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I Made Senior Member!

 10:54 pm on Jan 3, 2013 (gmt 0)

System: The following 6 messages were cut out of thread at: http://www.webmasterworld.com/foo/4528859.htm [webmasterworld.com] by incredibill - 6:40 pm on Jan 3, 2013 (PST -8)

Oh my gosh I just realised I survived to become a Senior Member!


I think Leosghost means the last 6 ;)



 11:04 pm on Jan 3, 2013 (gmt 0)

Indeed ;)..I also hope that he is not traveling in a "middle easterly" direction, and has good posture..;)


 11:41 pm on Jan 3, 2013 (gmt 0)


You know your count is all 5's, right? :)



 12:01 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

You know your count is all 5's, right? :)

Indeed ;)) ha ha ha ha ..fitting for foo ;)


 12:21 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

If x (msg 4533057) = 5555, how does x+1 (msg 4533070) still = 5555?



 12:27 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

Because posts in foo, don't count, towards your count..5555..


 3:40 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

D'oh! I remembered that about two minutes after passing the edit deadline.


Over in the home thread I mentioned a long-running ellipsis discussion. The same forum has an ongoing "number of the beast" thread. When you are cleaning up illustrations and reach Fig. 666, you are liable to be in a beastly mood.


 4:49 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

My obsession with off-topic numbers on the screen got us a new topic, Yeeeey!

Not sure why but I always do math with numbers(base 16 is my favorite) in my head.... and try to associate them with a real time events..


 6:41 am on Jan 4, 2013 (gmt 0)

When my son* was small we played the Factor Game. Enter some random big number into the calculator, start dividing and see where it leads you.

Oh, and then there was the Rhode Island game, with the aid of an atlas that gave the area of each state. How many Rhode Islands can fit into it? (For those who like to know: the answers range from three for Delaware to around 500 for Alaska.)

Phone numbers are always easier to remember when they mean something. Like my longago optometrist whose number ended in 1066 -- hard to forget that one -- or the professor who helpfully pointed out that his phone number was the date of the battle of Tours. (This was not quite as helpful as he thought. 0732 maybe?)

* The one who grew up to be a math major. Gee, I wonder how that happened.


 2:11 am on Jan 5, 2013 (gmt 0)

Indeed ;)..I also hope that he is not traveling in a "middle easterly" direction, and has good posture..;)

I replied to Leosghost via PM because I couldn't think of a way of expressing it without potentially ruffling a few more feathers (as pointed out to me by one of our Mods that I ran it past). But the short answer is yeah I need to work on my posture, and, no worries about the path of travel...it's due est as the sun rises and shines it's light.

As for the 666 thingy, bah, it's just our collective carbon shadow -- 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, 6 protons. No worries about a big fanged hairy beast with bloodshot eyes and bad breath, unless you mistake yourself looking into a mirror on the morning after the night before.


 3:09 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

it's easy to remember -- 3 7s in the form of an impossible triangle.

3 7s

7 7 7


3 4 3 >> 3 4+3 >> 3 7s >> ;)

Math is COOL


 5:05 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

Math is very very cool. I especially like the way the number 7 has been designated as the milestone marker in various configurations to lead us onward and upward in our evolutionary journey.

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, ... Z=26

Decent = Ether --> Air --> Fire --> Water --> Earth
Ascent = Earth --> Water --> Fire --> Air --> Ether

In reverse order from base upward...

The rest...can't tell you the rest of the story to spoil it because I'm already in enough trouble as it is but it revolves around 77 :)
Fire (7x7x7=343 Firemen, Sept 11, 2001)
Water (Noah's father Lamech 777 years old)
Man (28) is 4 7s
Earth (Eden=28) is 4 7s


The forum software doesn't allow stacking and spacing them properly but it's building a triangle. Put 2 of them together, one upside down for the decent and 1 rightside up for the ascent (Star of David). Two impossible triangles form an tetrahedron -- a building block of matter :) The dynamics of a tetrahedron generate a double torus dynamic (many thanks to Nassim Haramein for figuring that one out, it was a toughie!) within it which gives us the apple! And at the core of the apple is the eternal seed from which we we created (do not eat from the fruit at the centre of the Garden for surely you will die). No worries, it's a failsafe, we couldn't possible attain that state. It's the home of our Creator where He weaves DNA ( [goodshare.org...] ) then sends us back out onto the playground with a new coat to keep us safe and warm...run along children, run run run, see Lucy run ;) Being a grown up adult is trés boring, it's better to be able to understand the world through the eyes of a child so as to not loose one's sense of awe and wonderment at the spectacular beauty that surrounds us (except on Mountainview -- tag you're it 666).

