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Link Development Persona: Male Versus Female
Is an Email From Georgina Better than from George?

 7:07 am on Dec 24, 2004 (gmt 0)

I dunno, seems like getting a request from Georgina, Bunny, or Debbie has a better chance than one from Hank, Frank, or Bruce.

What do you think?



 5:09 pm on Jan 8, 2005 (gmt 0)

does this really work with you?

I'm a cynical person by nature so I never think it's your real name or you are who you say you are.

What you're trying to do is give them the email equivilant of a pretty smile and those big helpless doe eyes, to gain a psychological advantage, and exploit a weakness in the male psyche.

No I don't think women are helpless. What you are trying to do is give yourself an advantage, any advantage, no matter how small over your competition. If trying to sound bubbly, cute, and mildly flirtatious is going to get you to link to me I'll do it.

Hi! I'm Jessica Conners the webmaster over at example.com. A friend sent me link to your blue widgets page and I thought it was really great! In fact I've already linked to you, I hope you don't mind (page link). I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble for you to link back to me as well, I'd really appreciate it. I wanted to make it really easy for you, so I put the information down at the bottom of this email. Hey if you're in charge of any other related sites let me know, I'd love to link up with them too! Well sorry for taking up so much of your time, if I can ever be of any assistance be sure to let me know how I can help you out, ok.

Have a Great Day!

Now if I really wanted the link badly, I'd make an obvious typo in their site name or description, as I've already laid the groundwork inviting them to contact me.


Hi! It's Jessica from example.com again. I'm sooooo sorry about the typo in link to your site. I wanted to make it up to you, so moved you closer to the top last night. (page link) Also I just wanted to thank you, and say how much I really appreciate you linking back to me. It's so hard to find good linking partners lately.

Talk to you soon!


 6:01 pm on Jan 8, 2005 (gmt 0)

>>>As a female, I tend to find it an immediate turn-off...

Oh, great point sonjay! Not all webmasters are men. In fact, I come across a great many women webmasters.

But will a manly name work better with woman webmasters?
Is an email from Scott or Dustin better with the women webmasters?

When I do link exchange requests by hand for a site that matters, I always use a male persona if I'm reasonably certain that the webmaster is, uh... predisposed to males. Jessica Connors turns into Jake Connors.

What's a manly man name?

[edited by: martinibuster at 6:55 pm (utc) on Jan. 8, 2005]


 6:27 pm on Jan 8, 2005 (gmt 0)

It is funny - but I think the Nigerian fraudsters have been using this strategy too - I've gotten emails from "Barrister Jennifer Lopez" (from Luxemborg) and another from a Britney something or other.

> What's a manly man name?

"Max Toolslinger" :)

creative craig

 8:33 pm on Jan 8, 2005 (gmt 0)

What's a manly man name?


Using a female name has helped me greatly in certain link building situations... for example a link building campaign for a well know football (soccer) website/game went really well with the female approach, had a great hit rate with that one!

"suggestive name"-marketing always makes me wonder if Jim is the real person behind the site, the pictures are too much :)

[edited by: martinibuster at 5:56 pm (utc) on Jan. 13, 2005]
[edit reason] specifics [/edit]


 9:45 pm on Jan 10, 2005 (gmt 0)

> What's a manly man name?

'Scott' is a good one. That name is definitely a chick magnet. :-)

I hear that the J names are good to...Jake, Justin, Jude.

Or you could use Robin if you want to try and go both ways.


 11:43 pm on Jan 10, 2005 (gmt 0)

Jamie is another non-gender specific name


 1:01 am on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

This question is directed at the guys ..... does this really work with you?

Not with me it doesn't. Then again, 0% of the link exchange emails I've received in the past 3-4 years have been relevant to my site(s), so I'm not even sure that an email from Kate Beckinsale herself would be acted on.

(Oh what am I saying....hell, yes, it would!)

What is a manly man name?

Pleeker. But if I catch any of you trying it.... :)


 3:01 pm on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

Maybe I'm just weird... A "manly man" name wouldn't work much better with me than a sexy female name. I would still assume it's a made-up name.

Real-sounding names probably work best with me. Yeah, like pleeker. An e-mail from, say, a Herbert Pleeker -- now, that's a real person! It has to be. No one would make up a name like that in an attempt to appeal to the subconscious limbic part of our brain.

Whereas anything from "Studly Toolslinger" or "Jennifer" is simply not a real person. Period.


 4:52 pm on Jan 11, 2005 (gmt 0)

Actually, I was just ... oh nevermind. :p

sonjay, I'm pretty sure that a manly man name would work really well. ;-)

creative craig

 11:09 am on Jan 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

Whereas anything from "Studly Toolslinger" or "Jennifer" is simply not a real person. Period.

