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Worldpay Nightmare! Any suggestions please guys n gals?
Worldpay account problems

 11:31 pm on Jun 14, 2007 (gmt 0)

ok folks

Heres the situation summary (Ive tried to make it compact but theres a lot to explain Im afraid!):

I have a UK site that I have been building for the past 18 months. It's pretty unique but as a very rough outline of operation it sells online adverts to a wide range of organisations(or thats the plan)

Basically, I decided to go for Worldpay as the sites payment gateway, that was 4 months ago when I initiated the signup process!

Firstly, they couldnt set up an account in my name as the site has a different name (even though nothing said this in the signup process). So I set up a limited company in the sites name and resubmitted the form.

- Next problem, they couldn't use the bank details as they were not in the same name as the limited Company: result, I set up a business account in the name of the limited company

Throughout I was staggered by their ineptness! Simple things like I changed my main contact email in their members "control panel" (whic is incidentally very weak) and several of their departments didn't know this as their system is useless and kept they sending correspondance to an old (unused) address!Meaning I didnt receive some critical emails

Anyway, I digress.

- After doing the above - which I thought was not un-reasonable as it aids in worldpay account security and means fraudsters dont get through the checks...

But it was the inefficiency of how they gave (or didnt give) me this information that bothers me (like....BEFORE you make the application?!)

By this time I have sent some heated emails to some Customer Relations manager types at worldpay to get this resolved, and they are now moving things on at a much better speed!

The final straw came today though....they phoned to tell me, that in some of their final checks, they had a problem with doing a credit check on my limited company as it is listed as not trading on their credit search sytem?!

Well, the company name HAS been dormant for 12 months but as the company has now been formally trading for 6 weeks, it is not dormant at all!

Unfortunately Companies House have told me that until we file our next set of company accounts in 8 months, their system will still list the company as not trading! (this is the main boss organisation of Limited companies for US folk)

Nothing they can do which is *&*&$^&$

So my question is..

where the heck do I go now?
We are starting to look stupid having to request payment by cheque only from customers! Not to mention losing business

plus the fact I am paying worldpay a monthly charge for.... nothing!

I have recently found out the Royal Bank of Scotland bought Worldpay not so long ago.
IF I had known this before I would have NEVER ever used them but thats another story!


Do I do file a special set of full small business accounts,new annual return and all sorts of other costly/time consuming stuff, and file 6 weeks of accounts to get the company on the "active list"? (they said I can do this at companies house)
This still may mean our credit score is too low though! (as we dont have one as we are a new business!)It will also take at least 4-6 weeks

or do I find another (faster setup) payment gateway and 'maybe' go back to worldpay in a few months? (if so, which payment gateway shall I go for?) I was thinking of paypal even though I try and avoid them if I can for personal money receipts/payments!

This is really starting to stress me out now. Its absolutely ridiculous.
Also, our site doesnt have much (if any) risk of "chargebacks" as worldpay calls them. Because once an advert has been bought, it is consumed, and cannot be faulty.





 6:55 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

I am riding in the same boat.

I placed an enquirty at worldpay's site. Get a call from their singapore office, we talk about my business (new company registered at hong kong) - Note i explained her its a new company, i explained her about the service i would be selling . she sends me a quote with a link to the application form... Fill it honestly... got asked another question via email replied... and almost instantly got their meaningless message :-


Further to your recent application for an account with us I am sorry to inform you that your request has not been successful on this occasion.

This is in no way a reflection of your credit worthiness or that of your company. We are unfortunately unable to offer you an Internet Merchant Account as we do not process transactions for the the products/services you are intending to sell online.

We have at this stage, cancelled your account, and provided you with a full refund, this will be reflected on your next statement:


So did their customer support lady lied? The application process took a significent ammount of my time. including requesting someone to travel to Hong Kong to get some stupid form attested by my banker.

I dont want to accept payment by check as its time consimung(and costly) to accept western checks in asia.

Any suggestions on asia friendly credit card processors?