And of course if you've ever seen a picture of an impossible triangle you will know that it is an illusion. Hmmmmmmm. That's what really qualified me to become a Senior.

I have silence. It's far more valuable than any earthly possession.

Glad to see that I have some company with blend27 who says he can better process reality through numbers too :)

Wow a whole thread dedicated to numbers! Surely this must finally be heaven right?!

Ooops gotta run, 42 is here again (dare you ask), we have to run...later earthlings. Passing the bong to the left...


 6:32 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

42, the meaning of life.


 6:53 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

^ We have a contestant!
42, the meaning of life.

I'm asked to "Break It To Them Gently". It might be the meaning of life on earth where one is always running with a 42 but the true meaning of life is in it's reflection...the 24 elders.

Burton Cummings sings it best.


 7:13 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

Okay people. I'm going to break it to you as gently as I can. I did get permission from an Admin (not just a moderator) to post this in it's full form. But, he did warn me that it might ignite a religious firestorm so I will add this disclaimer. I have an eternal love for all people irregardless of race, gender, religion or whatever else you can think of. My presentation is of a more scientific nature intended to break down the barriers of separation through better understanding. Peace to all, I sincerely hope the following doesn't offend anyone, as I break it to you gently.


Ah now this is refreshing. A fou post dedicated to numbers. Thanks to Leosghost for bringing it to my attention. Thanks to incrediBILL for paving the way (hee, an Admin as an accomplice, does it get any better?!), and thanks to Blend27 for triggering it. Blend27 you are not alone in your use of numbers to "make sense" of your external world perceived by your 5 senses. In acknowledgement of my longtime teachers, I (777) dedicate this post to my teachers 666 and 888.

In my present form I am composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. With hydrogen being the catalyst for fire, it regulates and maintains the carbon based human core body temperature of 37°C. I am SevenCubed 73 and my carbon organic reflection is 37. Together we are 2701 (73x37), the 73rd triangular number [whatabeginning.com...] . If you think this is fluff I'm going to put respected member Leosghost on the spot by dragging him into this (you instigated it Leo :p) by saying that he is a witness to my claim because he knows my (first) name and birthplace was a pre-arranged pattern of the numbers 7 and 3 I am explaining but I just don't want it revealed (he should have the PDF newspaper clipping). I have previously shared the evidense with him so I can be held accountable for my words. You don't think he was paused at 5555 posts by coincidence do you? So Leo, are you aware of why? Because, 5555+666=6221 which is the stamp of my birth year (62) at 7x3=(21). Welcome home brother, we made it :). And the number of my name is 64 multiplied by my shadow 37 = 2368. As an aquarian I've been watching you over there on the oposite side of the zodiac. I am facing due east, where The Light rises, and yes I know I need to work on my posture a bit.

We were specifically issued a challenge to understand...
Here is Wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. (Revelation 13-18).

For far too long we have been lead to believe that we have to fear "a" man who is going to be the incarnation of evil. The truth is that the focus should be "a man" as in compostion of mankind (humankind). If you have feared 666 as being some hairy beast with big fangs, bloodshot eyes and bad breath (manifesting more frequently the morning after the night before) then you have been in fear of your own carbon((12) apostles) based shadow of 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons. There were 12 apostles to represent 6 of our 7 energy centres (chakras, 7 churches of the east, etc) with each one having a positive and negative pole (gives new meaning to bi-polar for the clueless head doctors). The 7th energy centre (the Christ (Krishna), the Son of God) was represented by Jesus (the son of man). "Mary who is called Magdalen, out of whom seven devils were gone forth" was representing what is known in the East Indian tradition as Kula Kundalini. You see as the snake (Kundalini) made it's way down from (The Tree of Life) it left a trail of "seven devils gone forth" at the negative pole of each energy centre. The Christ (Krishna) resides in the positive pole of each centre (Jesus said: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you"). This leads us to the concept of 7 Heavens and 7 Hells. If we consciously dwell in our lowest state of consciousness (root chakra) then we only experience 22.12% of heaven and 77.88% hell. In the Highest centre when our (Garden) Lotus fully blooms we are Crowned as Kings (And he that overcomes, and keeps my works to the end, to him will I give power over the nations) -- with nations being a reference to our bodies each being a nation onto ourselves, my carbon brother 666. At that point in the "Kingdom" we are 77.88% percent Heaven, 22.12% Hell. Need mathimatical evidense? Certainly no problem. Superimpose a 2 dementional Star of David within a circle and the 4 points other than the north and south poles touch the ring at 19.47 degrees latitude north and south (postive and negative). 4 x 19.47 = 77.88. The Christ (Son of God) is #77, Jesus (son of man) was the 76th first born son of man within His Holy lineage. 76 + 77 = 153 (Fish). Proof of Him being sent by Higher Decree to teach us. When He spoke as The Son of God (The full consciousness of The Christ, our Creator's consciousness) he indicated that nobody goes unto The Father (88) except through Him (77). Of course 8 turned on it's side is the mathimatical symbol used by humans to indicate infinity. Furthermore if you lay those 8's side by side you get the glimpse of our spiralling DNA.

