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Opera Now Free for a Day!
or so

 4:43 am on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Note: For one day only, you can get an ad-free version of Opera. Simply e-mail registerme@opera.com to obtain a registration code. This offer is valid from 12 a.m. Tuesday, August 30 to 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT).

From download.com



 4:09 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Of course Opera is better. Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, is dog slow bloated land fill code written by goats and clueless college drop outs on a 7 day weekend bender ;-) (duckin-n-running!...incoming!)

My two co-mods for this forum are Opera users, and the forum administrator is too, so I think I'm outnumbered here! Actually I used Opera 6 as a default browser for about 6 months, but switched to Mozilla 1.0 then later to Firefox. Opera 7 was a resource hog, ran badly on my system, and I never looked back. I prefer Firefox's adaptability, "hackability", its open source license, and I find Opera to be slow, awkward, ugly and suffering from strange bugs. Its closed-source license means that there is actually no version for my operating system anyway, and nothing I can do about it.

I wonder why Opera are doing this now. I don't think that someone who coughed up $39 yesterday will be too happy, or are they going to refund people? I suspect that everyone is being sent the same license codes, which are not going to remain private, so there is no point in paying for Opera 8 now that you will be able to get a valid, legal code for free (unless they are time limited, which is unlikely but possible).

I think that Opera Software should have bitten the bullet and freed Opera for good. They have plenty of opportunity to get revenue from other areas (licensing mobile technology, etc.) that a "free" (not neccessarily open source) browser without the invasive AdSense bar would help them get a sliver of market share from Firefox and further bolster their credibility in the mobile space.


 4:11 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Sounds like you need a spam account wink

I have been using an Opera email account for just such purposes for years now, how ironic :)

I'm not an Opera expert by no means but I have been using it, mostly for testing and some surfing, since version 6 and here's my experiences,

The Navigation Menu is a must because it's the only browser to get such a simple thing right. Mozilla has it and their is a plugin for FF but they are terrible next to Operas version.

Opera is fast, but from my experience it's because it doesn't always update the cache, which becomes terribly annoying when using it to test your webpages. I become so annoyed that I turned the cache off. I'm sure if it's your main browser though you can tweak it to your needs. Then again, I imagine tweaking it to make it update the cache more frequently, the same way FF and IE do, is going to slow it down to be like them. Defeating the purpose of using it because it's so fast.

My only other annoyance is that it renders things a little off from IE and FF sometimes, not anything major, just little annoyances. For example, it margins lists over a little farther over (by default) than FF and IE. I prefer my webpages to look the same in all three browsers and little things like that can be annoying, but since I don't think the W3C defined an exact measurement for list margins, I guess it's not really Operas fault. There are probably hacks to get around it anyway. It's also not the only little quirk about Opera, I see little quirks every once in awhile. I also refuse to change any default settings because I want to see the pages rendered exactly as visitors using Opera in default mode see it.

I am also wondering if their is a FF extenstion like IEView for Opera. I would love to to have a OperaView extension.


 4:58 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

The talk about Opera not being free has always confused me. Opera DOES have a free version, and yes it does have ads. But if you play around with the settings, you can have generic ads (which don't relate to the page you're on, a la AdWords), and it only takes up about a 1/2 inch of screen space. Use the browser for a while, and you never notice them anymore.

I switched to Opera for v7.5, and haven't looked back. I'm afraid of IE, and Firefox is way too slow for me (I'm not going to spend forever and a day tweaking). It would be nice if Opera would default their User Agent to Opera, and make the browser totally free, but I'm still a loyal user, through and through.


 5:22 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Yup, this is great, I always had a registered copy of Opera and been a loyal fan few yours already, Opera is really getting better and better with every new version. Congrats!

But most of ppl deal with ads, and there's nothing more annoying then ads, I doubt they even get any money from those ads.

Anyways, I used to come to their forums and suggest and report bugs and etc...but now they are just too big, so all your suggestions and comments get lost no matter how good they are.

But they should really release a "mini" (not for cellphones) but for PCs, it would lack few features and promote the same one in full version of Opera instead of placing ads.

Or even better, they should make a mini Opera that would be open source, I'm 100% that soon after it would get to be a very good browser.


 5:48 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

If you're new to Opera and want to discover more about what it can do, I highly recommend 30 Days to becoming an Opera8 Lover [operalover.tntluoma.com].

I also highly recommend it even if you're a long time user. I can almost guarantee that you'll learn about a feature you never knew existed.

