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 WebmasterWorld Highlighted Posts   Nov. 26, 2014
ITU 2014 Report: 3 Billion People Using Internet
Posted in Foo by engine

"Over the past year, the world witnessed continued growth in the uptake of ICT and, by end 2014, almost 3 billion people will be using the Internet, up from 2.7 billion at end 2013." ... read more ...


Google: Tabbed, onLoad, or Hidden Content No Longer Indexed
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by CaptainSalad2

According to Google, such content is unlikely to be indexed, and may negatively impact a site. ... read more ...


Make The Web HTTPS: Let's Encrypt Project, Launching Summer 2015
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by mromero

The Electronic Frontier Foundation announces "Let's Encrypt," a new certificate authority (CA) initiative together with Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, IdenTrust, and researchers at the University of Michigan that aims to clear the remaining roadblocks to transition the Web from HTTP to HTTPS. ... read more ...


EU Considers Resolutions To Split Up Google's Operations
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

"The European Parliament is preparing a non-binding resolution that proposes splitting Google Inc's search engine operations in Europe..." ... read more ...


Bing's Homepage Goes HD
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by engine

Some of those images are stunning, and to see them in 1920x1080 pixels HD is even better. ... read more ...


Google Experiments With "Contributor" "An Additional Way Of Funding" Web Sites
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by johnhh

Google is experimenting with its "Contributor" program which it describes as an alternative to funding the web. It's a subscription-based way of contributing to sites revenues, instead of using advertising, or publishers using AdSense. ... read more ...


WordPress 4.0.1 Critical Security Release
Posted in WordPress by lorax

This version addresses a critical security issue reported earlier. ... read more ...


Google Mobile SERPs Tells Uses When a Site is Mobile Frendly
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by seoskunk

If you're serving a mobile audience, Google will favor responsive or mobile sites with a mobile friendly indicator. ... read more ...


Yahoo Now Firefox Default Search Engine for U.S.
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by brotherhood_of_LAN

Although Yahoo is to become the default for U.S. users, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Amazon, Twitter and Wikipedia will remain built-in as options. ... read more ...


Twitter Now Indexes Every Public Tweet Since 2006
Posted in Twitter by engine

With this infrastructure investment it'll open up opportunities to discover more information in the timeline. ... read more ...


Facebook To Significantly Reduce Promotional Content in The News Feed From January 2015
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

It looks as if Facebook is raising a flag an and ending the promotional ride even further. ... read more ...


US Court Rules Google Can Arrange Its SERPs As It Likes
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

"A San Francisco court ruled last week that Google has the right to arrange its search results as it pleases..." ... read more ...


Report: Facebook Is Working on a Business and Work-Related Collaboration
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

This is Facebook moving into LinkedIn territory. ... read more ...


New Facebook Places: Graph Search Employed To Locate Local Business and Services
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Facebook's Places seems to have a facelift, and now uses Graph Search to locate local businesses and services. ... read more ...


Google Drops Some Local Carousel Listings - Pigeon Taking Flight?
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by Robert_Charlton

Google is making changes to some local carousel listings, including hotels and restaurants. Could this be the next stage in Google's Pigeon update? ... read more ...


U.S. Government Warns iOS Users Over "Masque Attack"
Posted in Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile Technologies by travelin_cat

"There was the potential for hacks using a newly identified technique known as the "Masque Attack," the government said in an online bulletin from the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Teams. " ... read more ...


Fortune: Business Person of the Year, Google's Larry Page
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

Fortune names Google's Larry Page, Businessperson of the Year, 2014 ... read more ...


Facebook Updates User Policies, and Introduces Privacy Basics
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Facebook has released a "Privacy Basics" document. ... read more ...


YouTube Starts Ad-Free Subscription Service: Music Key (Beta)
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

It's here, in beta, an ad-free subscription service from YouTube. ... read more ...


.NET is now officially open sourced
Posted in Microsoft Corporate by bill

Microsoft is providing the full .NET server stack in open source ... read more ...


Google's DoubleClick Service Went Down Today, Costing Publishers $1 Million Per Hour
Posted in Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

Publishers lost money, and some sites didn't load fully. ... read more ...


Amazon CPM Ads: A Possible Alternative to Google AdSense
Posted in Google AdSense by Clarence

Amazon CPM ads may offer some publishers an alternative to Google AdSense. ... read more ...


Bing Publishes Bingbot Mobile Agents and Latest Developments
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by engine

Bing has published an introduction to its mobile bots, along with the latest developments. ... read more ...


Critical patch - Huge Windows vulnerability that affects all versions
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/9/10) by bill

Microsoft may have a HeartBleed-scale on its hands with a critical patch issued via Windows Update today. ... read more ...


Google Updates and SERP Changes - November 2014
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by Anon

WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes. ... read more ...


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