Our organic composition is of carbon and our spiritual essence is primarily hydrogen and oxygen with a splash of nitrogen which can literally (blissfully) be felt as air bubbles rising from the heart centre during more relaxed states of meditation (that's why nitro(glycerin) is related medically as a vasodilator to treat heart conditions).

Numbers organize and explain the nature of who we are and how we came to be in this physical state we are in. Numbers and math don't lie. Words generated by mankind in an attempt to explain the underlying patterns of creation are prone to misinformation and misinterpretion. It's just like the internet being based on numerical addresses but translated into words via the domain name system (DNS). Our highest organization is based on binary pulses with an underlying unifying frequency carrier wave that generates the Aummmmmmm sound. It's what we experience as we continously exit our decaying carbon shells to go back and get a new one. Our last sense of the 5 to decay as we exit our body is hearing. For those in tune with our Creator it is experienced as a peaceful blissful sound and vibration that we try to mimic -- Aummmmm. That's the experience of Gabriel blowing his horn as the sound of breath being forced through our crown venturi. It's your very own personal apocolyse tailored to you specifically by your karma (are you taking notes at the plex and the book?). It's generated by the rush of our last breath exiting the venturi at our crown (King's Crown #77). It's the last spiritual orfice to close after birth (baby's soft spot fontanel) after our Creator has finished His Divine handiwork of knitting us together in a (healthy) woman's womb. If you've seen the latest viral picture making it's rounds of the newborn baby reaching out of a woman's womb during surgery and grabbing the doctor by the finger you would understand that it's our Creator, demonstrating through that instant, to always be reaching out for us.

Final words for now...this is on topic :P because it truely defines what it means to be a webmaster. We must evolve into a master of understanding the Divine Web of creation. So I guess the thread will be allowed to stand as directly relevent to Webmaster World?! :p

Oh by the way, if I may have a moment of privacy with our Father -- thanks. Dear Father, I am so sorry for being such a naughty Cube. I hope you can now understand why I have chosen to maintain 22.12% dross so I can remain here to help my lost brothers and sisters find their way home to You. But you know I'm always open to another game of Cosmic Chess like the last one we played together while they had me locked up in that stifling isolation room at the mental health place. That was so kewl how you drove that self-proclaimed "authority of the human mind" head doctor crazy with the questions you bombarded him with! Let's do it again sometime :) but please not in this incarnation k? And yes I have taken your advice to be very careful of what I say and who I say it to so that's why this time I'm posting it privately. Those doctors are sooooo stuffy, full of themselves, and have no sense of humour. Trés boring. But, don't give up on them, I see hope. Remember one of them admitted "there's nothing wrong with him he just thinks differently".

P.S. Am I correct in my understanding that registration for "lifting up the serpent in the wilderness" school is now open and that our forefather Moses will be the professor emeritus?

Ohhhhhhh no! This isn't the send email to Heaven button! It's the post to Webmaster World fou! Dang, where's the recall app, oh nuts Windows 8 got the best of me this time.

P.S.S. For the forum Admins, surely you should have known I would save up something good for the milestone of 666 ;)

And I know I have to spell it out, disregard the mental health references, it's just my dry humour! But it's getting more difficult to be ourselves in today's society so I felt acknowledging that was important.

Any questions?!


 7:29 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

When You get back try 6 and 8. multiply, split, add some members together.., in theory same story.

If one could see the correspondence in appearance or superficial qualities applied to some events daily, they are in fact hooked on Math!

Ooops gotta run, 42 is here again

10 4th time, this year.


 7:29 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

something good for the milestone of 666

You're still only at 665.

Foo posts do not get counted.


 7:42 pm on Jan 6, 2013 (gmt 0)

^ Yah that was explained to me by Leosghost. Bah, it's the devil in the details ;)

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