One new feature I find myself using more and more--because I tend to increase font sizes to compensate for my middle-aged eyesight--is the "Fit to Window" option. Blow up the size, yet no horizontal scrolling!


 5:53 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Just got it installed and it does seem quicker (plus as time permits learning about the other benefits will be interesting).

However it took me over 1 1/2 hours to actually get everything done because I kept getting timed out during different paths along the way. So to save a few dollars I've wasted over an hour! Actually I didn't waste it as I was reading some other interesting threads on WebmasterWorld while waiting. :)


 6:20 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Opera got slashdotted because of their 10th birthday celebration and that's why it is so slow right now.

Otherwise, as much as I like FF for many things, Opera is a speed demon compared to all others and why it is my default browser.

photon is right, too. I've been using Opera since 2003 but everytime I visit that page I learn a new trick :)


 6:44 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I'm really liking Opera! I never tried it before because I had FF and liked some of the extensions (but man is it slow) and thought Opera was just another browser. So far it's quicker and cleaner looking for me. Thanks for the link Photon that's some helpful info. More playing to do...


 7:57 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Did I do something wrong? I'd love to be in on the fun, but I sent in my request 3 hours back and still haven't recieved the code. Any sugestions? (cringes behind desk)


 8:01 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

No Wait Link [my.opera.com] Except for the slow page load. Registration code is supplied though. Just enter your email addy, and the registration code appears immediately. No waiting for an email.


 8:31 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I got firefox, makes me very happy.

One day only is a nice incentive, but just not enough to get me to try it.
Some words to why they are better then why I currently have and who knows :P


 8:47 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)


I got the code. Now it says to go to > Help - Register Opera

I find a help link only at the bottom of the page.

It's no help, that help link, at least not with the registration process.

What's the link to use once you get the autogenerated code?


 8:51 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Start up Opera and go to the browser's Help menu, Jeff ;)

Or let's study just how badly explained the instructions are - to understand them you have to know already what they are telling you!


 9:15 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I'm doomed to Microsoftliving. Ran the download. Stepped through the install. Clicked the desktop icon to launch the browser. Nada.

I think WinXP Pro ate it. :(

And here, today, I was ready to step out and declare my adulthood. Whimper. Pathetic Microsoft drone. Can't even get a different browser to launch.

Okay. Here's the message. Am I alone in this plight?

Another user is running this copy of Opera.

You should install Opera with individual profiles to allow multiple users to run the same copy independently.

Heck, another user is running Opera? Not by what appears on my monitor, cause if Opera is running it's the smallest danged browser I've never been able to see. :(


 9:39 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Webwork, try minimizing all other open programs and browser windows to see if there is a "welcome" opera box behind them all. If so, you will need to choose how to start opera. This is an annoying "feature" that I usually just keep turned off ;)


 9:52 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)


Noticed that using the amazon search function on opera inserts the associate ID tag "opera-20". That may help pay for the "no -ad" free browsers.


 10:13 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

Well, I emailed five hours ago and still no reply.


 11:09 pm on Aug 30, 2005 (gmt 0)

I think WinXP Pro ate it. :(

If ya will insist on running this dreck ( XP )dont expect it to give up the steering wheel easily ....)

shame the tips and tricks file PDF keeps arriving "corrupted"..or is it just me ..6 times and had to load the pages one by one ...

( noticed they are running a competition to win a t shirt ..looking for illustrations etc ..they should a thought of that before running the awfull 10 year thing on their entry page )...

Also shame they only issued the freebee in English language version .....

I'll use it and see ..but those 2 items already give it a thumbs down ..

Never touched it before.. hate the idea of adversurfing and or paid browsers


 12:38 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

I happily paid for it. And would again. Free or not, it is worth the cost. ;)


 12:56 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

IF you go to the Opera site,
(click on "10-year online anniversary party")

free registration codes are available for all flavors of OS ad-free browsers, not just Windows.

Opera ad-free browser Registration Codes available for:


Solaris Sparc




Linux Sparc
Linux PowerPC
Linux i386

FreeBSD i386


Registration codes are available immediately
(2 barbers - no waiting)


 1:24 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

i got the code after about 2 hours. sticky me if you want the code. still can't believe it is free.



 1:33 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

I used Opera for awhile before going head over heels for Firefox. I liked Opera well enough, but loved the flexibility of Firefox customization with the extensions. It seems to me that that is what did in Opera for many people. I'll give it another look - but I've never had any issues with the speed of Firefox, so I don't know that it will swing me back. I love picking my extensions - adding and deleting from to time - and especially that anyone with a great idea, however 'niche' it might be, can add it to the mix.