 7:39 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

I have recently found out the Royal Bank of Scotland bought Worldpay not so long ago.

The RBS actually bought Worldpay five years ago.

I was thinking of paypal even though I try and avoid them if I can for personal money receipts/payments!

I would be interested to know why you try to avoid them?

You would have done better to have used Paypal in the first instance. The "more professional" providers always seem to make things so difficult for clients. It would also have been cheaper and much more efficient with regard to the set up. I don't know what's happening in the US but in the EU Paypal now has bank status. Watch them go! There are so many advantages in Paypal for start ups and I don't there are any real problems with public perception anymore.


 7:55 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

You would have done better to have used Paypal in the first instance.

Have had bad experience with paypal as i only deal with untangible products.
Chargeback... 95% times ruled in favour of buyer. frustrating to use paypal. eventually one fine morning thay banned my paypal account and asked me to send some documents by fax .. to which i complied.. not heard from them since. I somehow feel this is a special treatment they do to Asians?

IMHO getting rejected from the application is one step better than your payment gateway kicking u out all of a sudden.

The "more professional" providers always seem to make things so difficult for clients.

Couldnt agree with you more... even the emails from worldpay, i had to enter my reply within 2 lines of their reply. thats irritating.

[===> Please enter your reply below this line <===]

[===> Please enter your reply above this line <===]


 8:09 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

Having used Worldpay for many years, I would recommend that you use someone else.

That four week delay will work out at even longer and chargebacks will always be ruled against the merchant since you will not have a signature.

In the case of a chargeback, they will debit your account with that amount and then increase your disputes reserve by the same amount. Effectively making the delay in receiving payment even longer (if you have a minimum payment set - which you will because the fees are so high).

Their rates are totally uncompetitive as well.

Lots of people complain about Paypal, but trust me, they are better than Worldpay.


 8:14 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

I think you should seriously look into google checkout as well - I've set that up recently with 0% fuss.


 10:10 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

and1c - disappointing when problems happen but you need to take part of the blame there - if businesses and bank accounts are set up properly, you won't get that sort of hassle - it's not just worldpay that question things ........

its unlikely that a dormant company is a reason for failing the credit check - worldpay accept new businesses without a problem and i've set up worldpay accounts using dormant companies - providing the bank account matches the ltd co etc, worldpay should accept it - give worldpay a call and check exactly what the problem is

whoever you deal with, avoid the "heated" emails and phone calls - nobody wants to deal with angry people


 11:38 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

Thakns for the input guys..

Im looking into to google checkout and paypal as we speak..

To the OP who asked why I wanted to avoid paypal if possible..Its because of their propensity to refund the customer and drop the merchant in it financially at every opportunity!

But when needs must (like now). I am signing up!

Am I best to go for "website paymentsd standard" with paypal?

Will this be suitable as a "workable" measure?
Im beyond caring about fees now but jsut need to process payments! Worldpay are driving me crazy!

To the poster who said

"its unlikely that a dormant company is a reason for failing the credit check - worldpay accept new businesses without a problem and i've set up worldpay accounts using dormant companies - providing the bank account matches the ltd co etc, worldpay should accept it - give worldpay a call and check exactly what the problem is
whoever you deal with, avoid the "heated" emails and phone calls - nobody wants to deal with angry people "

Your are incorrect here.
The company is only dormant because I trademarked the name several years ago and let the company stay on the shelf so to speak,
it has never traded, nor had debts, either good, or bad.

All bank accounts match and are proper business accounts.

Trust me. I am getting to know Worldpays procedures very well!
They cannot proceed an application with a non trading company?
why is that stupid? well, if I was trading online already I would have a gateway setup!


 11:39 am on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

railman - I meant to say also, the reason worldpay are giving me is that "their credit check system" cannot proceed and do a credit check, on a dormant company. Meaning the application halts :(


 5:45 pm on Jun 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

I thought you had to open a bank account in the name of the Ltd company when starting the company?

