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Can I embed somebody else's: Youtube videos? Picassa Gallery? Map?

 4:48 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

I see this a lot, but just want to make sure.

If I embed a youtube video on my website (even if I didn't create the youtube video), I'm ok, right? As long as I use the standard embed tag?

What about a google map that somebody else put a lot of work into? I can legally embed this using the standard google code, right?

Same with Picassa galleries?

What about embedding somebody else's site in a frame...aok?

Then there are external images...obviously not ok to just copy to your own server... I assume hotlinking is not legal? Even if you attribute the source? Are there any legal tricks (like frames, attribution, thumbnails or whatnot) that you can use to get somebody else's images that you really, really like?

What about facebook content? Is that fair game because it is on facebook?

If I do get permission to copy somebody's else's content...is a simple email confirmation from the webmaster sufficient? (nothing fancy legally)?

Thanks to anybody who provides any answers to this (I live in the US if that matters legally).



 5:44 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

If your site is going to consist of everyone else's content why bother to build a site in the first place. All you get is duplicate content already available elsewhere


 7:44 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

These are general questions and do not pertain to a a specific website in particular.

I certainly do not envision using external content as the backbone of any website...but would on occasion like to embed valuable content from other sites where it is legally permissible.

Absolutely not talking about a scraper-like site or anything spammy or unoriginal like that.


 8:00 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

Embedding via youtube's code, or google map code, is generally okay (implied, implicit, else code would not be offered)

Framing someone's site? That's theft of content/copyright... and most sites that discover a site doing that install frame busters or provide very embarrassing content... same with hotlinked images, or images downloaded and used without permission/license.

Facebook content enjoys all the above... so, ASK PERMISSION. Best course.


 8:01 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

Absolutely not talking about a scraper-like site or anything spammy or unoriginal like that.

Just on a small scale..
Only a little content theft..
Is still..
Content theft..
It isn't because you might be able to get away with it..because of where you are..that you should do it..

If it isn't yours..don't take it..don't use it ..to do so is immoral ..and usually illegal ..

Make the effort..make your own..then think to yourself how you'd feel about someone else using your work on their site without your permission, because they thought it was "valuable", ( to them ) and because they thought they could get away with it..

The time that those of us who actually create stuff have to spend sending DMCAs and protecting our work because of content theft,or "borrowing", is time we'll never, ever get back..

And what makes it worse is we, the creators, risk getting hit with dupe penalties, because of all the thieves using our work..

"implied", "implicit"..
non legal excuses and weasel words..!


Copyright and / or "permission to use" has to be assigned in writing, with signature

( Youtube and facebook etc and the image libraries TOSs are very very specific exceptions, and are agreements between the content creator(s) and the organisation/corporation/site, you as a third party do not gain rights to others creations in those contracts/ agreements between Youtube, facebook etc and the creator(s)..

( and email does not count ),

Written permission is required for each use and user , because it is on Youtube or Facebook etc ..does not mean it is public domain..

ASK and obtain PERMISSION in writing, per use
"fixed it" ..

 10:36 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

Leosghost...settle down. I'm asking what is legal and what is not... I'm not saying that I will I plan to break any laws. You're conflating the two concepts.

Furthermore, copyright law isn't a black and white science...look at google books, google images, google cache (in an frame no-less) or how google uses sections websites in their search engine result pages. Obviously certain amounts of copying and reuse is appropriate on the Internet...I'm just trying to figure out what.

Lastly, not to stir up a hornets nest, but you refer to copyright violations as theft. Thievery requires deprivation which is why copyright law falls into a completely separate legal status then just say burglary or larceny.


 11:02 pm on Nov 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

What is "legal" where you are ..or in China ( for example ) is different to where others are..does that mean that using someone else's content and work is right ? is it moral ? is it ethical ? would you let them use yours just because where they are it was "legal"..

And I use "theft"..because when you benefit from using my work, without my permission..even if it is only by outranking me for my own work ..that takes money from me, and bread out of my family's mouths..you are stealing from me ( or whoever you take the content from ) you are just doing it indirectly..

Furthermore, copyright law isn't a black and white science...look at google books, google images, google cache (in an frame no-less) or how google uses sections websites in their search engine result pages. Obviously certain amounts of copying and reuse is appropriate on the Internet.

Copyright law is indeed "black and white"..everywhere ..in the early days Goog got away with it because they ran their site and their crawlers out of an educational establishment ..and exceptions are made in international law for those ..they built their search engine and cache etc whilst hiding under the "educational establishment get out" ..then went they went independent they had so many lawyers that all of the smaller guys were afraid to take them on because they can keep you in court arguing until even your grandchildren have died of old age..and your family has gone bankrupt paying your lawyers to fight for your rights..so they"win" by default and force of more money for lawyers than any opposition can bring to court..*

What they do with cache and books* is still illegal ..and they have been told so in many jurisdictions ..including the USA..

You are just asking for advice on what you can get away with.."like how many cookies can I take from the jar if the jar is in x and I'm in Y and it isn't my jar, and not my cookies"..

Amazing how those who don't create, always think that those who do, should let them have their work for free, especially those who whine about their serps positions when the panda or some other algo change has passed by and they have gone down..

Only governments have the money to fight Goog over copyright..because governments have unlimited money for lawyers..governments have fought them over "books" ..and won ..

I'm "conflating" nothing..your original post is ten lines long ..only one line about getting permission ..all the others are how to "if you don't have permission" but "it is valuable" or you "really really like it" or "can you just embed it" ..

Everyone in the years I've been in this forum who has ever posted that kind of post is already aware of what the laws are and what is right ..they are just as you said you were looking for a "trick"..to let them use what isn't theirs..

Calm down ? you could be looking at something of mine on Youtube or elsewhere ..that you really really like or want to embed ..and I haven't got anyone asking permission in any of my hundreds of email inboxen..and I have some very very diverse sites in very very diverse niches and languages..

The free stuff that you can use is at wikipedia..or make it yourself..

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