I've still been 'using' Opera, but only in a testing environment.


 1:51 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

the flexibility of Firefox customization with the extensions

Opera 8 now has "user javascript" which gives similar options -- including the ability to install Greasemonkey scripts.



 2:17 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Isn't this the end of buying opera?
What stops people from passing the reg around the net now?

They would have to poll back to opera to be accepted or rejected to prevent multiple entries of the reg key.

Either that or they have found another income stream and don't need the google adverts any more.

Personally I imagine teh click through on the adverts to be very low, but with millions of browsers running they would have go something.


 2:57 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Typical, between Opera 8.0 and 8.0.2 they broke position:bottom in some cases. Double checked, sad but true. Time to start popping up a javascript warning to opera users.... it's not my fault, really.


 3:25 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Let me rephrase that, I can't justify spending the time to actually figure out what is broken, css that has been working perfectly since 7 and adequately since 5 is not working in 8.02, it was working perfectly in 8.0. It's official, I give up.


 4:45 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

This is the third time I've tried Opera. I spent four hours this evening reading the tutorial linked to above and experimenting with Opera. I'm more confused now than I was before.

1) Why do I get prompted over and over again to set the same cookie I just told Opera not to accept? Am I doing something wrong or is Opera just odd when it comes to cookies? The whole process seems needlessly complicated.

2) Why do the Dictionary and Encyclopedia links seem to take me to a website that offers neither a Dictionary or an Encyclopedia? Is there some way to customize which site I'm taken to for each of these items? Is there a way to add multiple Dictionaries and Encyclopedias? What about translations?

3) How can I get my bookmarks to show in a panel without also having to see the Bookmarks icon in a column to the left of the bookmarks (when docked to the left)? I think Opera used to call this a hotlist. I want it to look like it does in IE and Firefox.

4) Still in bookmarks. When I open a new folder why doesn't the previous folder close? Is there a way to force the issue? This is automatic in IE and there's an extension for it in Firefox.

5) Is there a way to do local HTML and CSS validation like you can do with the WebDeveloper toolbar?


 9:56 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Its closed-source license means that there is actually no version for my operating system anyway, and nothing I can do about it.

Opera probably has the widest range of platforms for any browser.

Why do the Dictionary and Encyclopedia links seem to take me to a website that offers neither a Dictionary or an Encyclopedia? Is there some way to customize which site I'm taken to for each of these items? Is there a way to add multiple Dictionaries and Encyclopedias? What about translations?

The great thing about Opera is that virtually everything can be tweaked. There are two ways: one, via the Preferences menu (Tools -> Preferences) or two, for the advanced user, they can tweak the "ini" files in the program's directory it was installed into. I'm pretty sure there is a way to set up whatever search you want there.

As for translations, just highlight a word and right-click!


 10:04 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

>>I happily paid for it. And would again. Free or not, it is worth the cost.

ditto here, there are many reasons to buy a product when an alternative free one is available.

for those that say what's to stop you passing the code around, well, i can tell you the codes are different each time (i applied for a couple), technically they apply to the user who applied for it (i think), you may as well say - why buy any software, we all know that there are illegally distributed patches readily available for all the software we use, yet most here buy photoshop, dw and so on (if we use them).


 11:24 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Hmmm... In the past I've occasionally played with Opera but found it clunky compared to other offerings. But this new version really does seem to do the trick. I espcially like the way you can reduce all the chrome to reduce space... But is there any way to remove the menu...?


 11:38 am on Aug 31, 2005 (gmt 0)

Hey all,
I think what Opera's done here is really clever - like some of you I've obviously heard of Opera, but never actually given it a proper look, because, well why would I if I already had IE and FF to play around with? But since I heard about the free registration code, I investigated a little, because I'm always on the lookout for free stuff! I still don't have Internet at home (stupid ISPs) and there really isn't a need to use Opera at work, so I can't actually have a play around with it yet anyway, but I've got me a code for when I finally DO get the Internet at home. From reading this post alone, I'm actually quite intrigued as to how I'll find it...who knows....I may turn into an Opera fan after all!
I'm guessing that this free code will not be applicable to newer versions of Opera, but if it turns out to be something I like, I will seriously consider forking out a bit for this browser (or wait until their 18th birthday!). Looks like their plan is working. Go Opera!

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