When I started, they must have been a lot more lapse because mine was set up in about 3 weeks. Money was paid into my PERSONAL bank account and I could set it up in a name that wasn't my name.

I ditched them about a year ago in favour of Protx with a Streamline merchant account. Much lower rates, money is in my account in days rather than weeks.

I would seriously suggest forgetting Worldpay altogether and going with Protx and a Merchant account.


 1:33 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)


NOw you tell me!

Seriously though, thanks for the info.
Are you Uk based?
is Protx good for the Uk market?

Worldpay are really starting to become a nightmare. The worst thing is Ive paid them over 300 in all now for NOTHING!

Im in the process of setting up paypal. But Im going to take a look at Protx right now.
Does anyone else haev any experience with them?

thanks again


 2:02 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

also, you dont have to set up a bank account when you create a limited company.

But oh you most certainly do if you want to use worldpay!

plus about 30,000 other criteria they keep emailing you throughout the application process..

Ive never had the goalposts moved so many times with any other application or company. its soul destroying :(


 2:30 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

sorry. chodges84

After looking into Protx they do look very competitive indeed.
But it seems I would need to setup an internet merchant account with a bank to be able to use their service?

is this expensive? how much would I be looking at guys?

I dont think I need to do that for paypal standard or whatever the mid level package is called?


 8:12 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

I did an integration with Worldpay for one of our international offices.

They have the worst control panel of all the gateways I have worked with. And to get answers from the customer support, is similar to dumb & dumber.

and they provide you with an obsolete manual

Mr Bo Jangles

 8:46 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

It is really a pity that there isn't more competition in this area - so few players really, and they are making such huge profits - just look at the sales over at 2checkout. And yet for a lot of them(most), the customer service is just appalling.

I've just gone back to Kagi - I'll give them a whirl for a while.


 10:43 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

couldnt agree more. Their control panel is a joke. It is really very very poor.
Additionally, if you actually change a main contact detail in there. It doesn update their complete system so you find that a couple of departments may get wind of your new email address by carrier pigeon but the majority of the goons there will keep sending to your old details. That you changed and updated!

Mr Bo Jangles

Ive never heard of Kagi. Might have to have a look into them

no chex

I was also going to look into the above


 11:43 am on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)

Save yourself a lot of hassle. Use Paypal or Paypal Website Payments Pro.


 9:58 pm on Jun 16, 2007 (gmt 0)


thanks. Can anyone recommend is it worht teh extra hassle (development time Im thinking for integration) of Payment Pro or do some people here still use the Paypal Standard (mid level solution) that doesnt have a monthly fee.
and takes people to Paypals site to complete the transaction.

Whats the verdict on these?

Has anyone got any bad experiences of using either one?


 2:07 pm on Jun 17, 2007 (gmt 0)

I use standard Paypal and I have had no problems with this apart from one occasion when the support was questionable.


 6:17 pm on Jun 17, 2007 (gmt 0)


My merchant account cost me 300 to set up (Set up is now free if you join the federation of small businesses.)

Worldpay were chaging me 4.5% + VAT to process cards. Streamline are charging me 1.99% (and there is no VAT whihc is good if you aren't VAT registered) and I pay 10p to Protx.

My processing bill has HALVED.

I would ring Worldpay, tell 'em they are a load of numpties and you are taking your business elsewhere.


 8:17 pm on Jun 17, 2007 (gmt 0)


Thanks a lot for this info.
I may well do just that!

The only problem is I had to sign up to 12 months @ per month with worldpay plus quite a big initial fee (compared to others)
but it sounds like it may be cheaper to take this loss and bin worldpay as this lack of merchant ability is killing me financially at the moment!


 8:38 pm on Jun 17, 2007 (gmt 0)


I THINK they will re imbure you for any months outstanding. Another board member (jweighell) told me this once I am sure, but I could be wrong.


