn't be interested...?

I think these kind of comments, and others similar like this(as I pointed out in 1) on my previous message) is what ticks people off.

... yes, it hurts so bad to read that $100-200 per day is peanuts when 95% of affiliates can't even earn $50 per month.

Nothing wrong with thinking big but IMHO, one has to learn to crawl before she can run.

Maybe the warriors forum is more appropriate. Some people there are saying they are making $2,000 to $10,000 a day. Hard to believe but may very well be true...


 7:43 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Wow, from $90k per month (over 1 million per year), to barely being able to get by AND paying rent while working 14 hours daily! No offense, but you may also need to read up on money management and investment strategy :)

Not every month was as good. It was up and down. And I had quite a few partners so it's not as though it was what I took home, just what the business did minus the transaction fees. But yeah it's a long, personal and almost unbelievable story why I abrubtly left the business at the beggining of 2002 and how I got from there to here. It's not just barely getting by but also owing a family member $30,000 which I am determined to repay as soon as possible. But yeah, money management and investment for me will be more needed then just reading about but in the future I will deffinetely use the management and investment services of highly skilled professionals...
Such is life though. Up and down.

eyeinthesky, why do you think I set my initial goal here as $100-200 if that is not what would be extremely valueable and a lot to me at this time? I don't understand any of those posts.


 8:50 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

eyeinthesky, why do you think I set my initial goal here as $100-200 if that is not what would be extremely valueable and a lot to me at this time? I don't understand any of those posts.

My apologies if I come across too harsh :)

Maybe I misunderstood you on the $100-200 per day thing. Actually it took me about a year of hard work and persistence to get to $100-200 per day income & its not even guaranteed.

My advice is to look for programs that pay above $30 per sale , work hard and then work harder. Focus on your own niche and brainstorm ideas all the time.

Keep looking & testing out keywords on PPC and then duplicate them on organic searches if successful. Its where the gold really is and I'm still digging for them.

Hope this helps :)


 9:30 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

Thanks eyeinthesky. It's helpful.

"Success equals goals... all else is commentary"


 10:51 am on Jun 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

My Take : If yu don't know what is happening, yu r on the wrong side :-)

Ok I will tell yu the secret :-)
(find out what yu can sell...get it made in india and that is it :-) )
The secret lies in developing products, softwares and their ilk and selling them online and offline.
The whole damn issue is : Whether $ 100 a day is worth yur time ...the crucial thing is yur bandwidth that is consumed.
I have a guy sitting 5 km from my office in india , working in a dark dingy building which yu will forgiven to overlook. He started 2 years ago and now his office expenses per month are 100,000 USD ... what does he sell..ring tones ..just a casual, single guy...using his knowledge to do what he does best and doing such a simple thing :-) ...
Don't try to put yur fingers into every pie... just figure out YOUR pie and realize yur strengths and the crucial thing is innovation...and forget about rents ... forget the side income ...if it does not deserve yu or yu have no clue ...don't get into it.


[edited by: eljefe3 at 3:56 pm (utc) on June 7, 2004]

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