Thats what I was getting at, there is a site out there "suggestive-name"-marketing. The site has a focus on link building, but if you take a look at the pictures of "suggestive-name" it makes me think that she doesnt know a lot about linking... maybe I am being unfair ;)

[edited by: martinibuster at 5:58 pm (utc) on Jan. 13, 2005]
[edit reason] Specifics. [/edit]


 5:40 pm on Jan 13, 2005 (gmt 0)

This is the 100% truth I just got a link request from someone named "Mary Poppins".


 3:10 am on Jan 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

Used to try female names (I thought I was being original), but have switched to gender neutral. Whether you are male, female, straight or gay you can read into those names whatever you want.

Self-delusion is a wonderful drug.

chris@ seems to work well. pat@ wasn't as good. SNL ruined that one ;-)



 12:29 pm on Jan 19, 2005 (gmt 0)

Now, lets look at this from another angle.

I was going through some link emails the other day, most from females, and I thought to my self "I wonder how many of them are really females, and I wonder how it affects them having to be a girl all the time?" I just sat there, thinking, thinking, and this is what I came up with.

Oh, and for the record, this is very much "Tongue in Cheek".

Ummm, G'day. My name's, ahhh, Butch, I'm a Link Floosey.

Hullo Butch, Hi Butch, Howdy thar Burtch

Thanks. <sniff> I used to be a real man once. You know the type, punch you in the face as soon as look at ya, drink a slab without taking a breath, hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and tea, oh, and some chips for tea, gotta eat me veggies ya know. Ahhhh, tattoos all over ... yep, all over. And I used to love annoyin' the hell out of old Miss Biddy next door with me Harley late at night.

Jeeze I was mean. Ya know, I was so tough and gnarly you would always know where I was by the sound of cops sirens. Nah, not coming for me, gettin' outta me way.

And the plants along the path never grew very well 'cos I used to spit on them every morning clearing the dog hairs from my throat. Nah no, not 'hair of the dog', real dog hairs. I mean, there's no use eating Hot Dogs without the hair, 'cos they get cold. So ya just throw 'em on the barbie until they stop wriggling and yelping then chomp into 'em. Ya spit the bones out of course.

Gosh, I remember those days ...


And then, someone introduced me to, <sigh> I can hardly say it without breaking down, <wipes tear from eye> Link Exchanges, Booo, Hisss, and my life has never been the same since.

It started out innocent enough, an email here, an email there, it was fun at first, watching my traffic grow and rankings get higher. But then, it became an obsession. I just couldn't stop, I had to get more and more links, I never had enough.

One day, someone (and you know who you are ... ) suggested that I might get more links if the other person thought I was - a girl. So, I started calling myself Jenny. It seemed to work at first, but then people got to know "Jenny" so I started using Sally as well. And then Moira, Shelley, Natali, Natarsha, and the list goes on. Some days it was really hard to remember who I was supposed to be.

But, when I started using girl's names all the time, that's when things really started to change. I realised I was talking with other Link Flooseys all the time and it started to rub off on me. Suddenly I was sending {{{{hugs}}}}, and <<<<kisses>>>>, and starting to talk all cutesy.

"Hi there Sherry, Oh what a lovely site you have, I love the Autumnal undertones. So, do you think we could exchange links, it would be so beneficial to both of us. Oh and hey, I see you have that green bar #4 thingy as well. You know, our sites look so well together don't you think?""

And it was just so much fun. Ohhhh ... <giggle> I sprayed my monitor a lovely shade of Pink, not the tacky shade you know, no no no, can't be tacky. You've got to have class. So I used a lovely pastel slightly apricot pink. It went really well with the Velvetine curtains had made. Oh I love the Rose pattern on those, it matches my top so beautifully.

Soon I changed to drinking wine, and then <shudder> Wine Coolers. Suddenly I wasn't afraid to eat Quiche. I even ate all my veggies. One day I was shocked to hear myself actually asked for a second helping of "Assorted Lettuce Leaves in a mild Lime and Blue Cheese Dressing."

And I started shaving again, face, arms, legs. Oooohhh but that stings. That's when my girlfriend left me, said she couldn't stand the competition for the bathroom.

And then ... well, you get the picture.

But I'm on the road to recovery now, I removed all my link pages, purged all my emails, tore the curtains down, and sat there in a bare undecorated room watching my rankings go down the toilet.

The bank manager said that he understands, but he still has to take the house, so I'm back on the streets now, sleeping in the back of the Chevy, just wondering what's next. Maybe my girlfriend will come back ...

Anyway, that's my story, my name is Butch, again.

Applause from the Crowd


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