 9:06 pm on Jun 17, 2007 (gmt 0)

Hmm, well I will ask them tomorrow and post back with what they say!
I have a bad feeling they wont let me escape so easily though :(


 5:09 pm on Jun 18, 2007 (gmt 0)

once u make entries in the control panel for the callback url, u cant change it.

so pathetic.

Since I had many gateways under my kitty , i was over confident and entered "Press the button" as instruction for testing. Even now, it is disabled for making changes


 6:18 pm on Jun 18, 2007 (gmt 0)

agreed Dukelips
for the supposed "daddy" of payment gateways their setup is embarassing.
paypal is far more advanced

I have emailed Worldpay and told them if they dont find an alternative way for a credit check (like on me with written statement as director accepting liability ;/)
then I want a full refund asap and I will be leaving them forthwith

I will post the outcome!


 4:19 am on Jun 19, 2007 (gmt 0)

they dont provide you with a sandbox to test your transaction like paypal do.

Enabling Futurepay was more difficult with Worldpay


 7:01 pm on Jun 19, 2007 (gmt 0)

If selling intangibles why not 2checkout, regnow, shareit etc?

I use Shareit, though I am somewhat disturbed by the fact my first few sales didn't turn up in my bank account, despite an email telling me my earnings and they I'd be paid in 2 weeks.

When 2 weeks was well passed I wrote and asked what was happening - was told the sales were "suspicious" and they were delaying payment.

Sounds normal enough - but the email ended by saying chargebacks can occur, "in our experience", 6 to 8 months later.


Does this mean I'm supposed to wait 8 months to find out if I actually sold anything last month?

Surely that's not normal?



 7:08 pm on Jun 19, 2007 (gmt 0)

Sorry, forget to say, the main issue with Paypal is not so much chargebacks but their habit of freezing your account.

Sold much more this month than last month? Account frozen.

Got an especially large order? Account frozen.

They don't freeze that sale, they freeze your ACCOUNT.

Then make you jump through multiple hoops - miss a hoop and you lose your money, they'll close the account. Money gone.

In fairness it has only happened to me once, the frozen account, and that was just one of their regular "We don't believe you're you, prove it, in triplicate, to our utmost satisfaction, by yesterday. By the way, we've frozen your account." affairs.

As for customer service, I'm not sure paypal actually has any? I know a friend said he spent a long time just trying to find a phone number for them, though that was a few years ago.

Fingers and eyes crossed, haven't had any problems since - though they did send a boilerplate email in response to the fact they charged me for a subscription I'd already cancelled - tip, cancel directly with paypal, not the merchant.



 7:52 am on Jun 20, 2007 (gmt 0)

Pibs, I am not sure what point you are making about Paypal here. You quote some situations where Google will freeze your account then tell us that it has only happened to you once. You then tell us that it was not for any of these reasons but because they had reason to believe that someone other than you was trying to access your account.

What if it was someone else and they cleaned you out? Would you be happy with Paypal for allowing them to do this?

You then condemn their customer service because "a friend said" he could not find their phone number a few years ago? Do you honestly think that this is fair criticism?


 8:32 am on Jun 20, 2007 (gmt 0)

I have found WorldPay to be quite good. Have two accounts through them, both into business accounts (not Ltd companies though)

The setting up was like jumping through hurdles, but since then everything has been quite smooth. Took a few months to get from applying to being live.

Other payment providers can be quite bad. Just had one email me to say they are upgrading to the Mastercard SecureCode system. They want to bill me 50+VAT. If I don't pay, they say the card companies might fine me (don't know how much). WorldPay upgraded for free, when required and without asking me - just dropped an email for me to cancel if I didn't require it.

A different processor again would be one I won't mention the name of, but after 6 months I am just at the testing stage. Talk about slow.

Someone said 95% of chargebacks go in the favour of the customer. I would say that is true but then that is better than the 100% record of certain other payment providers. My experience is most chargebacks cause the merchant to lose out.

I would definately consider PayPal/NoChex/Google Checkout and do it now. Forget WorldPay right now, your priority is not getting WorldPay on, but getting payments in.

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