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 WebmasterWorld Highlighted Posts   Jan. 29, 2015
Highly Critical Vulnerability "Ghost" Allowing Code Execution on Most Linux Systems
Posted in Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating Systems by bill

Could "Ghost" on Linux systems be the "Heartbleed" of 2015. ... read more ...


YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video instead of Flash
Posted in Flash and Shockwave by bill

Given the progress YouTube has made with HTML5 video, they’re now defaulting to the HTML5 player on the web. ... read more ...


Twitter's New Group Direct Messaging and Video Edit From Twitter App
Posted in Twitter by engine

Twitter adds two new features being rolled out to users in the coming days. ... read more ...


Opera's Former CEO Announces Vivaldi, A New Browser For Power Users
Posted in Opera Browser Usage and Support by bill

The first preview of a new Chromium-based browser, Vivaldi, announced today. ... read more ...


Microsoft FY 15 Q2 Revenue $26.5 billion
Posted in Microsoft Corporate by engine

Microsoft Corp. today announced revenue of $26.5 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. ... read more ...


Mozilla Adds Core WebVR Support To Firefox Nightly Builds
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by engine

Mozilla is working on bringing VR capabilities closer to fruition. ... read more ...


First U.S. Bitcoin Exchange To Open Today
Posted in Ecommerce by engine

The first U.S.-based regulated bitcoin exchange is set to launch today. ... read more ...


Twitter Introduces Tweet Translation With Bing
Posted in Twitter by engine

Twitter has said it's now including Bing translation in up to 40 language pairs for tweets. ... read more ...


Switching Back to HTTP From HTTPS
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by teokolo

Many webmasters jumped on the bandwagon and switched from http to https. Some are finding there's no apparent ranking change, and other minor issues developed as a result of going secure. In this thread, WebmasterWorld Members discuss the problems of switching to https, and the implications and reasons for switching back to http. ... read more ...


Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Offered For Free
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/9/10) by engine

Microsoft is keen to get users of Windows OS 7, 8, and Windows Phone onto Windows 10 with a free upgrade for the first year. ... read more ...


Facebook's Newsfeed To Show Fewer "Hoaxes"
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Facebook has tweaked its Newsfeed to show "fewer" hoax stories in the feed. ... read more ...


Google Is Not Extending "Right to be Forgotten" Outside of E.U.
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

Google has stated it's not going to remove pages from its global index as it's already complying with E.U. "right to be forgotten" ruling, in Europe. ... read more ...


Google Emailing Non-Mobile Friendly Sites
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by ZydoSEO

Google is mailing webmasters about their sites being non-responsive and that as a result it would do poorly in search results for searches performed from mobile devices. ... read more ...


Google Wants Your Help To Improve Search and Tools 2015
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by engine

WebmasterWorld Members discuss how can Google improve Search and GWT. ... read more ...


Google Shuts Off More AdWords Malware Affecting AdSense
Posted in Google AdWords by engine

According to AdSense publishers reporting malware on their sites, Google has shut off another bad actor getting through the system. ... read more ...


Facebook at Work App Collaboration Tool In Limited Test
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Facebook is moving forward with its work collaboration facility, and it seems there are businesses lined up to test it. ... read more ...


Firefox 35 Released With "Firefox Hello" Browser Communications
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by engine

"Firefox integrates three new features directly in the Firefox toolbar or in Customize Mode..." ... read more ...


The Value of Inbound Links and Outbound Links in Google SEO
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by born2run

WebmasterWorld Members discuss the value and efficacy of inbound and outbound links for today's Google SEO. ... read more ...


The Effectiveness of CSS Positioning and Google SEO
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by ergophobe

WebmasterWorld Members discuss source-ordered code and how it may make sites and pages appear in the SERPs. ... read more ...


Entity Mentions and Link Building
Posted in Link Development by martinibuster

"Entity mentions is a spin-off from a patent related to what has been referred to as a "previous query" feature." ... read more ...


Facebook Reports Video Uptake Averages 1 Billion Views Per Day
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

There have to be marketing opportunities there with that kind of uptake! ... read more ...


Google US Search Market Share Drops From 79 to 75 pct, Yahoo Share Up
Posted in Webmaster General by engine

Yahoo's US search share is up at the expense of Google's share. ... read more ...


The Future of Link Development
Posted in Link Development by wheel

WebmasterWorld Members debate the future of link development, TrustRank, citations, and brand building. ... read more ...


Ranking In Google With New TLDs
Posted in Google SEO by pontifex

WebmasterWorld Members discuss testing the ranking of new TLDs in Google. - (Subscription required) ... read more ...


Google Updates and SERP Changes - January 2015
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by RedBar

WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes. ... read more ...


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